Most of the readers, are students, and attending the online classes. Have you wonder how much it is productive? Question is very easy. But the answer depends, or more particularly the situation depends. For example. We Are attending classes in online platform. We are not able to concentrate. There are many distractions available in this time. We have a lot and lots of social media available. Which is not possible in physical teaching?

 Our eyes get strain. We are having a lot of headache. Of course, the reason is not only online classes. Even after completion of classes. We spend hours on social media, or movies, or whatever it is. In addition, our work also needs hours, to seat Infront of computer screen. It affects. It’s the fact. But, what about productivity? You can concentrate in any paid course; you have taken to learn from any website. But can’t concentrate in online class. That’s not possible.

Its all about mind set. Everyone, have a mindset that college, doesn’t teach. So, even if the college teachers are giving the best. We, as student Doesn’t want to concentrate. And the main reason for not concentrate is because you don’t have any interest in that subject or the topic. Whether it is offline or online. We would not concentrate. But, as our human nature. We always try to convinced our heart, by giving any excuse.

Yes, Where I was Productivity.

I depend on you totally depends on you. Stop procrastination. Think of the things you wanted to learn. Even any programming language, or any subject of interest. Go for it. Make a research. You can also contact me for programming language. Keep yourself busy. And most important divert your mind to some work. Think in this way, when you are sitting at home a whole day, and you are unable to concentrate, or learn anything, then how are you going to learn when your school or college reopens. The Time you are getting now, will be waste. And always there are some people, in group who may show off, by telling, they learn so many things, during covid. At that time, you will regret. So, it better to start. Just make a start. You can do it.

 If you want to become extra, you have to work extra. There is no use of any motivation, or any kind of lecture, or videos. Only you have to make a mindset. Make a goal, set a target. Or which study buddy. Make each other’s target. Check daily progress. Check the time you utilize in social media or YouTube, or any other platform. Many have said that we have to utilize some time daily in Instagram or Facebook. No, it’s not needed. It totally depends on you. Ask yourself, do you really want to see YouTube now? If yes, then go, make 10 min alarm. It really helps. And in my opinion, the best way to avoid. Which I use, is make target with best friend, not actually a target, but a promise, that you are not going to use the app. It really helps, because, whenever, you want to visit that app, your friend will appear in mind, and the promise you made. You can try once. But with the best friend. I really help. I am doing the same.

Just do it. It’s better than the future regret. Start it. Believe in yourself. You can do it. And you will do it. Article is going big; I should wrap it. There are many things I wanted to include. Maybe next time.

Internal motivation is the only key motivation.




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