Nature is change of human revolution

IT is better to understand them or to hurt them like that everyday, every second, everyminute,every hour, everywhere,everyweek.this every refers to every single human being in this country this refers to 130 million crore not only this entire world is responsible for this cause number goes to according to reports 7.9billon people live in that in that 5 billion people support it remaining reject it what the cause.Now l speak actual cause taking the world because environment issues is the biggest issues in the world unfortunately in this world 10 trillion of tree cut down for manufacturing paper then where will the animals, birds stay how the environment will be balanced to the environment both nature and ecosystem should work together to maintain friendly ecosystem there is no fresh air to breathe, burning of toxic three burning vehicles brings toxic environment which mix in air causing lots of diseases like asthma, breathing problems and many more to reduce this burning things should be reduced the world government should make a powerful law to ensure and follow the rules and regulations climate change if all the people started cutting down the trees where will the animals live,Australia forest fire,amazon forest fire.last year environment is a biggest issues to overcome all the world nations came up with the idea to develop United nations environment committee united nations came with ecosystem restoration by 2030 that it claims all people have the responsibility to protect this nature by many people are protecting against many countries against environment issues many people are fighting like NGO, Red cross,Blue cross,animals protecting team,wildlife protecting team and many more if these environment want to be beautiful changes is in your hands save nature we have only only one planet,environment problem in China, Japan, Dubai,Bangladesh, Sweden, Australia forest, amazon forest zero population for healthier people and planet war all over the world caused environmental destruction and environment unstable to stable this our honorable prime Minister Narendra modi introduced many environments programs and brought many good things to nature our PM started planting trees across the country took many initiative in our country like swachbharat,green india,go green india, green initiative, make in india, many people cut trees for environments many do for environments on this note tomorrow June 5th world environment day celebrated all over the world to celebrate the environments with glory join your hands to protect ecosystem restoration protect the environment with united nations environment programs (UNEP) as a volunteer support environment. As that I have taken the initiative to support the environments with my efforts and my contributions is to protect the environment will bring us the water and it is the only cause that we are living no person can not live in this world without a fresh air is required to all fresh air is good for our health .be a responsible person to change a bright full nature no world without good environment no country cannot live without good nature choosing decisions is on your hands be supported youth to help to create beautiful environment