Workplace romance means that, a relationship that exists between the opposite gender of people in the workplace (or) the organization there are working with. Workplace romance has become common now-a-days as, people majority spend their time in their organization. By meeting and mingling with the people of the same gender and opposite gender. Majority of their time is spent with the people or friends in the organization who surrounds them most of the time

By meeting and spending most of their time with their colleagues in the organization, they get used to liked to their friends taste and preferences, likes and dislikes, their needs and their wants. These things leads to developing a good sort of chemistry with them. This sort of feeling is the starting of their workplace romance.

Relationships between employees often cause problems for businesses: favoritism, harassment lawsuits, conflicts of interest, gossip, toxic work environment, things can get ugly in a hurry when a relationship turns sour. Plus, office romance can land a company in the headlines for inappropriate relationships.

General relationship may lead to workplace romance when there is mutual desire and longing for each other.

Advantages of Workplace Romance:

  1. Energy level is increased:

Office romance definitely increases the energy level of both the gender. As they get to deal with the more or less, with same type of work. They may also engage in same projects as well. This may lead them to increase their energy level and make them to engage more closer. This also helps the organization (or) the workplace to attain their goals quicker and easier.

2. Leads to motivation:

When they are engaged in workplace romance, they easily get motivated. As they used to spend much of their time with their partner. Also they would work more, as they get motivated themselves, when they are working together as a partners/team. They will always prove up to their best, as they don’t want to feel less against each other.

3. Increase in productivity level:

When they are in relationship, they feel better in expressing their views and ideas. They feel easy in communicating with each other. Both of them would, be of same attitude, knowledge and also in their skill level. They always feel productive about themselves and therefore help in achieving the goal of the organization.

Disadvantages of Workplace Romance:

  1. Risk at workplace:

As every coin has both sides. This also may have some disadvantages. Relationship may be positive (or) sometimes negative. If negative sort of relationship exists, it may lead to changes in their behavior. They will not be productive. At last, they end up at risk in the workplace.

2. Workplace affected:

If the relationship is not good between each other, it also affects their work too. It may affect their performance in their work. Work dedication may also suffer even though you are a brilliant employee.

3. Conflicts:

If their relationship is negative, they always feel weird and wouldn’t concentrate in their work        stronger. When two employees from a different department, in a relationship, might disclose important information or decisions that were expected to be a secret to each other.

Workplace romance