Career by choice and not by chance -Importance of career planning-

We come across some students who are focused, determined, and know what exactly they
want to do in their lives. These people end up with a satisfying career and life. But some
students choose their careers either because it is the only option available to them, or get
influenced by family and friends. They don’t put much effort into choosing their career.
Some also get carried away by few career options because of their alluring pay scale but later
end up remaining unsatisfied and unhappy in the long run.

Therefore, students need to follow what their hearts say. They should figure out what their
interests are and choose the career accordingly. For choosing a career, it requires planning.
Planning includes skills, interests, values, and preferences before making any decision. This
process should be continuous and should keep going in the mind of a child until the final
career is decided.

Following tips can be taken into consideration which may help in the selection:

1. A student should be encouraged to analyze their present state, i.e where they are and
where they want to be. And what all needs to be done to reach that place. Does he
possess the required skills for the career she has in her mind?
2. Before choosing a career the student should keep in mind her personal preferences.
3. A child does have multiple preferences. So they should pen down their choices and
then narrow down as per the option which is best suited.
What to avoid while selecting a career?
First and foremost, don’t choose a wrong career – a career which is not by choice but by
chance, why to even go ahead with it. Try and avoid the following:
 If someone believes they have a say in your career choice they don’t. The decision
will barely affect their life but it will drastically affect your life. So don’t get dragged
 We all have our ideals or role models but don’t follow their footsteps blindly. Maybe
something that worked for them won’t work for you too. Go for that field only
because it interested you not because your ideal chose it.
 Don’t tend to avoid the future aspects of the career. See what is its growth prospects?
Will it give you a satisfactory lifestyle? These questions have a major relevance,
therefore find the answers beforehand only.

Ending on a note, it solely depends on what kind of career and lifestyle the student wants.
They have to understand whether they want to be happy in their career or remain unsatisfied
their whole life. This decision will depend on their now – NOW or NEVER. One decision
can make or break your life. So always go for the right option. Try to choose a career by
choice not by chance!!!