INDIA homes a large majority of the YOUTH in the world compared to any other country! Due to this, it won’t be wrong to say that India’s future lies in the Youth’s hands today. But here arises the most important question that:


“DO THEY UNDERSTAND THIS”? The Answer is Not Many! Today, they are facing a Crisis, more than any other time or Era.That is ALCOHOL ADDICTIONS. ALCOHOL is a drug of choice among youth. Regardless of the repurcussions, they are consuming it and even getting addicted. The rate at which they are consuming it has no bounds at all. Besides, the youth of today’s era thinks it as having fun. The rate of their alcohol consumption have been increasing steadily, and that brings multiple heath concerns along with it. Damaging of sense organs, Impacting Liver, Suicides, our mental health and many more. Unlimited Consumption also leads to accidents due to Rash driving while drinking. The CONSTITUTION OF INDIA has given us many major freedoms due to which one has full freedom to do what he/she wants. But at the same time it has also placed some restrictions. That means you can enjoy your Full freedom but only till you are not affecting someone’s else’s freedom. You cannot do anything as you please, while drinking, as it affects the people and functioning of our society as well. Many young people are experiencing the consequences of alcohol consumption too much, at too early an age. As a result, Youth Alcohol consumption has become a public problem in our country. But the astonishing fact is that why do they drink? What can they achieve by drinking Alcohol? Well, the answer won’t be that hard to guess. As children move from Adolescence to young adulthood, they experience dramatic, physical, mental, and emotional feelings. Some handles them preety well. But for those who cannot even understand what is happening in and around their lives, ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION BECOMES THE ANSWER. Due to hormonal changes, puberty the ones who cannot stand up to this rough world, ALCOHOL BECOMES THIER ESCAPE. ESCAPE FROM REALITIES OF LIFE, ESCAPE FROM THIER FEELINGS, ESCAPE FROM THEIR FAMILIES, FRIENDS, THEIR LIFESTYLES, Everything!

The youth becomes the most vulnerable part of society to Alcohol. Especially- the students in high schools and colleges. In order to try new and adventurous things, or under peer pressure or many a times taking initiative on their own, they get caught into the vicious cycle of alcohol consumption unknowingly and innocently. Gradually, they get habitual and with time they seem to enjoy it. They get addicted, and the fact is sometimes some enjoy it! They enjoy being Addicted. But by the time they realise, it gets too late for them to break away without any outside help. In all this process everything and everyone in society gets affected. Sometimes, the addict struggles all alone even if he wants to break free but his addiction does not let him do so and resultantly he fails in all his attempts. A continuous intake of Alcohol results in an overpowering desire or compulsion to continue taking it and to obtain it by any means. They get so addictive that they can do anything for it. This results in many crimes like Robbery, Murder, Threats and many more!

Thus, it is high time people and the youth understand the importance of LIFE and starts valuing it and taking it more seriously. Alcohol consumption today is a major social problem which, though concerns an individual but ,in turn, affects the society at large. It is a widespread and critical problem not only in India but also Western societies and has become a matter of grave concern. Thus, this should be controlled and major steps should be taken by not only higher authorities but by the youths themselves towards their health and future. As their is a famous saying: GOD HELPS THOSE, WHO HELP THEMSELVES!