It has been 200 thousand years since humans have evolved.

Since the beginning humans have always considered the Earth as their home and strangely enough, like they own it. But sometimes he  forgets to remember that there are millions and millions of other organisms, from small insects to the classic examples of blue whale that exists with us at the same time which is really necessary to maintain the balance of the nature. It has been a year since this pandemic has locked us in our homes. The growing civilization and urbanization of cities has stranded animals and birds especially the stray animals that live in the city and depend on humans for food.

When the situation was normal the hotels and other food outlets used to throw away the rubbish which was a six course meal for the stray dogs and other animals. But now since the government has ordered only for the takeaways to be opened, stray animals depend on the houses especially in the residential areas to stay alive. There are some non-profit organisations that work tirelessly to feed these strays, but even then due to the high number of covid cases the abundance of volunteers has dramatically reduced and it has been tougher than ever to feed this strays.

The case is not only with stray animals but a similar plight can be seen among the children who have been orphaned because either one or both of the parents have succumbed to the virus. Some children are lucky enough to have relatives to take care of them but some children get caught in the middle of property drama. The relatives depend on the dead parents properties and only help their children if they see a proper cut for themselves in it. Situation gets worse with the slum families, where the relatives are ready to take care, but they can’t afford for the same. This is heart wrenching, because the covid cases seems to increase multi fold in the slum areas due to lack of awareness.

 The situation of stray animals and orphaned children has moved many people to do something in favour of them so there won’t be any casualties other than the mass numbers of deaths and active cases in the country.

There are some ways in which we can help the stray animals. The first and foremost would be to get vaccinated in order to stay safe for everybody around us and then collect whatever we can and support NGOs that still work hard day and night to feed the strays. Regarding the children that are orphaned, Government can set up children’s home temporarily which can take care of them until their relatives or some sort of foster family is ready to take care of them. India is the second most populous country in the world, well on its way to cross the most populous country in the world, China. It is tough enough to provide sanitation to the covid patients and problems like this only is like adding fuel to the fire.

We should remember that this shouldn’t have been a problem if there had been proper planning from the beginning and if there had been considerable support from the public alike.

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