National Consumer Day!

In India,the National Consumer Day is observed every year on December 24 to spread awareness about importance of consumer,their rights and responsibilities.

Mahatma Gandhi said”A customer is the most important visitor on our premises.He is not dependent on us,we are dependent on him.He is not an interrruption in our work,he is the purpose of it.”

On Dec 24,1986,the Consumer Protection Act 1986 received the approval of the President of India and came into force.It was enforced so that consumers can be more aware of their entitled rights.

The rights recognized under the Consumer Protection Act,1986,provided in the UN Charter are Right to protection,Right of Information, Right of Choice,Right of Hearing,Right of Redressal and Right of Education.

The theme of National Consumer Day 2020 is “The Sustainable Consumer”.Acknowleding the sustainability of the customer in these critical times is the most important thing to do to sustain Indian economy.

The consumer movement will highlight the changes in lifestyles of consumers so that it gets easy for the government and businesses to make sustainability the easy choice for consumers.