Deep thoughts

Even if there is none to come far
Even if the night misses the moon
You nurtured a flower
Yearning for someone’s arrival
Like an anonymous flower immersed
In the fog of memories
Did you wake up to a dawn filled with golden rays?
Did it see the tears rolling down your cheeks
Without caressing you
On that path
Did it go far away?
Did it go far away?
Neither in your thoughts, nor in your dreams
Were visited
By the lonely butterfly
Did you spend sleepless nights
Swimming in an ocean of darkness
Without anyone’s notice?
Those long shadows dominated
The valley of sorrows
Dreams got melted down
Like a burning candle
The petals started falling again
And the breeze wandered aimlessly
As the moments flew by without promising a return
Are we left without any chance to meet again?
Are we left without any chance to meet again?

Welcome to the adults world

I suddenly realized, separation is normal in life. Like dandellion seeds we grow wherever we fly. We’ll have new land, new friends and new dreams. The dreams that we pursue is shining and far away. They are like star and rainbows and morning dewdrops that roll on white roses. They’re on that side of life. On this side of life is the unwillingness and helplessness that we adults fight against in our life. The toughness is like food, air and tears running silently at night. Everyone is busy in their own life. Like others, our relationships gradually disappear as time goes on. Even missing has also gone. All that’s left is the great memories of our youth and the blessings never absent during holidays. We are like planets stay together for a while but separate later and move on our own orbits. I finally found out that someone must come back but others not. But we needn’t wait for them

God and his creation

Adam was God’s creation
Eve was his formation
They were given a plantation
It was like a different nation
With flowers like carnation
A fruit was their attraction
As Satan wants their temptation
Both accused for crimination
There was a delation
Asked to take a diversion
Made a fixation
Begged for salvation
Escaped from damnation

Mourning the Void

It’s time for golden memories
Auroville roads and Rock beach waves are ready to welcome you
Our sweet home 207 opened his pretty lil  door for you
Our lovely curved table, awaits for your feast
The large anonymous tree, sheds her leaves as a blessing
The pathways are filled with flowers as you would not get hurt while you walk
Our tiny lil Rose sapling is waiting for you to see him bloom
The glasses in your cabins are asking for your cute smiles
The locks of your cupboard are closed as they can’t get your magical fingers
The files kept inside them are about to die because they can’t breathe out
All your novels and books are waiting for your soft touch
I couldn’t hear those Akka and chechi and didi without you
What will I answer them now?
How I’ll get back to you?
Why did you leave me with all these memories
When will you be back again? 
Your un biological sister is eager to have you with her in all her happiness and sorrows
I wish You could have Returned If Possible
Regaining all the energy and courage to restart
I wish you to be with me always
You are my Sun to Heal and my Moon to feel

Fallen Rose

I still have your rose
The one I received in your funeral
I clench it in my wrist
And press it against my chest
The petals have fallen off
And the stem is frail and gray
Still I’ve kept it
In the loving memory of you
Watching it each day as I move on
I can’t go back to you
I’m missing from you
But I can always go back to the rose
And hold it tight
And smell the dead love from it
And smile,
As that’s what takes me to you.

What Pandemic has taught

You can watch movies without Cinema theatres
You can stay alive without alcohols
You can know from friends without partying
You can buy necessaries without roaming around
You can play without stuffed toys and Robot cars
You can feed yourselves without junk foods and hotels
You can learn you lessons without going to school
You can pray to God without going to sacred places
You can stay fit without going to Gym
But you can’t live without Doctors and Farmers
Respect every Profession

Realization Hits

There is no Pollution, But you’ve to wear a mask
The Roads are free, But you can’t go on a long drive
Hands are clean, But you can’t shake hands
There are friends around, But you can’t hang out
You became a Master chef, But you can’t invite for a feast
Once Sundays were expected and Mondays were stressful, But now days are refusing to move on
Schools and Colleges were once a burden, But now it’s a day dream
Our loved ones are leaving us, But we can’t see them for one last time
Those who have money, don’t know how to spend money
Those who don’t have money, doesn’t know how to earn money
Once we shared our happiness and sadness together
Now Marriages and Funerals are in a limited version
We have plenty of time to spend, But we don’t have our loved ones to enjoy
This is a reminder
Cherish your Goodness when you have
Because “What you have today, may not be with you tomorrow”

