top 3 programming languages to learn during pandemic

We have all experienced an unprecedented time in the years 2020 and 2021 seems to be pretty similar to the previous year. Covid -19 has hit all of us and all of us are getting used to it. I just hope all the readers are safe and sound and are paying adherence to Covid-19 norms. As a human, this pandemic has offered us an opportunity to learn new skills. And especially people who are looking for recruitment as software engineers have gotten a chance to learn new programming languages.

There are few languages the company is demanding in the current scenario. The top three programming language one should put interest are:

#1 JavaScript

JavaScript is one of the most commonly used out of all programming languages. Almost every frontend application is built by using JavaScript. It is a beginner-friendly language and developers seem to love it. The global market has a high demand for JavaScript developers. Companies such as Google Facebook, Uber, and many more are hiring JavaScript developers. JavaScript is a dominating language it’s unavoidable. If you want to get a good package get your hands-on JavaScript.

#2 Python

Python is liked by developers and beginners due to its simplicity. It is by far the simplest language to learn and write. Python is used in research in the field of Artificial intelligence and Machine learning. Python is widely preferred by Data scientists. Python is used by top companies such as Instagram, Shopify, etc to build their back end. Python is widely used in almost every field. Learning Python can help you be hired by big companies.

#3 Java

Java stands as one of the most widely used languages still in 2021. Every second technology has Java involved in it. Companies like Uber, Twitter, etc used Java as their tech stack. So knowing Java programming can secure you jobs in big companies.