Teacher helps to prevent environment

Firstly St Paul’s college is where I am studying in bangalore north most beautiful campus with such a massive interior and exterior of the building is amazing with all four sides covered with trees,plants and birds there is beautiful ecosystem which inside a village like area that college is beautiful and massive colorful with very big campus which greenery when it comes to winter season it will be so cold chilling weather and rain drops falling along plant which is beautiful in nature fresh air chilling during summer you can experience the beauty of college nature is astonishing during raining the college reflects on water like a mirror the college is best known for media studies mostly we have to actually part of college has a massive studio for film and recording everything will happen in that studio in black and red coloured with apple computers best sounding and editing material and studio voiceless chamber no sound can hear from outside it has two level door lock that no one will get to known whatis happening inside and inside people don’t understand what’s happening outside Pinetop silence no voice can be heard from outside if a flood at all happen no one will get to known what is happening that college name is ST PAUL’S COLLEGE which in bangalore that college main head in Italy Rome city main headquarters that college has many branches in india that st Paul’s college bangalore had three head to run the college in smooth surface firstly has a principal DR.FATHER THOMAS M.J principal of the college very kind hearted person in college Seconly FATHER Arockia swami administrative of college thirdly Xaviour Susan sir coordinator of the college and admissions department is taken take by SPC Nagarjuna and Uma mam in college office and fees,receptionist by Mr. Nisha taking outside visitors visit father or any other from outside Nisha reports to father immediately then Shelly sir our technical expert take care of entire college technical support and media support is done by him neatly cleaner who cleans our college neat and clean day and night next we have three department and one spice department

International day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking

The international day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking is a united nations international day against drug abuse and illegal drug trade it is observed annually on 26th june since 1989 the date 26th is to commemorate lin zexu,s dismantling of the opium trade in humen,ending on 25th June 1989 just before the first opium war in China the observance was instituted by General assembly resolution 42/112 of 7 December 1987 ON 26th june 1987 two important texts( comprehensive multidisciplinary outline of future activities in drug abuse control and declaration of the international conference on drug abuse and illicit trafficking) were adopted at the international conference on drug abuse and illicit trafficking which was held in Vietnam during 17 to 26 june 1987 the conference recommended that a annual day should be observed to mark the importance of the fight against drug abuse and illicit trafficking both the dates 17th june and 26th june were suggested and in the later meeting 26 june was chosen and written into the draft and final resolution o IT is often referred to by Anti drug campaigners as 6/26 a play on Marijuana smokers’ 4/20″ day to celebrate cannabis The United nations (U.N) 2007 world drug report puts the value of illegal trade of US$322 billion a year ….. 1) Campigns,rallies,poster designing and many other programs are conducted people of different countries celebrate the day together As drug use increase the day become more important HEALTH FOR JUSTICE, JUSTICE FOR HEALTH;the theme for INTERNATIONAL Day against Drug abuse and Illicit trafficking, 2019 highlights that “JUSTICE and HEALTH are two sides of the same coin when it comes to addressing drug problems TOP TEN DANGEROUS DRUGS ARE: 1] Penicillin:First on all lists .. 2] INSULIN:The first hormone therapy 3]Smallpox vaccine 4]Ether:The making of the modern surgery 5]Morphine:Banning the bane of pain 6] ASPIRIN:More than a headache pil 7] SALVARSAN :The cure for lust 8] Psycartist medications 9] Birth control pill …….. 10] Help for the heart Six treatments for drugs addiction: 1] Detoxification 2] Congitive behavior therapy 3] Rational Emotional behavior therapy 4] Contingency Management 5]12 _ step facilitation 6] Treatment with medication . …SIDE-EFFECTS OF DRUG ADDICTION: ADDICTION . ……. TOLERANCE STROKES Heart attacks HEALTH FOR JUSTICE

