Everyone gives birthday wishes. But we always want something special for our best friend’s birthday. So, today I am telling some wishes, the way I had wished my best friend. Firstly, give him/her the best cheesy lines. You can give. And start with the best memory you have or about how you feel when you met for the first time, or the first thing when you think about his or her.

Make him/her believe that as you are were always supportive and encourage till now. You are going to do ahead also. No matter what happens. You will be him/her. Also, it’s the opportunity to thanks him/her, for all the thing they have done for you. Normally, it’s like a quite awkward, when we thank our best friend. They are like, “aaj Kya Hua? Tu theek hai? Khuch hua nahi na?”. we generally don’t appreciate. Tell them,” even there will many challenges coming. But you need to always remember to keep smiling and have a positive outlook on life, at last everything is going to be fine.”

Make them realize how proud you are being, his/her best friend. And you will always by his/her side.

Now, wish them everything you want for them. For example: the way I wished is: “I sincerely wish for you, All the happiness in the world and inner peace that’s warm and true”. In addition, you can add about how wonderful person he/she is.

Due, to lockdown we are apart from our friends. So, I made an Online greeting card. Using website:

Now, there is problem how to tell this long wish. So, I tried the traditional way, of sending letter though post. But unfortunately, it was also not possible. So, I emailed it.

So, if you want to wish you best friend in a special way. You can use this way.

Not everyone, get a best friend, you are with you every time. Who motivate you ever time, when you want to give up?  And you are lucky to have a friend like this. So, you should always appreciate that.