“The One You Cannot Have”

Title – The One You Cannot Have
Language – English
Author – Preeti Shenoy
Publisher – Tranquebar Press
Genre – Fiction

No matter how you try, no matter how much you want to love somebody else, no matter how much you convince yourself that you have moved on, deep down you know the truth. If you are deliriously happy when you think about someone and a smile creeps up on you even when you in the worst of the mood, even if a mere thought of that person has a power to send a jolt of energy through your weary body, then it is nothing but love. You can squish it, pretend that it doesn’t exist, ignore it, try to make it go away, but it never entirely does.
It’s always finds a way back.

The story is a heartening tale of how past relationships, when broken without a proper closure, can come back to haunt the present.This is the story of Aman Mathur a young, good-looking man, successful in his career and after a brief stint in UK for 2 years; he’s all set to return to India. But an accidental relapse into his old memories sends him tumbling back to his past, to the wonderful 4 years of his life that he spent with Shruti, his heart throb. Shruti is the girl with whom he spent some wonderful moments, yet he could not have her. Without her, Aman had never envisaged his future.

 But it was Shruti who had walked out of his life, leaving him shattered and heart-broken and just when he thought that he had moved on, the ghosts of his past return to haunt him.

Shruti, now married to Rishabh, is content and settled in her role of a married woman. But a day doesn’t pass in her life without the memories of her perfect relationship with Aman prowling her banal and mundane day-to-day life.

Anjali is an exuberant and vivacious girl, working as a columnist in women’s magazine and she’s charmed by Aman’s kind and intelligent demeanour. But she is also confused by his conflicting attitude when he doesn’t return her messages after their few wonderful dates. Aman on the other hand is guilty, because he enjoys Anjali’s company but he is not sure if he’s ready to plunge into a relationship when his heart still pines for ‘the one he cannot have.’

 Will Aman finally get back with Shruti or will he rest the ghosts of his past relationship and move ahead by accepting Anjali’s love and warmth in his life? He was attracting towards Anjali because of the positive vibes what he used to get from her and the important thing of his inclination towards her was that she knew each and every feeling what Aman felt for Shruti inspite of this she loved him and wanted to be a part of his life. A day came when Aman too realized that he loved Anjali and wanted to confess too but suddenly his past came in from of him. Yes, it’s Shruti who fought with her husband Rishab and came to Aman and wanted to spend rest of life with him. But a magic happened at that time when Aman couldn’t even able to hug her because he was thinking about Anjali. He said to Shruti that she should go to her husband and try to solve the problem and he also said to her that “YOU ARE THE PERSON THAT I CANNOT HAVE”. The story ended with the marriage of Aman & Anjali and the reunion of Shruti & Rishab.

Moral Of The Story – Yes, Love Can Happen Twice