Indian airlines fleet contract by 15 to 20 aircraft less than 700 in current fiscal year through March 2022

indian airlines are renewed pressure to raise cash or face the risk of having to downsize consolidate or having their planes repossessed by lessors as a surge of Covid 19 virus infections rolls traveller passengers traffic fell by nearly 30% in April from a month before and has halved again so far in the may forcing the country, s biggest and most cashed up carrier,INDIGO,in act,Indigo,s Parent, interglobe aviation (INGL.NS) met on Friday to consider an equity raising just months after it abandoned plans to raise up to 40 million rupees ($543)million) in January in response to a speedy recovery in travel interglobe has decided to continue exploring all options to increase liquidity including by a way of share sale to investors, the company told the stock exchange with traffic plummeting according to avaition minister data IndiGo cash burns in expected to raise to $3.4million a day a level last seen in September from $2 million a day at the end of 2020,am analyst who tracks the company said this means Indigo which has more than a 50% share of a market may took to Raise $543 million to $679 million amounting to at least two quarters to cash burn said the analyst who was declined to be named as he was not authorized to speak publicly while Indigo is seen as a survivor, the situation is worse for smaller carriers particularly whose without large backers, some of which were struggling before the novel coronavirus hit,analyst said.india haven’t provided much government assistance or support to private airlines will need to turn to private sector, independent Aviation analyst brendan sobie said,, the cash all comes from inian carriers are expected to report total losses of$4 to $4.5 billion in the fiscal year that ended on the march 31 and will lose similar amount this year avaition consultancy CAPA india said a note on this week with more people losing loved ones and the outlook of the economy jobs and incomes coming down a recovery in domestic travel which had been expected by the end of 2021 may not come until a least the first quarter of 2022,estimate to make matters worse ,several countries including Britain and united states with which the state which india had been bilateral arrangements to operate charter flights for restricted arrivals because of high infections rate the charter offered a lucrative revenue stream for local carriers from Indian government shutdown regular international flights with the pandemic hit a recovery in international traffic to pre covid levels is expected only by 2024,CAPA says smaller carriers such as spicejet put Ltd privately owned Goair could come under the pressure of reduce capacity find partner of consolidate, analyst say particular as aircraft lessoner take a harder line spicejet said it passengers and cargo business engaged…….the airline in less talks with tenders of debt and private investors for further capitalism the airlines spokesman have adding that is also expectsthe compensation due to Boeing (BA.n)for the 737_max aircraft to bloster its finance…CAPA expects 250 to 300 planes to be grounded in the first half of the current fiscal year while lessors might not be a patient as last year in allowed delayed repayment now air travel is resuming in places such as the United States and China there is more demand for aircraft and they would rather have the asset back then let airlines use it for free and depreciate it said Sanjeev Kapoor, former chief commercial officer of indian airlines vistara This hopefully will be a temporary setback for all airlines we will have to see it,if all the players will be able to weather the storm said sobie.Reporting by aditi shah in New delhi and Jamie freed in Sydney .

