We all are humans we all have those days when we lose it. We lose that little temper we had and end up saying or doing things that we regret and then we keep running around justifying our actions to the world. Getting angry isn’t all that bad but from my personal experience anger surmounts to absolutely nothing. You get angry you shout at something and someone and then you end up wishing you hadn’t and then you feel even more miserable. So, how should we stop it? How should we make our nature more likable?

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INTROSPECTION – before doing anything or saying anything take a deep breath and ask yourself why? Why am i so damn angry? Maybe it’s because you’re having a bad day or maybe you didn’t sleep well or maybe you’re just hungry or thirsty.Maybe you’re letting someone’s words get to you. So are you technically really angry or are you just venting at somebody else for no damn reason? Sit down and begin asking some serious questions.

JUST STOP REACTING– There are some people in this planet that are the epitomes of devils. They are born just to torment us and make us irritated as hell and are the true test of our patience. As easy as it sounds it’s awfully hard to control our emotions from overflowing on their face but we are the individuals who want to change ourselves so instead of just giving them a piece of our mind and telling them to bugger off which usually doesn’t work we will now use a different approach we’ll just smile and ignore. Just let them be. Let them say what they want to say let them make fun of us just stop reacting the way they want us to react. Someone threw coffee at your white shirt just say “i look prettier like this”. someone’s driving rashly just say “God is watching rest in piece”. Instead of always shouting at your kids just laugh it off for once just close your eyes to the world and become comatose and stop reacting.

LET IT OUT PRODUCTIVELY : If you want to live a happy life learn how to vent in different ways. Learn how to calm your mind and how to use that pent up anger for someone or something in a way that helps you to move on. The best way is to play sports, to start running and just don’t stop till that image of you shooting your neighbor with a gun doesn’t disappear from your brain or just write it down write all the emotions on a piece of paper and torch it. Burn it and feel good it is much better than burning that house down.

BE A SAINT – If something is happening to you repeatedly just tell them. Tell them how you feel in the nicest way possible almost like a speech.Tell them that their dog pooping in front of your house is NOT COOL. Their kids breaking your windows and making so much noise is not cool or that person who keeps parking in your space is definitely NOT COOL. Try to solve a problem with a nice tone first. Pen is mightier than a sword, be cunning be innovative you’re not a beast who lunges at anyone who disturbs you. You were with God’s grace made a human use your brain instead of your fists. Every problem can be solved if one tries to solve it patiently.

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SAY SORRY – What about the times when you mess up? When you were the one who broke the headlights of that car and it’s owner is shouting his brains out at your face with no signs of mercy or that irritating guy who has brains smaller than that of an ant and gets angry at everything, what should you do? Bow down and say you’re sorry. Instead of getting angry just listen to their words that are sharper than a jagged glass and try to not let them pierce your heart. Be brave and just apologize there’s no point in two men/women shouting at each other because the quarrel will never end. You have to take the first step and just finish it for the sake of your sanity.”Fighting doesn’t prove which one is stronger but avoiding a fight definitely proves which one of is smarter”