Spirituality vs Religion

People usually think that spirituality and religion the identical thing. However, these two are distinct from each other. Spirituality is more of an individual approach while religion is something practiced by a community or a group.

Spirituality is an individual practice, it deals with personal well-being. Our life is comprised of ups and downs, good phases and bad phases. Many people perceive spirituality as a way to find solace and seek peace and find stability in their respective lives. It helps you in coping with uncertainty in life and helps one to comprehend or find your actual purpose in your life.

Whereas, Religion is a set of beliefs practices by others. Fundamentally, religion is believing in pre-established beliefs and customs. Religion is believing that you have a dependable power that dominates you As you know these are two distinct concepts, they should not be used as a tool to radicalize one against the other. Choosing any of them or both is a personal preference and subjective path.

As Dr. Schneider puts it so succinctly, “What we may be learning from the struggles of our time in this area of the religion and spirituality context, is how to sip lightly to institution even as we drink deeply of our tradition.”