Pandemic delays big ticket launches by isro this year

Isro was to carry first unmanned flight of the human related GSLV MK three and the country, s first solar mission Aditya L1 in December according to the revised schedul last year the space mission was impacted by the inability to move equipment and parts from across the country during the lockdown necessitated by the pandemic The Indian space research organization (ISRO) big ticket launches planned towards the end of this year ate likely to be delayed by the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic impact ed the timeline people aware of the matter said on Wednesday the decision of new timeline for the mission is awaited an official from the agency said on condition of anonymity another official said on mission Aditya L1 in December according to the revised schedule last year the space mission was impacted the third lunar mission carrying aboard only a lander and rover was initially was slated for the end of 2020 or the beginning of 2021 but has since been pushed to 2022 the government green tit the third mission soon after the lander rover of the chandrayan 2 mission crashed from the and lost the communication about 2.1km from the surface a mega comet has entered our solar system the object is bigger than comet and similar to the dwarf planet making it a unique traveler in solar system comets the frozen leftovers from the formation of the solar system have always been the matter of curiosity for scientists across the world as they could not hold clues about the formation of the universe astromer has discovered an object bigger than the comet on the outskirts of the solar system and its hurdling toward to us dubbed as 2014 un271 the object is likely to make a close pass by the sun bringing it into Saturn solar system in 2031 the object was observed in data from the dark energy survey conducted between 2014 and 2018…Estimated to between 100 to 370 kilometers in width the object is bigger than the normal specifications of comet and it is likely to be dwarf planet a 6,00,000 year orbit when first observed in 2014 the mega comet was about 29 astromitcal units away from the sun 1 au is the distance between earth and the sun since the 2014 un271 has travelled nearly 7au and now is nearly 22au the…one of the most unique aspirations of the observation is the massive object of the mega comet that extends between the inner solar system and the port cloud on the boundary of the interstellar space spanning around 6,12,190 years interstellar space is the region beyond the heliosphere where the sun,s influence wanes and solar winds slow down

Real and present danger Sydney imposes New covid curbs

Restrictions over 5 million people after delta varient linked cases has neighboring new Zealand raises high alert people in Sydney, Australia biggest city have been ordered not to leave the metropolitan area as authorities scramble to contain a number of coronavirus cases of delta varient a development that has prompted neighboring new Zealand and to raise it alert level following possible exposure from a tourist from Australia new south Wales state premiere announced the strict crubs affecting about 5 million people who live and work in the city clearly this is a evolving situation “,Berejiklin said at the news conference the new rule took effect at 4pm Sydney Time and will remain in force for a week given what was occurred the Nsw government will be taking action today to limit the spread of what is a contagious varient of Covid Nsw health minister Brad Hazzard described the situation as a very Real and present situation for a city as a cluster first identified in the beach of suburbs of bondi grew to 21 cases with eight confirmed on Wednesday morning most of the newly confirmed cases were traced to a single event where the mass gathering was held on Tuesday this is new and more dangerous version of the virus Hazzard said during the news conference the new restrictions include a limit of household visitors to five people including children said ,”,Berejiklin mask wearing which already been reinstated on Friday will be extended to people required to wear mask on all indoor setting, outside the home and at organized outdoor events. The measure also includes capacity limits on public transport and in gym classe while singing at indoor venues including places of worship will not be allowed Authorities are also urging people to come for testing . New Zealand on alert: As of Wednesday Australia had recorded more than 30,300 cases and 910 deaths the country has been the world,s most successful in containing the pandemic allowing it to reopen its border to new Zealand but the new cases are testing the travel bubble between the neighbour’s on Wednesday new Zealand raised its pandemic alert level in welling to level two which is one level short of a lockdown, earlier as Australia tourist who visited the capital city over the weekend tested positive for covid when they returned to Sydney “,These are precautionary measures will be remain in the places while we contact trace and test to all those we needed to new Zealand covid response minister Chris Hopkins said under the elevated area alert level, office,school and business are still allowed to open but people are allowed to follow the social distancing gathering more than 100 people are banned in public places like wedding and other parties new Zealand has a population of 5 million people and has recorded deaths of 2720 cases and 26 deaths the country has posted a 98.2 % percent recovery rate in Australia itself queensisland and Victoria Island have closed their borders to people from many parts of Sydney ad a result of new cases the government has given the people to take vaccinations on the time that all people should take their vaccine on time as the spread of new delta virus form of Covid 19 virus as they are 5 million people are saying in Australia Sydney the new strict restrictions are been followed in Australia 80%of people have lost their job due to covid many business and marketing have been shut down for manufacturing and marketing of new education policy that class to children between students and teachers but now everything is changed due to covid many times the children are facing a huge loss.

