Realization Hits

There is no Pollution, But you’ve to wear a mask
The Roads are free, But you can’t go on a long drive
Hands are clean, But you can’t shake hands
There are friends around, But you can’t hang out
You became a Master chef, But you can’t invite for a feast
Once Sundays were expected and Mondays were stressful, But now days are refusing to move on
Schools and Colleges were once a burden, But now it’s a day dream
Our loved ones are leaving us, But we can’t see them for one last time
Those who have money, don’t know how to spend money
Those who don’t have money, doesn’t know how to earn money
Once we shared our happiness and sadness together
Now Marriages and Funerals are in a limited version
We have plenty of time to spend, But we don’t have our loved ones to enjoy
This is a reminder
Cherish your Goodness when you have
Because “What you have today, may not be with you tomorrow”