Is Online Gaming harmful or beneficial?

A Girl Gamer playing online video game

Online games can be credited for being the best help to parents at the time of lockdown. Games kept the children busy making it easy for parents to keep them at home. While it has not been hidden from us that the market of online gaming is growing very fast, the vulnerability caused in a child’s mind due to its addiction is out as well. There have been many debates regarding the advantages and disadvantages of online gaming. While many studies have presented its benefits some have criticized it for developing a lazy generation. Let us look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of online gaming. 

Some of the Advantages of Online Gaming are:

  • Develops Multi-tasking skills: Many games in the market require maximum attention when the player has to gather the weapons along with fighting the opponent. This develops the multi-tasking ability in the player which can be very well equipped in real life. Hence providing an important life skill to the players.
  • Increased Concentration: Games that include warfares demands maximum attention of the player in every direction of the game. This way the player is forced to only focus on the game neglecting the outer disturbance, hence improving the concentration and memory of the player.
  • Promotes Teamwork: Multiplayer games are to be played with team-mates. This promotes the strategy of teamwork in the minds of the player. This can further help the player in his future jobs and also develop his mindset with a more compassionate approach towards his team. 
  • Develop future skills: While promoting teamwork multiplayer games also demand instant reaction and problem-solving skills while attempting a task in the game. These skills when employed in real life can increase the outsourcing capacity of the player, thus developing his skills for future life.

With the above advantages, there are many disadvantages of online gaming as well. Some of them are listed below:

  • Addiction: This is one of the biggest disadvantages of online gaming. Online Video games are designed to be addictive but it is up to the person to control himself from getting addicted. One of the studies compares the addiction to online gaming as bad as that of drugs. This addiction can also affect the academics of a student. So if you ever feel like you are spending a lot of time on your computer or mobile then ALERT! This can be dangerous for your mental health.
  • Promote Aggression: Online gaming inhabits the player with a different level of stress. A stressful player can turn aggressive towards the people surrounding him. In a Psychological experiment, the people playing violent video games were examined to be more aggressive and have lower patience levels than others. 
  • Social Replacement: While many stats are presenting that people who are regular gamers may tend to lose their self-esteem and their confidence, this can also result in turning the people anti-social. Players may start to find socializing too difficult and thus end up being a loner.
  • Obesity: As surprising as it may sound, one of the most common problems found in gamers is the problem of Obesity. Sometimes players get so involved in the games that they lose track of their appetite, eating more than required. Also, online gaming does not include any physical activity for the extra calories to be burnt resulting in the accumulation of extra fat on the body of the gamer. 
  • Bad Vision: Spending a lot of time in front of the computer or cell phone may result in a distorted vision of the player. 

It’s said that everything done in excess is harmful. It is best applicable to online gaming which if played for some time is beneficial both mentally and socially but is equally dangerous if played in excess.  So while enjoying online games also pay attention to your physical and mental health.

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