How to stop procrastinating and get things done

Procrastination is an art and the perfect example of ignorance is a bliss. We ignore those piling assignments and reports that are due on Monday, we ignore the fact that a test is on it’s way and we haven’t even started yet. We keep on ignoring the important things that need to be done because of various reasons and live blissfully even if that bliss is followed by a hellish nightmare and then we wonder where did all the time go? Why didn’t we do it before? We regret and regret and the cycle continues. SO, how do we break it?

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YOU WILL NEVER FEEL LIKE IT, THERE IS NO IDEAL TIME– Before even beginning to sit down and do the work the first thing that we need to instill in our brains is that “feelings don’t matter”. If you always listen to the voice that tells you “i don’t feel like doing it right now” , you will never get anything done. Period. The ideal time starts when you make up your mind to change the situation rather than waiting for the situation to change.That is the no.1 difference between the person that you want to be and the person that you are.

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SIT DOWN AND MAKE A LIST – Get off from your bed sit on a table and a chair and write down all the things you need to get done, big and small. Making a list will bring your ignorant mind back to the reality by showing how much stuff is pending. A shock is needed to get your mind started. Turn off the WiFi, clean your room, drink a glass of water and begin.

START WITH THE EASY THINGS– Too often we procrastinate the things that we either don’t like or are too long and boring. Starting out with the small and easy things will not only get some stuff out of the way but also give us a bit of confidence to move on ahead with the list. Try to do the things that have close deadlines first.

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SET A TIMER AND TAKE BREAKS – Set a timer for 30 minutes and then take a 10 minute break. Then set a timer for 45 minutes and take a 15 minute break. Then set a timer for an hour and take a 20 minute break and then repeat the cycle and make sure that working time is for work only and break time is for fun only. NO MIXING!

BREAK DOWN THE BIG THINGS – Now that we are done with all the small things we needed to get done it’s time to begin with that big ass assignment waiting for us that we have been putting away for God knows how long. Instead of trying to do it all in one go,break it off. Suppose it has 60 questions and you need to get it done in 3 days, do 20 questions everyday instead of trying to do all 60 do little by little. Breaking down the big things not only makes it much less daunting but also helps us gain confidence.

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FOCUS ONLY ON ONE THING– Instead of having 120 books on your table keep only those things that you’re currently trying to finish. If you’re studying math then your table should only have math books nothing else. This is because too many books and stuff to do on our table not only makes it very stressful but it also chips away our concentration. Similarly keep away from your to do list and try not to read it over and over again as it will only make you panic more and work less.


CONCENTRATE– Now that you have finally gotten to doing what you are supposed to be doing you might as well learn from it. The art of concentration is difficult but once you’re in the zone make sure nothing breaks the zone. Doing things halfheartedly will only make it much more difficult. Some people like listening to songs while studying which is all good till you see that you’re searching for your favorite song in the playlist rather than doing your work. When you’re truly concentrating nothing else matters no noise will reach your ears so if you’re fidgeting every 15 minutes to change the song, you’re getting distracted.

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