“There are many things in our life which makes it worth Living, and EDUCATION is one of them”. Education is an important issue in an individual’s life. It is a path through which one can achieve anything in the future,be it: knowledge, fame, money, respect, success and many more. It is the key to have many opportunities in our life, OPPORTUNITIES which can help one rise and achieve anything in the future. Education grants us a good status in a society. As educated people, we are considered as a valuable source of knowledge for our society. BUT, ARE WE STILL THAT MUCH VALUABLE FOR SOCIETY SINCE 2 YEARS? IS THE CURRENT SITUATION IN THE WORLD CAN PROVIDE YOU THE OPPORTUNITY? THE OPPORTUNITY YOU NEED TO EXCEL IN THE FUTURE? We don’t know!! HAS OUR EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS BEEN COMPROMISED? This is the exact question running in everyone’s mind be it, Parents, Government and Students since 2020. Yes, The Year 2020 was a major turning point for the students and their Education worldwide.

ON DEC, 31 2019, CHINA reported a new virus to the WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION (WHO), which later came to known as COVID-19. The “CO” stands for ‘CORONAVIRUS’, “VI” stands for ‘VIRUS’ and “D” stands for ‘DISEASE’. The Virus, which causes symptoms ranging from itchy throat, cold, cough, lack of smell and taste, to nuemonia, has killed lakhs globally and infected millions. Who could have thought the virus emerged in China, would spread across the whole world and infect millions in such a way that everyone’s life would change. The disease has been declared as a ‘Pandemic’ by the WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION (WHO). Amid. COVID-19, Several countries around the world, had implemented LOCKDOWN MEASURES and other restrictions in bid to stop the transmission of the Coronavirus. The disease has been so deadly that it has caused thousands death globally and many loses to the countries. Many countries stopped Rail and Air services, Schools, colleges, Restraus, Temples, and every other public place where a full fledge gathering could take place were shut. Government believed it was the best possible way to prevent and slow down transmission of the COVID-19 among the public.

Of all the Effects it had, the most affected one were the “STUDENTS AND THEIR EDUCATION”. The COVID-19 Pandemic has affected EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS worldwide, leading to total closures of schools, universities, and Colleges! The Governments of many countries decided to temporarily close EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS in an attempt to reduce the spread of the deadly VIRUS. Well, WIKIPEDIA says that, as of JANUARY 2021, Approximately 825 million learners are currently affected due to school closures in response to the Pandemic. At the peak of the Pandemic, many countries in Europe and Central Asia Region closed their schools, colleges and universities to contain the virus. School Closures have brought significant disruptions to Education across the World. School Closures have not only impacted STUDENTS, TEACHERS, FAMILIES, but have far reaching ECONOMIC AND SOCIETAL CONSEQUENCES. The disease started spreading so fast that the GOVERNMENT had to take a decision and ended up in closing schools and colleges abruptly! Given the Abruptness of the situation, Teachers Students, and Administrators were unprepared for this transition and sudden change! And were forced to build emergency remote learning systems almost immediately and one of its limitations was the lack of personal interaction between Teacher and Students. The Impact was more severe for the disadvantaged students and their families. As being weak in studies they couldn’t understand what to do, what to learn, how to access new things and adapting new changes, causing Interrupted learning, child care problems and consequent Economic cost to families who could not work. Amid Pandemic, DIGITAL LEARNING only seemed the best way for the students to carry on to Thier studies that lacked behind due to this Pandemic. It happened so suddenly, that both the teachers and students couldn’t understand the next step! Hence, leading to the gap between Students and their Studies. As a result when things resumed in a better way recently many students found that they remember Nothing! Pandemic also affected the quality standard of knowledge and learning as many examinations were canceled and children were promoted to the next levels without even giving their examinations! Resultantly, it will have a deep impact in Thier coming future! As we all know the Importance of BOARDS EXAMINATION! It trains you to be Strong. It is the basic level that one individual has to pass for their strong Career! It leaves the way for us to have a good career. Hence, EDUCATION is important for all of Us to have a good career. It enhances the opportunities for a better and easier employment.

Hence, EDUCATION is a sector in which Government has to be responsible and try to compensate the families and Students who have suffererd due to this Global Pandemic by Interrupted Learning and many more!