Love is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world. Almost every individual has experienced in his life. Whether it is in the form of parent love, sibling love, spouse love or grandparent love , it is a special feeling that can’t be put in the words. Something that you can only feel and cannot express is Love. Being appreciated and cared is the basic need of every human. Every person wants to feel cherished and loved . Love is a set of behaviors, beliefs and strong emotions. The intensity of these emotions is powerful that it can even move mountains. Love brings out all the best qualities in a person.

Our whole life revolves around love. This feeling of love should be set free. It should not be associated with any person, thing or place. Once you associate it, that is when you find it as a burden, or an attachment. The beauty of love is that it vanishes all the feelings of fear, jealousy, possession, anger and other negative feelings . Love is eternal . True love just needs the other person to be happy. Spread love and affection wherever you go.

Love is the feeling of mutual concern and care among people. It is one of the most beautiful things that binds not just people but also animals together. Love is omnipresent . It is present everywhere , but its form can be different. It is an unspoken language of heart.

It comes in many shades. It has nothing to do with the looks of a person or richness, profession, money and other traits. A rich or a poor experience the same. Love is a feeling of affection and care that every person is bestowed with. It is the life’s essence and the privilege of a human being.

Love is the emotion that each and every person long for. Love is an innate desire in every person. Without it life will be meaningless. Love is an essential ingredient of a fulfilling life. It nurtures our emotions and keeps us alive. Love has been ingrained into us since the day we born. It has been said that Love moves the world. It is so powerful that it can make a person conquer anything and everything in this world.

Right from the day we born on this earth we carve love. The whole universe is born out of love. Love is a simple feeling that every single creature on this planet could understand without speaking any single word. It is the language of soul. You don’t need to be rich or educated to experience it . There is no distinction on the grounds of cast, creed, sector, religion, etc,.

Yet people mistake it by taking it in a narrow minded way. When you try to get a hold on love, that is when it creates issues between people. Don’t chase love and don’t beg love. Focus on how much you have been given in a place of how much you have received . A person with good heart will always succeed in life. Don’t label it in the form of a relationship or any possession. The moment you start doing this, it will start to disappear.

The way you interpret it, is the way in which you will see its impact on your life. It is said that Rise in love and don’t fall in love. A narrow minded and selfish love will result in misery where a sincere and expectation less love will nourish emotions, heal your soul, give you peace and strengthen your relations. Love has the power to bring a positive change in the personality and life of the person. A person who has love in his heart would never do anything that harms his fellow mate. Such a person would have peace in his heart that wishes only good for others.

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If everyone experience love in themselves and focus on giving it over receiving it, then this planet would become a better place to live. It will become free from violence, stress, corruption and all other negative tendencies that comes out of negative emotions of love such as anger, greediness, hatred, depression and so on. So spread love and positivity wherever you go. I thank god for the love he bestowed on me.