Why is Music important to our Soul?

The sages loved their music. It gave them the same spiritual boost as the sun did. Music made them laugh, it made them dance and it made them sing. It will do the same for you. Never forget the power of music. Spend a little time with it every day, even if it is listening to a soft piece on a cassette while you drive to work. When you feel down or weary, play some music. It is one of the finest motivators I know of.

ROBIN SHARMA, Author of ‘The Monk who sold his Ferrari’

The above words are found in the Internationally famous book ‘The Monk who sold his Ferrari’. These words endow us with a message of how important it is to always remember the power of music and even on our busiest day we must not forget to listen to it.

Every person has their taste in music, some like Soft and Sufi songs while others may enjoy listening to Jazz and Trance. Whatever their taste may be the function of music in everybody’s life is the same; Relieve the person of his daily-life tensity. Music is one of the greatest forms of art derived from Nature. Let us know why is Music so much important in our day-to-day life.


We all have heard this at one or the other time in our life. But what does it exactly mean? Let’s understand this with a simple example. Some songs like Despacito or Bella Ciao, in that case, are not understood by everyone but every other person enjoys these songs without even being able to sing them correctly. These songs bring people together. Similarly, the language of music is universal. It doesn’t matter from which corner of the world a person belongs, you can communicate with them easily through the language of Music. This is the only language which even if not understood but is enjoyed by all.


As a form of art, music brings out the creativity of a person. Listening to instrumental music challenges one to listen and tell a story about what one hears. In the same sense, playing a musical instrument gives you the ability to tell the story without words. Both require maximum right brain usage which not only exercises one’s creativity but also one’s intellect. This is also one of the reasons why people turn to music whenever they feel worn out or out of ideas to recollect their minds.


Many theories are suggesting the presence of Music dating back even before the existence of mankind. Music is believed to be derived from nature and one of the most common uses is found at religious and sacred events. Many civilizations mark their triumph at war and the cremation of influential figures with Music. Some people believe Music to be a key to God leading to the holy path, this also signifies the presence of prayers at religious places.


Many studies have shown the connection between the human mind and the type of music a person listens to. There are times in every person’s life when he turns to music for achieving an emotional balance. This is because music stimulates the release of happiness hormone in our brain. It reduces the stress of a person and makes the person dance to its beat. Thus Music is known as one of the best therapies for dealing with emotions. So next time when you feel low; put on the headphones-play a song-turn the volume up-exit from reality.


Let’s first see the following video:

As we saw in the video that every person enjoys himself on the tune of the music. This is the reason music is seen as the key ingredient to bring people together.

When Music is so much important then why are we still not ready with our headphones? Let’s Go and enjoy our day listening to our favorite music.