It may be the road end for this iphone

From the months there might be a rumor about iPhone Apple pulling the plug of the one of the 2020 iPhone now another report suggests it might be the end of 2020 iPhone mini according to a report by trendyforce the iPhone 12 mini have been reached end of the life ahead by 2021 this means Apple could stop his production of its smallest iPhone12 mini has suffered a disappointing sale in the world market the sale of iPhone 12 mini is facing huge loss day by day as there is no sale for iPhone that rumors has been spreading the Apple is stopped to produce the production of its last year newly announced and released phone they might stop the production of iPhone has lost the sales in market further Apple is focusing on driving sale of three mini models in the iPhone 12 series in 2021 the trendforce expect the latest iPhone 12 series in 2021 trendforce expect the latest phone device to account to about 39% of total Apple annual production volume for 2021 as all iPhone 12 handset contains 5G modems of 5G model in all over the iPhone production is expected to projected to expand from massively from 39% in 2020 to 75% in 2021 by trendyforce news report in February this year, JP Morgan supply chain analyst William yang received it on 2021 iPhone build plan mix with a major impact on iPhone 12 mini yang noted that given the seemingly weak demand for the iPhone 12 mini the chain supply may stop producing it by second quarter in 2021 considering that the iPhone 12 is doing quite well as per yang it might be the size is a problem with smartphone becomes the one stop shop for everything from consuming content to editing docs the iPhone 12 mini size could be a factor the other factor could be the battery performance being a small phone the mini has a mini battery doesn’t last long . APPLE IPHONE MINI: RAM: 6GB,4GB CAMER A:12mp+12mp+12mp display 5.4inches (13.7cm) performance Apple A13 biotonic storage:64GB Battery: 3210 mah Price in india:49,200/_Launch date in india:October 13 2020 unofficial key soecs: front camera 12mp .GENERAL: … . Launch in india:13 October 2020 (unofficial) Brand:Apple Model:iPhone mini Operating systems: ios v13.0 Sim slot: Dual sim Gs m+GSM Sim Size: SIM1 Nano,SIM2: eSIM Network: 4G Available supports Indian brand .Fingerprint sensor:yes Price in India:49,200


Screen size:5.4inches(13.7cm) Display type:oLED

Thalapathy vijay

Before thalapathy his name was Joseph vijay son of Joseph vijay chandrashekar an Indian film director and producer who directs film who works in tamil film and india cinema and other Indian languages cinema Joseph vijay was born on 22 June 1974 Joseph vijay completes his age of 48 on 2021 Tuesday 22 June but chandrashekar and shobha chandrashekar had two children one was vijay and second was divya her little sister died due some health issues after that vijay become very silent and upset because of her sister death Joseph vijay close friends are Sanjeev,simian, Srinath are vijay childhood friends from. school to college they studied together Three friends: Once there were three friends vijay, Sanjeev Srinath, was sitting on a bench and thought of their life is very difficult day by day life getting changed. Soon he heard weeping. He looked around and found another little friend. “Why are you crying? THE friend told:My name is Joseph vijay Sanjeev one friend told I want to become an actor,vijay has successfully completed his college in Loyala college, Chennai one friend was to become successful big film actor and succeed as one film director gave a chance to his friend vijay to act in an cinema in year 1984 his first film which many rumors and controversy about vijay many fails cried a lot worked hard now become successful actor and highest paid actor in cinema and many fan followers across the globe he is ICON OF MILLIONS FAN FOLLOWERS ACROSS GLOBE they call him has the title THALAPTHY VIJAY. Actually the real story starts now: 1] In 1984 his first film vetri became failure and never lost his hope 2] His career became successful in 1996 in poove unakkaga film called as a romantic hero 3] IN 1999 vijay got his first tamilnadu state film award for Best actor Thullada manamum thullu 1999 4] vijay become successful in films such as kushi and priyamanavala 5]IN following years vijay had successful films like friends, Shanahan which was box office success 6]IN 2002 there was successful film like Thamizh,Youth and Bhagavati released in 2002 7]His subsequent films were vaseegra and pudhiyageethai was released moderate success and received underperformed 8]2003 released of mandala film thirumala which reached 500 million rupees prised by tamilnadu state film award 9] Best actor nomination for Thailaiva 2013 and Jill in2014 10] 2014 a film based on farmers kathi directed by A.R murugadoss 2016 Theri film a police officer film directed by Atlee which crossed 1.5 billion across worldwide 🌐 in box office collection in india 200 crores I’m 20.days 11] 2017 a mersal film based on medical crime the film got National film award for Best movie and actor Best actor for mersal Given by IARA film award, Vikektan best actor, behindwoods best actor and samrat of South India film reached 250 million worldwide 12]sarkar,bigil and master released during pandemic in thetre 50% occupancy which gave a hope to all theater owner open the theater This main motivation is kill with your success bury them with your smile They call him has THALAPTHY VIJAY THE LEADER

