Indian Education System

Education system is India is degrading.  Because there are many things missing in the Indian education system

India has the unfired system of assessment. In simples’ words the ‘weak student’ AND ‘bright student’. Th Indian the marks have the more importance than the knowledge and the skills. And the uncountable comparisons about the marks by the parents.  Every Student have to work in accordance of their parents.  

At the age of 18, you have to choose Science, Commerce or Medical.  you have to decide your future. To be honest, you actually cannot decide your future as in India you don’t have that right and if you try to, you are going against your parents. You must know that going against your parents’ will is almost regarded as a crime in India.

The primary focus of the college is only on theory, attendance and 100 pages of   Assignments completion.  Practical classes are considered as time pass.

In India, the degree is regarded the most powerful tool, rather than skill.

So, if you want to succeed, you have to do things, on your own. Learn skills all your own. Apart from copying assignments and getting 200% attendance.