Stress is the feeling of intense mental pressure that renders us unable to comprehend what the hell is going on. We all face stress, we all know how it feels when the deadlines are near or to prepare for that test overnight and so on. Often times you might have wondered why am I under such intense pressure? How did it get like this? Why didn’t I begin sooner or why the hell did I wait. Exactly! Why did you wait? What’s causing you to get under stress repeatedly , where you find yourself in the same exact situation over and over again.When you try to change but the situation is still remains the same.

The cause of our stress can be anything or anyone or any situation that is disturbing our mental peace. It can be that pile of work lying on your desk or it can be an ill loved one you’re worried about. In our lives we often encounter problems that take away our control from our own lives. They take away the power from our minds to think rationally and make sound decisions and these are the times when our patience and mental strength is truly tested.

  1. Know the cause of your stress and do something about it
  2. If it is something that you have no control over then move on and focus on whatever you can do at the present
  3. You’re not the only one going through tough times and having bad experiences. During times like these look at those who are less fortunate than yourself and take inspiration from them
  4. Work your body – exercise, meditate, do yoga
  5. Distract yourself from stressful situations and conflicts
  6. Be hopeful rather than stressful
  7. Know the implications and side effects of long term stress
  8. Know when to ask for help