International yoga day

The international yoga day is celebrated on June 21st it is an initiative taken by government of india and united nations for health and body fitness united nations under world health organizations announced as special day to celebrated yoga decided make international yoga day which celebrated all over the world on 21st June in every country as being the yoga is originated from india from 6th century from ancient scholars adi yogi shiva is founder of yoga from 5,ooo years currently many philosopher use of yoga by Jackie vasudevan,yogi Patanjali, swami vivekananda the importance of yoga is keep our body and mind clear and for good health and physical fit and mentally fit it together brings physical and mentally displines to achieve peaceful mind and body it helps to manage stress and anxiety it also helps in increasing flexibility and body muscular strength and body tone yoga can helps to change one’s life into better life Top ten benefits of practicing yoga are: 1) :yoga increases your flexibility 2)yoga helps to build body strength 3):yoga increases your posture 4):yoga helps to keep your joint healthy 5):yoga is powerful mindfulness practice 6):yoga reduces stress 7): yoga lowers blood pressure 8(: yoga helps to keep healthier life choice importance of yoga in modern life:while living a modern life your brains are constantly engaged in endless thoughts never rest in tranquility as a result lack focus skills and vitality the yoga claims the brain and enhances its vital functioning this makes it most effective and important practice to adopt in modern life Importance of yoga for students are:yoga can help with this by reducing stress and adding confidence to help your minds clear and produce a sense of clear and peace many students finds that yoga helps in controlling emotions and increasing the ability to deal with situations that are frustrating. THE SEVEN POWERFUL REASON TO PRACTICE YOGA .ARE:1)YOGA ALLEVATES STRESS 2]YOGA REDUCES ANXIETY 3]YOGA MAY DECREASE INFLAMMATION 4] YOGA LOWERS THE RISK OF HEART DISEASE 5]YOGA ENHANCES YOUR SLEEP QUALITY 6]YOGA UPGRADES YOUR FLEXIBILITY ,BALANCE AND STRENGTH DISADVANTAGES OF YOGA ARE: 1] YOGA MAY include your blood pressure 2]Physical danger of yoga 3]RISK OF stroke 4]Hot yoga is not for everyone 5] Lack of experience or knowledge is risky AIMS AND OBJECTIVES OF YOGA: To enable to have the students to have good health To practice mental hygiene To possess emotional stability .To integrate moral values To attain higher level of consciousness .38 benefits of practicing yoga are: improves flexibility, build muscle strength, perfects your posture ,prevents cartilage and joint breakdown protects you ,betters your bone health,increase your blood flow,drains your lymph and boost immunity, ups your health rate,drops your blood pressure, regulate your adrenal glans,makes you happier, founds a healthier lifestyle, lowers blood sugar,helps you focus, relaxes your system,improves your balance,maintains your nervous system, relaxes tension in your limbs,helps you sleep deeper, boost your immunity function and functionality,give your lungs room to breathe, prevents IBS and other digestive problems, gives


