Nvidia Announces 3080Ti And 3070Ti.

  • Credits.Nvidia

Nvidia launced GeForce RTX 3080 Ti, GeForce RTX 3070 Ti at Computex 2021

Nvidia has announced its 3080Ti along with 3070Ti which will give a competition to AMD’s Radeon 6000 series of graphic cards. AMD Radeon 6900XT is the best competitor of Nvidia’s 3080Ti. This is an update over RTX 3080 which includes an increment of 2GB GDDR6X which makes it in total of 12GB VRAM with GDDR6X memory. With an increase of about 18% in memory interface of 384-bit which same as RTX 3090 compared to 320-bit.

Specifications of RTX 3080Ti.

Boost Frequency : 1.67GHz.

Cuda Cores : 10240.

Tensor Cores : 320.

RT Cores : 80.

ROP : 112.

Memory Bus : 384-bit.

Memory : 12GB.

TDP : 350 watt.

Price : 1,22,000.

The RTX 3080ti is 1.5X faster than 2080Ti.

Along with 3080Ti the 3070Ti was also announced which comes at an price of 61000.

Specification of RTX 3070Ti

Boost Frequency : 1.7GHz.

Cuda Cores : 6144.

Tensor Cores : 192.

RT Cores : 48.

ROP : 96.

Memory Bus : 256-bit.

Memory : 8GB.

TDP : 290 watt.

Price : 1,22,000.

The RTX 3070Ti is 2X faster then geforce 1070Ti.