Social Media and Mental Health

Social media is a tool to build networks, share public content, put forth your voice, etc. People, especially youth is on social apps to influence, get influenced, be in touch with friends, and get a day to day updates of events taking place in the world. Social media can boost your confidence but can get you to feel low in no time.

Ways how social media takes over your mental health:

  1. Social media and depression. As every coin has two sides, Social media too can bring people together and can break them by creating a rift, online differences, trolling, disagreement, etc. It can make people feel alone and isolated.
  2. Social media and Confidence. When people see posts of fashion influencers, models, or their friends who upload pictures regularly or friends who are enjoying at some exquisite destinations we feel inadequate or envious. And sometimes have self-doubts about our body and appearances. Social media uplifts the feeling of insecurity among people.
  3. FOMO.FOMO stands for fear of missing out, this happens when you feel you are missing something important and other people are having a better life than you.
  4. Attention seeker. Social media makes you crave attention from people. Constantly, uploading selfies, stories to seek the attention of the followers and gain followers.
  5. A huge distraction. Social media can snatch your precious time which you could have spent on something productive but here you are scrolling down the apps.