Sovereignty is important function of government

sovereignty is the full rights and power of a governing body over itself without any interference from outside source or bodies in political theories sovereignty is a substance term destination Supreme authority over some policy in international dawn the important concept of sovereignty refers to the exercise of power by a state sovereignty in ability of fact do so which becomes of special concept upon the failure of the usual exceptions and that exist at the place and time of concept rest in same organization the concept of sovereignty has been discussed throughout history and are still actively debate its definition, concept and application has changed throughout especially during the age of enlightening the current notion of state sovereignty contains four aspects consisting of territory, population according to Stephen d.krasner the term could also be understood in four ways sovereignty is more than anything else a matter of legitimacy that that requires reciprocal recognition sovereignty is a hypothetical trade in which two potentially conflict sides,respecting de factor realities of power exchange such recognition ad their bast costly strategy a decision by the emperor has the force of law quod principles placed habit sovereignty that originated in the people although he did not use the term expressly the word sovereignty derived from Latin word types of Jana is people gana group mana mind adinayak leader jaya he victory bharatha india bhagya destiny vidhata disposer Punjabi Punjab Sandhu indus Gujarat marata Marathi dravida South utkala orissa banga bengal

The beginning of new Era with research ideas

Research is performing a methodogical study to revise the current knowledge and discovery of new facts Research is a process that requires patience and thought. There is no easy way to make certain that one has exhausted every resource and found the best.there are currently many Research groups that are active in scientific research, research in the humanities and artistic research. Scientific research this type of research is a systematic way of gathering data and hardness curiosity. This research provides scientific information and theories for the explanation of the nature and properties of the world. It makes practical applications possible. Research in the humanities scholars usually do not research for the ultimate correct answer to a question, but instead explore the issues and details that surround it.context is always important, and context can be social, historical, political, cultural, or ethnic. An example of research in the humanities is historical research, which is embodied in historical methods. Artistic research this type of research also seen as practice based research can take form when creative works are considered both the research and the object of research itself it is the debatable body of thought which offers an alternative to purely scientific methods in research in its research for knowledge and the truth. One of the main sources of air pollution is burning fossil fuels like oil,gas,and coal.fossil fuels are burned to create energy so that we can drive cars and trucks, fly planes, make electricity, and run factories. Fossil fuel will not last forever, as we are using them up very quickly. When fossil fuels are burned they create different types of air pollution problems besides creating particulate matters burning fossil fuels create smog makes the air pollution problems besides creating particular matter burning fossil fuels. And make people sick if they spend too much time outside breathing it in burning fossil fuels also creates dangerous games that trap heat from the sun and make the planet too warm. This is called global warming and it makes the weather, or climate, change in serious ways to tackle this issue of pollution caused by fossil fuels a company in Canada had in fact discovered not one but two varieties methods for breaking down ordinary water into hydrogen and oxygen they are simply answer this existing engines in our automotive could work with these systems with very little alternation and no need for an external support infrastructure like the one now provided by fuels station to understand how these water fuels systems work it helps to begin by realizing that ordinary water is actually a battery containing vast amounts of energy water is two parts hydrogen combined with one part oxygen the amount of time spent on the action not on the result of the deaths of the water molecules is thus vast.and had.absolutely nothing to do with the amount of energy it takes to break down the molecules this is am extremely important point as so many people even scientists are unclear on this concept and yet if we can find an economical means to breakdown the water molecules out energy problems are over..