Women in Lockdown

Women in Lockdown
Had many Breakdown
When everything was Shutdown
Even in Uptown
They didn’t Facedown
But they’ve Cracked down
When they were Knocked down
And their energy Ran down
They didn’t choose to Slowdown
They never Looked down
And their families were Held down
Even in a disastrous Meltdown
Also their dreams were not Brought down
When their works were Closed down
They don’t have Stand down
As they deserve renown
And Counting down
For a better Town

Corona’s speech

Stay Home
For I am a deadly virus
Stay Home
For I can damage your gyrus
Stay Home
For I can be prevented with vaccine
Stay Home
For I cannot be cured with crocin
Stay Home
For I’ve taken your loved ones
Stay Home
For I can take away your joy in tons
Stay Home
For I have shut schools
Stay Home
For I’m a death of pool
Stay Home
For I’ve made many lives miserable
Stay Home
For I’m not lovable
Stay Home
For I am pleasure less
Stay Home
For I’ve caused death measureless
Stay Home
For I became a sorrow
Stay home
For you can face tomorrow

News value and importance

There’s a quote that states “Every piece of news is a piece of information but not Every piece of information is a piece of news.” Not every piece of information is worthy to be a news. There’s a lot factors that decides a news is worthy or not. These four deciding factors are used to find a news worth or not.
*Human Interest
*Time duration
      The question “Where” deals with value of proximity. Every human come across different situations everyday. So it does matter if a news bothers. A common example is When a dog bites a man it is a common thing and when a man bites a dog it becomes a news.
       This is about a renowned entity based on a person or an institution adds value to news. Eg. Famous singer S.P Balasubramaniyam passed away. There are lot of people who dies everyday but not everyones death is considered as a news. This has a great audience because of his star value.
     It is a key factor that decides that whether people will be bothered by reading a news. The reason why celebrity magazines have a big fan base is they relate with ones favourite celebrities and this adds fuel to news agency.
       There’s a breaking news segment in every viewership of a news agency. This is because people want to stay updated with a recent and latest source and they must also know what’s happening around them. Even if a news agency wants to publish something old they can only relate with a current source to provide an overview of situation
Eg. As per 2015 records of polling current polling rate has been decreased.

Citizen Journalism

Social media on whole it changed how people consume news, where print media and television remain as popular forms of news outlets. Today’s youngsters get news from their smartphones either from dedicated news apps or from Twitter and Facebook. A lot of people around the world keeping up on social media to know with events around them. Either for a social cause or a viral video or cyclone. We get to know all about in Social Media. Even media houses started to post real time updates on social media . This is a citizen Journalism. Social Media also empowered the people to become Citizen Journalists. From footage to road accidents and riots people capture with their smartphones and spread news on their handle. Citizen Journalism also has it’s faults, Not everyone is trained as a Journalist and keeps up ethical standards that journalists do. This leads to fake news spreading like wildfire. As a perfect citizen one has to verify that the news is true or not. Such person is real citizen Journalist.

Reel to Real Hero

Then, Known as an acting hero
Now, known for your act of hero
You saved people from sorrow
Without you many lives would have been zero
Of course the time was narrow
But your pace was an arrow
You are a saviour sparrow
Let your love be borrowed
      Salute to you Super Hero


Communication is the exchange of information between people. It doesn’t mean verbal or non – verbal, every field of work needs a good communication. When communication is better, there’ll be no misunderstandings that lead to wrong directions. In field of Journalism, a news piece is communicated to huge audience, even the slightest miscommunication leads to grave consequences. Journalism is therefore called mass communication, which imparts and exchange information to a large section of people via mass media, newspaper, Tv, Web etc. Since most people rely on mass media to know what’s happening around them, Journalists ought to communicate facts and not opinions to the people. This must be done without any bias or motivation for profits, so that people can interpret what is based on facts and truth by themselves.

