The Plan To Colonize Mars

The belief that NASA wasn’t doing more to get people to mars, but the fact that earth might eventually become an uninhabitable wasteland. Elon Musk founded Spacex the rocket company making raves today. Mars is one of the closest habitable planets to earth although it is some 140 million miles away.

It still endures a decent sunlight and cold which humans can warm up by the way easily by compressing the mars atmosphere. Humans can grow plants and mind you the atmosphere is primarily CO2 coupled with some nitrogen and argon and others. While the date is separated with the 24-hour limit on earth.

Mars is about 24 hours and 37 minutes and as a matter of fact the gravity is about 38% of what it is on earth. Facts have proven that humans can easily adapt and survive on mars, but Elon Musk mentioned in an interview that the first humans there would in fact die, but only after they have successfully satisfied their mars exploration and lived out their life.

Apart from the fact that the journey to mars will take around 6 months. It will take an amount of around 1 000 spaceships and a million tons of vitamin c to make life on mars verifiable. Elon Musk believes that life on mars can only be achievable if there is a self-sustaining city there.

One thing that has been a major obstacle to the mars occupation is the ships and their need to resupply for the time being the issue of ships coming down to earth from mars after landing there, is one that has been on the tables for long even with NASA confirming that their supplies for the planet will not be for tourist travels.

For the continuation of life there overtly the sustainability of life on mars depends on how much is needed for colonization. Judging from the fact that the planet is slightly different from our earth, those that find themselves on mars might experience a little bit of difficulty especially without enough supplies to last them for their intended time.

There interestingly Spacex hopes to send up a starship on the back of the super heavy booster. Which musk commonly refers to as the big effin rocket or bfr carrying nearly 13 tons into space.

Spacex claims ownership to the most powerful rocket booster in the world, the Falcon Heavy ,hence the need for the bfr which will be able to carry about a few hundred tons to space before the eventual 1000 tons.

As a matter of fact the bfr is planned to be 25 stories high with about 42 powerful raptor engines which can lift an entire boeing 747. In his plans to colonize the red planet, Elon Musk outlined that the bfr will push starship into space and that it will connect to a similar booster already put in place to provide support throughout the journey to mars.

The starship transportation system to mars is to enjoy each launch of Spacex’s reusable starship rockets about three times per day on average while carrying a 100 ton payload on each flight with more of about 1 000 flights per year carrying more than about 100 tons of cargo on each flight.

A total of 100000 tons of cargo will be in orbit ready for delivery on mars 1000 starships could send around 100000 people every 26 months from earth to mars because at that time the orbits are best aligned for interplanetary travel as a matter of interest.

Earth and mars align to get close to each other only once in a space of two years which creates the window for quick passage while most of the fuel will be consumed by each ship flying into orbit around earth several other tanker spaceships could launch and refill the carriers with more fuel to reach the destination.

Mars as the Spacex employees are working hard to build the starship system the landing on mars could be later in 2022 or 2023. Clearly Elon Musk stated that the human invasion of mars will not happen anytime soon. However he mentioned that compared to earth there will be lots of jobs including direct democracy where inhabitants will make decisions for themselves with fewer and much more lesser complicated laws.

Compared to earth as regards to food, it will be grown on solar-powered hydroponic farms located underground or in an enclosed structure as regards to the landing zone of the starship.

Studies have revealed that it will be near subsurface water and ice deposits.

This position is said to be located strategically to receive enough sunlight for the array of solar panels to power the colony. The refueling of the space ships will only be done easily enough with the resources found on the planet.

The Spacex ships use liquid methane and liquid oxygen as fuel and it can easily be recreated on mars using the sabotea process. In case you don’t know this type of fuel makes it easy to reuse rocket boosters for an amount of time because it burns cleanly.

The process makes use of nickel as the agent to synthesize methane from atmospheric carbon dioxide and it can easily be extracted from the water ice located on mars to generate a useful amount of fuel.

On mars it will roughly take 26 months and by the calculation of Spacex engineers the necessary power to make the Sabotea work will need about 56 600 square meters of ground based on solar panels which can be simply moved to mars in a single starship.