How and where to start programming language

Even if you feel depressed. It’s too late. I should have start learning. So, just don’t be. It’s never ever too late. Do you recalled, my pervious blogs. What is the most diffcult task is to make a start. Now the problem comes where to start and what to start.

I would say, don’t start with any programming language. Start with HTML. By learning HTML. Your confidence level with build up. You will find youself motivated.

Once you find yourself, motivated. go for C/C++. Here you can learn, from scratch. Once you started to understand the terms and learn it. All other programming languages, are just with a small change and little modification. For next level you can go to Java/python. Both are very good.

When you learn the basic. Before going to the advance. Start to learn SQL. It is very basic. and easy. IT is used for storing and modification of database.

When you are done, with this much. Now go for the projects build. In java for for javafx/jframe.

After completing, all this you can go for IOS development.

Now. You would have though. Where should I learn? Best option, go for Udemy. it cost approx. 455 or 500 rupees. The investment made in the education is the best investment.

What about practice?

go for hacker rank. The best. I go the same.

When you want to revise. The best option is visit w3shools.

They really have, best short on page each topic. And the most important thing, which i particularly like. They cover all topic. even syntax.