Yes it is necessary to know which is more important, according to me knowledge is the most important. Because marks do not decide your future, knowledge does

Knowledge is how much you can retain knowledge. It’s a never ending process, and there is always so much to learn. Knowledge is abundant, and knowing it equips you with so much out there. Our world is a fascinating place with a lot of things you can learn and attain in terms of knowledge so get the best out of it.

Knowledge is more important than marks but again you need marks to enter a place where you can earn knowledge. contrary, you don’t need a school or college to earn knowledge. … People with good knowledge always get good marks. BUT KNOWLEDGE WINS THE BATTLE AGAINST MARKS EVERYWHERE.

Today the world has become very competitive. Competition is everywhere. It is in studies, sports, job and almost all activities of mankind. But, is competition really giving benefit in the field of education? Let us think about it for a while.

Educational competition is everywhere and is growing day by day. Friends compete each other for better marks. Different Schools compete with each other for better result in Board Examinations. Nowadays, we are focusing very much on more marks and good grades. Frankly speaking I am not an exception to it. And how can I be ?

If I start neglecting marks, I won’t get admission in good colleges. Nowadays it is not odd for a college to set its cut off marks very high.

But does high marks ensure that a student have got good knowledge ? Here lies my question and it was in my brain for the last two three days. There are many factors which can lead to high marks without good knowledge.