These things that we talk about can be anything, it can be that argument or a fight or that regretful memory that you just can’t seem to let go of. Too often we keep holding on to these things that subconsciously keep hurting us like a pebble stuck in your shoe. It’s not causing too much pain, but we know it’s there and someway or another our minds keep drifting on to that pebble and as we keep walking we come to realize that this little tinny piece of rock is making it hard to think about anything else. Why do we do that? Like the pebble why do we have these lingering emotions that are’t causing us any harm or good but they keep lingering behind us like shadows.

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1.THEY HINDER US– Hinder us from thinking about positive things. Have you ever had a fight with someone and that fight is all you could think about throughout the day or a week and every time your mind drifts in that direction you see yourself getting more and more annoyed or angry. We hate to be hurt we hate to be made fun of, we hate to be unimportant for someone who was very important for us, we hate that our lives aren’t as picture perfect like that of our best friend from childhood. We keep these emotions in, let them broil, let them sit and infest and now we have gotten ourselves infested by a perfect parasite.

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2.YOU WILL FEEL HOPELESS AND LOST– Now that those emotions have taken their stand in your mind you will begin feeling drained . You got hurt and now you’re scared that you’re going to get hurt once again. You have lost your trust and you call it commitment issues. Now, every time you see a story of a couple deep in love, the first thought that pops into your parasite infested head is ,” that shit will never happen with me”. It takes away your hopes, it takes away your dreams. It will make you feel inferior with your own goddamn consent. Why would you want that? Why would you want to live your life with such mediocre & substandard dreams? Where once your soul had dreams as high and mighty as sky scrapers is now filled with a village made up of huts. Why?

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3.YOU WON’T SHUT UP ABOUT IT– Ever meet those people who keep on repeating that same horrific story over and over again. They keep on running you through the details on how they got into that horrific accident and now that story has completely brought down your mood and now you’re scared of ever sitting in a car. Yes, that’s the kind of person you will become. You’ll not only ruin your mood you will be ruining everyone else’s mood as well.

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4. LONELY MUCH? You’ve been sitting on those emotions for far too long. You’ve told everyone you know about that horrific incident and now there’s no one left. More like no one cares.You feel like talking about them but no one really wants to anymore. Everyone for you will seem bunch of people with lovely smiles on their faces while you’re sitting alone in your room dwelling and stinking of rotten feelings that haven’t been disposed of yet. Misery loves company and too many miserable people together might solve the overpopulation crisis.

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5.SUCCESS?HAPPINESS? WHAT’S THAT? – This is obvious but can you really give everything to something when you have a goddamn pebble in your brain which you keep pondering about every time your mind is free? NO! Giving 100% is giving 100%, mind, body and soul included. Keep wondering about your ex’s new girlfriend and find yourself missing a promotion or flunking that test. Some guy pushed you in the train this morning and now you’ve mentally devised a 100 line speech which you’re going to recite the next time you meet him. If only those thoughts went to somewhere productive. Tell me, how can you be happy failing at something?

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6. LESS ATTRACTIVE Only fools rush in to love by looking at someone’s looks. Attractiveness has nothing to do with your looks and everything to do with how you carry yourself. Ever find yourself attracted to that guy with a ponytail playing the guitar and being applauded by 500 people? YEAH! that’s called personality. It’s how you interact with people, by your skills or persona or by your fascinating stories. It’s how you open your heart for others to see, when someone is talking to you it’s up to you to be insecure about your looks or be the most confident asshole telling the most ridiculous stories and somehow still having a grip over them. Now, you have decided to not go out, to not interact with people to completely shut yourself out because you think no one gets you because you can’t get over those emotions and you feel like not being happy and that has made your personality equivalent to a sloppy warm ice cream that no one wants. Get a grip over yourself.