Future of Healthcare Sector

Healthcare is the most basic need of our lives.healthcare system is one of the basic pillar of every developing nation. As we can see now, Covid-19 situation is the worst situation ever. Many people had faced issues due to less numbers of doctors, shortage of beds and oxygen cylinders. But in this situation , we all depended only on the health care system. We all witnesses healthcarebeing more effective to fight against this situation than it has ever been.

Critical advancement in modern technology will play an integral role in progressing future of healthcare. According to the research technology developments such as mobile, internet of things, artificial intelligence and big data will be wonderful opportunity for overcoming healthcare. Technology made healthcare system more powerful as it increased accessibility of treatment,increased level of efficiency in data collection of patients, it become easy for frontline workers to record important patient’s data and then share it as it is.

We can say that future of healthcare heavily depends on the robotics & digital technologies.after few years all the medical work’s will be automated by this new technologies. Doctors & nurse will be treat or check their patients remotely whenever & wherever they want. We must not forget, that world’s first successful tele-surgery occured more than 15 years ago by a Surgeon in Newyork. Remotely guided 3 armed surgical robot operating 3,870 miles away in strasbourg,France. Quality healthcare will become more accessible or cheaper, more efficient & more convenient. As we know artificial intelligence have already made the work much more easy in every field. So it will help patients also to taking measurements & performing diagnostics. Another future of healthcare, is nano-technologies, It
has already being devloped but I believe in few years nano-medicines , nano-treatments etc will also

Not only will technology help cure illness but, innovations will also motivate the people living with
illness. High quality healthcare helps people to defeat diseases & improve quality of life. I believe in 10 to 15 years although probably, even sooner there will be 100% treatment for cancer & diabetes. This diseases could join polio as defeated diseases. We expect there will be amazing instruments to see the complexity inside the human bodies that we can’t imagine now.

People interact with healthcare system only when they have any disease or had any injury but in future healthcare system will focus on well-being & preventions rather than treatments.