We shall overcome

Covid 19 second phase
Is quite a serious case
It took so many days
Without leaving still it stays
Listen to what the government says
Or you will not be found in trace
Do not roam around like a craze
It’ll affect you like a fire of blaze
We have to run through this difficult race
Till we find some other way to chase
It’s spreading very pace
So Stay safe in your place
Have some courage to face
For you’ll get some grace
Bend your knees to Pray
Or you’ll become a prey


Don’t shed tears
When you are in fear
Don’t shed tears
When you are not clear
Don’t shed tears
When you lovedone is a liar
Don’t shed tears
When death comes near
Don’t shed tears
When false is on fire
Do shed tears
When you reach higher


In this world of fake
Only you are my trustworthy
In this world of bitterness
Only you are my happiness
In the cloud filled sky
Only you are my star
You are my sun to heal
And moon to feel

Every girl who doesn’t have an elder brother would regret for it. And not every one who has their elder brother will cherish them in their life. But having a brother is something amazing. Yes, you’ll be his doll when you are a baby, He’ll be you teacher to walk and eat and play, He’ll act like a guardian angel when you go to school, When you grow up he’ll take care of you from harms, If someone bullies he’s there to fight, When you are not good he’ll take a good care of you, And when you are a teen, He’ll have some extra care but sometimes that may not be shown out. When you are depressed he’ll give his shoulder to cry on. He’ll take part in all your happiness and bitterness. When you get married  he’ll entrust you in your partner’s hand and just stay a step ahead and cherish your happiness. He just act like he owe something to you. And when he gets a family he still cares. From beginning to the end he’ll be a guard. He is not just a partner in property Share holder he’s also a secret holder of life. He’s an ATM, Pain killer, stress burster and all sort of things. It’s not always they make you cry but sometimes they do. They don’t hold grudge, hatred and anger. There may be thousands of relationships to enjoy with you and to have fun with you. But there’s one relationship which stands with you even in your hardest times. That’s Brother.


When life gives you a new beginning
Don’t repeat your old mistakes

Mistake is something wrong which people do it unknowingly. When someone commits a mistake by knowing it is a crime. Mistakes are common among humans. A wise men once said ” Anyone who has never made a mistake has never done anything new”. From mistakes we learn, we experience. Every human has to undergo a phase of difficulty. It is not that one can live only a happy life. Somehow or the other the person should undergo hardships. In case of time one must choose a right way to overcome the obstacle rather to choose the other way. That may lead to a bigger problem in life. Mistakes are to learn. Everytime one makes a mistakes he learns a new thing. If once it is found that it is a mistake do not repeat the same. Every time, you’ll not get a way to solve for the same problem. As it is said “Failures are stepping stone to Success” One has to fail, and get up from the failure in order to achieve his victory. It may be hundreds and hundreds of times. No matter what it is, have courage to get up and say “I’m capable of doing” and “I can do it”. You can definitely do it.


When you want to change many lives
There will be hurdles at every turns
When there is a thread of hope
Tied to your dream
And those dreams
Have dew drops frost on them
Then, strengthen your determination
That, your promise will never break
Every bit of you will serve the mother land
The rain of happiness will drench the soil
Self reliant we are
We praise to thee mother
We get better when we challenge ourselves
We praise to thee mother


The world is God’s creation
With many attractive location
And a perfect aeration
For people to go on vacation
Leaving their vocation
To give up their frustration
One can take aviation
For a good migration
And have positive vibration
Don’t just live in imagination
Of travelling different nations
Must take precaution
Or will be under probation


Dubai didn’t say Good Bye to India
France is not being Trance to India
Greece’s love is Freezed in India
Germany gives it’s Harmony to India
Saudi wishes for healthy India
Emirates Generates it’s care to India
Taiwan prays for Shawn of India
Russia rushes it’s Sputnik V to India
United States sent its O2 to Indian States
Arch Rival Pakistan doesn’t want Pawn to India
Mongolia gives a heart warming gesture to India
Niagra (falls) in tricolour for India
UNO says “No” to help India
WHO gives hope for India
Microsoft is being Soft heart to India
Google was not frugal to India
“You are not alone India
We will overcome together”


