Positive attitude. Roughly, everyone knows about what is a positive attitude.

But, let’s see. What it exactly means. A Positive attitude means being hopeful. Able to tackle any situation, no matter how difficult it may be. And most important believe in yourself. Because, the moment we gave up in believing oneself. At that right moment. We lost the battle. This is the time when the persons are tested. And if you have positive attitude, you will win the battle. And that’s what will make you different from others.

By having a positive attitude, you become able to fight and win any types of situation.

Even a 100-year-old can fight and win. And youngster sometimes fail.

And if your Decision is to Give up and call it done, nobody’s goanna blame you. But, if you do so, you will look back on that moment for the rest of your life.

COVID-19 followed by the lockdown is a challenging phase for all of us. But there are residents in the city who know how to keep themselves occupied. While some have started pursuing their hobbies, many see this an opportunity to spend quality time with their family.

Meanwhile, as for the students are confused, depressed how was I going to cover the topics. Will I be able to understand? Or should I just in the light of passing 12th prepare it. What should I do?

 Whatever it is, impact of lockdown will remain with us for my entire life. It doesn’t affect me only the way it seems, as we were locked up in our homes. Of course, we were. but more to our mind set.

And, the most difficult task is to have a positive attitude or to motivate myself, despite of having a negative atmosphere.

To become strong not only physically but also mentally. This lockdown, was not just for a period of time, it builds our entire lifestyle. We started to understand the healthy eating. Importance of yoga. Started writing diary.  Distracting ourself.

The change in mindset, change in viewing the world, the life goals, the opinions. Values for life has been increased forever.

As all are at home, sometimes you would surlily had thoughts, like why I am existing? What is my purpose of life? many many questions. But it’s just natural. And This is the best time to find the answers for these questions.

But you know what, I finally find out the purpose of life is to help others. Make a better place to live. And the happiness you get in return after helping is the best happiness one can ever wish for. Its your time. Utilize it for the things you wanted to do. The thoughts you neglect it. This what build positive attitude.

Change our daily routine, take this time to get an extra hour in bed. Learn a new language. Or cooking. Start meditation, it really helps our body and mind, for having positive attitude. Exercise. Make a time table.  Stay touch with the family and friends digitally.

Feel too been lucky enough to have a family that continues to support you during these uncertain times, helps to motivate you, play with you when I you bored. You can have discussion about many life issues, which you always had though, but never take it seriously, in between the busy schedule.

Covid situations is although very difficult times, for the entire globe, but the best way to tackle is by having a Positive attitude, and build yourself strong.