News value and importance

There’s a quote that states “Every piece of news is a piece of information but not Every piece of information is a piece of news.” Not every piece of information is worthy to be a news. There’s a lot factors that decides a news is worthy or not. These four deciding factors are used to find a news worth or not.
*Human Interest
*Time duration
      The question “Where” deals with value of proximity. Every human come across different situations everyday. So it does matter if a news bothers. A common example is When a dog bites a man it is a common thing and when a man bites a dog it becomes a news.
       This is about a renowned entity based on a person or an institution adds value to news. Eg. Famous singer S.P Balasubramaniyam passed away. There are lot of people who dies everyday but not everyones death is considered as a news. This has a great audience because of his star value.
     It is a key factor that decides that whether people will be bothered by reading a news. The reason why celebrity magazines have a big fan base is they relate with ones favourite celebrities and this adds fuel to news agency.
       There’s a breaking news segment in every viewership of a news agency. This is because people want to stay updated with a recent and latest source and they must also know what’s happening around them. Even if a news agency wants to publish something old they can only relate with a current source to provide an overview of situation
Eg. As per 2015 records of polling current polling rate has been decreased.