Trends in fashion among youth

Every individual on the planet is engulfed with fashion fad . In today’s world clothes the outer
look, defines the man status in the society . Fashion world has undergone many notable
changes with change of time . It is really hard to coping up with such furiously changing trends
and styles . Every fashion houses bring up their lines in each season with wide variety of styles ,
trends , colors , themes and patterns . although it is tough to copy up with changes but some
time it allows one to add all fresh and new fun to the wardrobe .
Fashion is a tyrant; no tyrant is greater than that of fashion. Everyone tries to imitate the latest
fashion trends . The youth specially are mad after this . Youth does not mind any expenditure to
be made in fashion . They must have their clothes cut according to the latest vogue;their hair
made up according to the latest style, even if these places a heavy burden on their parents .
Today youth knows that this particular fashion will soon pass ;than also they spend lots of
money over it . Costly articles of dress are often discarded,only because the fashion has passed
away. Educated girls are more mad behind the fashion ,dresses, cosmetics,hair
styles,makeup,footwear,jewelry,ornaments etc.
When it comes on the different cultures ,how youth is mad on the fashion trends now days.
Many different cultures have lot of different fashion styles, ways and senses. Every fashion
trends experiences different variations and changes.( English culture) Every body is aware of the
elegant style of English men and women. Heavy dress and complex suits are out of fashion now
days. But it does not stop English fashion incorporating some of the traditional pieces into
their every day wardrobe. Man still wears suits or add some classic touch such as vintage
cuff links or blower hats. Accessories are very important to women ,too much that it is not
surprising to see any women wearing stable jewelry, reminiscent of old times. This is all about
the common man and women but when it comes on the youth ,we can see sporty roll looks
females with high heck look top ,ripped jeans and stylish heels.
Whereas,the Indian culture,the inspiration of fashion world is Indian culture . It is the role
model of fashion world . Beautiful colors, fabric ,and their flowery texture became extremely
popular and Indian designers has outdone themselves in this matter.The colorful Indian sarees
started to represent some of the Indian re flexion as an art . The quality and fabric used in the
clothes is very fine and elegant . Indian culture is known for its jewelries and their perfection in
their work of art which gives the clear view of India . Youth of India is in trap of different cultures
as it wears western dresses and make Indian dresses more of it stylish and attractive . The glow
of Indian culture is increasing with more additional ways and looks , design etc.
The fashion trends in youth is getting more and more as they them selves make their own
design as cutting their jeans into shorts and normal jeans into ripped jeans .