Theory of Trusteeship

Mahatma Gandhi, the father of our nation who fought for our independence of our country. His doctrines and views in society, education, economy, peace, women, Dalit etc may still prove the guiding to the present day world.He proposed a theory of trusteeship where he said that the money you earn should cover your necessary expenses and remaining money should be used for the welfare of the society. You are just a trustee not a owner.According to gandhiji everything belonged to god and was given by God. Therefore it is for the the whole not for a particular individual.

According to this theory the wealthy people should act like trustee that would benefit for the society. When an individual has more proportionate of money, he should become the trustee of that portion for the God’s people. Any business sector they should set up trust of certain amount of profit and that trust should be work in terms of health, charity, education etc to serve the society.
The corporates when reaching the highest position of wealth should understand the responsibility of poor section of society. This would reduce the indifference between them.

Gandhiji said that when the business are done the resources are being used by the society only. So they should also do something to serve the society. They should not think of their own profit. Gandhiji wanted the egalitarian order of society that means equal distribution of wealth. He wanted the wealthy people to share the surplus amount of money by becoming a trustee for the society.

This will reduce the difference among the rich and the poor. The wealth legally belong to the owner but morally and ethically it belongs to the society. Ganghiji ideas have to be given economic consideration for solving depressing socio-economic problems in an underdeveloped country.