Is Indian media a puppet?

Indian Media has been proved as an influential, patriotic, and trustworthy pillar of the nation. But gradually Indian media is losing its credibility and decency. Not just electronic media but print media too has become a puppet in the hands of the Government. The foul practice of taking money and being a puppet of the ruling party has destroyed Indian media drastically.

Media these days shows trivial issues over serious issues happening in the nation. It tries to coat the government and suppresses the truth where people are suffering because of the administration. It barely questions the government.

Media is so influential that it can play a huge role in the make or mar of a government in a nation. But as most of the media and news channels are paid they divert the real issues and are not serving the real objective of the nation. Paid news is lowering the morals and integrity of journalism. And as we can see the paid media is spreading its root all over. Most of the viewers switch the news channel because they no more trust the respective channel. And have begun to doubt the authenticity of the news.