Artificial Intelligence is commonly known as AI. If a machine, thinks like a human beings and works accordingly, then it is known as Artificial Intelligence. Some tasks that human intelligence is capable like learning, analyzing, problem-solving, etc. when done by machines is a noteworthy example of AI. All in all, the simulation of some human intelligence skills by machines is called Artificial Intelligence.

With the continuous development in science and technology, it is hard to estimate how far and what else we will be able to establish. According to experts, the future of the world seems to be dominated by Artificial Intelligence. And the time is assumed to be not far when almost every aspect of our life involves AI assistance in some way or the other.

The ability of a computer system or a machine to operate and process information like a human being is called Artificial Intelligence or simply AI. It can learn, analyse, copy, and adapt to new information and perform without much external optimization. With the help of a machine doing things like human, the chances of getting error is fairly reduced.

Experts believe that AI in future will be able to make human life much easier by providing a solution to almost all challenges. Humans will also be made aware of potential threats from beforehand by Artificial Intelligence use. One of the fastest-growing fields of technology and invention is that of AI.

AI has established its position in several marketing activities. And the automation of marketing processes has increased the demand for AI implementation in the industry recently as well. AI has also brought opportunities to marketers to expand their business and provided user interface insight.

Artificial Intelligence helps many organisation or the business to improve their business more vital. Many business are operating only with the help of Artificial Intelligence. The machine doing the similar things which are done by a human beings in all the ways.

Artificial Intelligence can be categorized into four categories, and this categorization was brought up by Arend Hintze.

  1. The first types of AI are those machines which can react to certain situations, but these machines don’t have any sort of memory and hence cannot learn or use past experience. Computer chess games are a simple example of this first type of AI.
  2. The second types of AI are those machines which are capable of using past memory to form future ones. An excellent example of this second type of AI is self-driving cars.
  3. The third type of AI at present only exists in theory, and as per the imagination, it will be able to have humane emotions like beliefs, desires, opinions, intentions, etc.

The most sophisticated form of AI if ever comes to exist would be this fourth type of AI. This fourth type of AI machine will be able to have a sense of self-awareness, emotions