SEVEN ISSUES Affecting women and girls during cOvid-19 pandemic

  • Higher rates of Job losses.
  • Reduced financial independence and future prospects.
  • Greater burden of domestic and care work.
  • Increased risk for front-line health workforce.
  • Reduced access to vital health services and exclusion from potential Covid-19 treatments.
  • Spikes in sexual, physical,and domestic violence and exploitation.
  • Increased risk of pregnancy related deaths and teen pregnancies.

Most of the Women and Girls are facing financial dependency, and the main reason for this is the loss of Job during Covid-19 pandemic.

They are also facing lots of burdens of domestic and care work, because all schools and colleges are not operational in offline mode, that’s why all members from young to old are staying in 24*7 in the specified limited area. Caring of all enhance the domestic loads on women and Girls.

Mostly girls are playing the role of nurse in hospitals, so during Covid-19 pandemic , there is a very high risk for them as front-line health workforce.

During Covid-19 pandemic, Women and Girls are not getting all the required health facilities that they need. So there is a reduction to the vital health services for Women and Girls.

According to the reports registered and the survey from lot of Ajencies, Sexual and physical violence increases rapidly during Covid-19 pandemic and also there is a risk in pregnancy related deaths in lack of health facilities .