Colorism in India

Colorism in India is affecting people critically

There is no doubt that colorism is widely present in India. Light-skinned has a higher preference over dark in every field.

1.Marriage and Makeup
Light-skinned domestic Indian women have become the desired choice for wives, while poorer, darker, lower caste and Dalit women often experience fewer options in the marriage market. Often, with many fairness creams and other beauty products being highlighted in the media user, particularly girls, believe they do wonders to the complexion.

2.Career opportunities.
As a community, It is imperative that we understand colorism and how it can affect an opportunity for a job, Perhaps a great career. If we can all be aware of this phenomenon and how it just. not only affects those in Hollywood but regular working people that want to make an honest living . We can change the definition of competence and skills that are just not skin deep, what it means in the workplace and beyond that space.

3.Mental health.
Colorism can critically affect one’s self-esteem and they and get body image issues, anxiety, and many more psychological difficulties.