Every human has a right to vote
But it’s like a sinking boat
Politicians dote of note(money)
And treat people like a beaten goat
Instead of sloat
They are safe in moat
And float in gloat
If one voices his throat
He will be a smote


When my life was cool
In joy of pool
There came a rule
Of going school
I heard a bell
Which made me dull
It’s really not a hell
But it is to tell
My success to swell
Like a glowing shell
For my life to dwell
When there’s a knell
I will only spell
“I lived well”


Stars in this journey
Bloomed at night
The footprints in time
Became colours in me
Was it a path drenched in rain?
Or was it a path
That was covered in blooming flowers?
It was endless
In this journey to find oneself
Is it true?
Is truth a burning fire?
Time washes away all habits
It’s a never ending journey to perfection

Voice of a Tree

I was deserved to be preserved
But neither reserved nor served
I was measured as a pressure
Rather than being treasured
Should I now assure?

Light in Night

The sun rays kissed the soil!
The rain drops soaked the soil!
The tender sprouts in the heart go in vain!
Why do they fade in this land?
After arriving with hope
Whom do we search for?
While we travel this distance
It takes a new turn,
Eyes get to see new sights
You came as a music!
Along with soothing breeze
You came fluttering!
Like a charming bird
Eyes were completely infused
With shades of your face
Dreams crawled in heart
Being peruaded with you


Oh rainbow
Won’t you look at me?
Through the blanket of fog
Won’t you slowly lean?
Through the searching eyes
Won’t you come to me again?
Through the pain that is fading away
Won’t you cherish me up?
Even the dew drops that fell suddenly
Waited for you
In an endearing nest
For it loved you



It was bit salty

Later I found it faulty

It was sweet when started

Then there were no such hatred

And it became sour

By the behaviour of war

Before it went toxic

I became anoxic

Never expected a tasteless end

Sometimes it becomes a corner of bent

Ending up with bitter taste

I am accepting this phase

In loving memory

Dear sweet heart,
you left your nest
You flew away,
In search of your friendship
Up in the sky,
Amongst the indelible clouds
To fly unbridled
To hug the unseen altitudes
To sing never ending songs
In the teeming snow,
Your past faded away
The spring left behind,
The withered leaves
Our lives are predestined
When it falls apart
Bliss gets hidden
I prepared myself
To be ur shadow forever
Even the thick snow
Can’t hide the old lanes
No agony
Could make us forget
I will never forget,
The good times that we had
I see you only in my dreams,
You are my sun to heal and moon to feel

Little Bird

Oh my little bird
Those every teary eyes of yours
Were they wipped off
In your little nest
The one that is frequented
By thousands of little birds
The branches from which you leapt
Are adorned with flowers
Oh my little bird
Drench yourself in this soothing drizzle
And sing along
Oh my little bird
Adorn the colours of the rainbow
Good times are here
Now it’s time to go on a quest
To fulfill those little dreams of yours.


Everyone has their own forest where we may never go to. But it’s always been there, all the time. Those who have lost will get lost. Those have met will meet each other again.

Silent Process of HOPE

The setting sun hides the light behind the night
The stars never sleep and scatter the darkness
The moon is among them
The night sky always shines
Whatever happens before the dusk
It just takes to reach tomorrow

Whistling Wind

Oh Whisting wind
You are the friend of the blue sky
Don’t you hear the song of the night
Oh wind you have touched the rainbow
Won’t you see the magical spring
Oh whistling wind
Let go off your worries
For you could fly aimlessly
Let’s go to see the moonlight, sunshine and snow twilight
And the hill side covered of flowers
Look how moments glide by
See how time flows by
Like water slipping through our fingers
Flowers sway in the wind and fade away
Like the smile on time’s face
Let go off all the worries
Let go off them
Let’s fly fluttering our small wings
Let’s love our lives