As we all are aware, June is pride month I want to make a mention of how the pandemic has given a certain impact on The LGBTQ community or the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer community is one of the most actively growing communities in today’s world. The Covid-19 pandemic is the most recent world tragedy which has caused a lot of tension among various groups of people psychologically and physically. Under these groups, I would like to capture the plight of what the LGBTQ community is going through. Individuals belonging to this society face a lot of social disadvantages and mental health disparities and due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this has been much exaggerated.

Due to this worldwide pandemic a lot of the students belonging to this community, are being forced back to their homes where they still aren’t accepted for the identity they have chosen or they are left on the streets to find their supports. The pandemic has created an utmost need for the people for mental and psychological help but due to the trauma being put through they are unable to get so. A recent study was performed on certain students and the result of the study to be found was that nearly half of LGBT college students have immediate families that do not support or know their LGBT identity. Approximately 60% of sampled LGBT college students were experiencing distress, anxiety, and depression during the pandemic.

A lot of the young individuals who still haven’t chosen to come out are undergoing major problems as well due to the growing pressure by staying around their parents who might have created an environment where there is fear being instilled. Due to this fear, people go through everything alone and choose not to ask for help due to the unavailability of easy help such as doctors and counselors. Events play a major role in creating more awareness among the group by meeting people who are similar in their thoughts and mentalities but events such as gay pride events and pride marches have all been canceled which has also severely affected the community. People are given bias when it comes to healthcare as well because of the mindset of people who haven’t learned to accept the community.

The countries which seem most developed in the run against Covid-19 still show such small theories against the community which attacks them. I would like to speak of an example of the UK where gay and bisexual men were not allowed to donate their plasma to help people out. Why? Because they were gay and bisexual. In the US, gay bars and LGBTQ-friendly pubs have been shut down due to insufficient funds and support which isn’t being provided adequately to them.

It’s saddening to see how normal human beings who have committed nothing except accepting themselves are being treated even by the higher society. I would like to personally urge everyone to help anyone they know going through a tough phase as things like this play a very important role in their lives and they would require someone with them. It might be a friend, It might be a sibling but they are still the same people even after they choose to follow a different identity.