Karnataka E.Class near restart books yet to be printed

Government and private schools following the state board will resume online class still July 1,but the education department is yet to finalize the tender for printing textbooks according to department of public instruction the tender will be finalized in a couple of days it will take maximum 100 days to print textbooks but we will not wait till it gets completed we will get distribution by mid August by August end or September we hope to complete 50% of books distributions said commissioner v.Anbukumar we will also speed up the printing officials said learning won’t be affected students need not worry the first month will be a bridge course in which teachers will revise previous year’s portions and fill the gap soft copies of the books will be available said..v.Anbukumar According to the department lockdown is a hudle there is no huge delay the tender is above 100 crores the process is longer it has it’s own time frame lockdown may have been delayed for 10 days said. V.Anbukumar ••••••educators are not happy about printing delay”getting textbooks is late rituals now everything year we have the same problem in rural areas textbooks are the only learning to the students with regular school classes not expected soon children will not able to learn continuing without textbooks he added that delay could be used to produce textbooks that address the learning loss students faced last year but it may be too late for the department to think on these lines..the education department had been made an announcement that students wi able to start their offline class from mid of September to October all schools and colleges and universities will begin from month of October 4th as the regulations given by education boards food had a great influence on the character and mental attitude. So yoga Shasta says Food should be conductive to the mental uplifting of the practitioner of yoga not only physical exercises but also merging with divinity that means jeevathma and paramathma yoga doing with mental and physical happiness can remove all our diseases yogasama purify the blood vessel openup the lungs and make the muscles elastic this boosts their contracting and expanding power and absorbs more oxygen this burn up the toxins of the body and eject them in the form of carbon dioxide it activate the digestive system and produce sufficient quantities of digestive juices improving immune system and body will become more and more elastic.it should be understood that yoga sana contribute going good health to body and mind it also an efficient method that provides relief from different illnesses, many experts are of the opinion that many serious illnesses like heart disease, diabetes, blood pressure, mental tension, asthma, sexually weaknesses, insomnia etc are curable by the practice of yoga. Prevention is better than cure yoga is beneficial for sound mind and healthy body.practicing yoga is a good way to improve lifestyle and keep diseases away

The problem faced by students during online class

The students are finding very difficult while attending the online class due to this pandemic it has been changed the educational way of students learning to e_class which turned to digital media platform online class from past 1 and half year students are studying in online classes the way of education systems is totally changed studying in offline mode and online mode is very different offline mode class is enjoyment, joyful, peaceful, healthy, stressless,calm,face to face teaching no difficult in offline class will be a interaction between students and teachers but now everything is changed due to this online class is changed a lot sitting 6 to 8 hours in front of mobile, laptop, tab,which causes health issues for their eyes is get. Problems redness eye problems will get like in online classes students has many assignments, projects, exams and tests,guest lecture, webinar, workshops, presentations and intenship more assignments giving stressful, emotional disturbing health issues, headaches for many hours sitting in front of camera.•••There are five basic problem which faced by students during online class the are basic problem which can solve students online class problems are:1)technical issues,2) computers literacy., 3)time management 4)self motivation 5)adaptability struggle many students find this technical issues while in online classes which mobile don’t get proper internet access and signal weak issues students attending online classes from their don’t get proper signal this why many students mobile signal will get collapse will not be able to attend the online class they network will running very slow due to this they will not be able to attend the online class. ••••computer literacy many students don’t have the proper Android phone to attend the online class like that they don’t know the proper technology how use mobile for online class even computer there are which are very difficult for students for attending the online class like that in mobile there many features like that how to scan,how to write in mobile, put,power point presentation students are facing difficulties in attending this features there are zoom app,Google meets, Google classroom ••••••time management for all the classes and exam activities time management is the most important part of online in every routine of the children time management is important thing in student life there should be proper time for each class and students should attend according that time this media platform allows 40 minutes for each classes for exam they should follow the time management self motivation: the students have self motivated with them each task they should have the self motivation in even in difficult, hard,easy time they should have patience and self motivation with them if they lose hope in anything never lose hope in ourself we should motivation ourself self motivation is best medicine in online classes the two things will define us:our determination when we don’t have nothing our attitude when we have everything. The seven benefits of online class are:added flexibility and self placed learning ,better time Management, demonstrated self motivation improved virtual communications and collaboration a broader global perspective, refined critical thinking skill, new technical skills ,knowledge and better communication skills and experience knowledge….


Day to day my life getting changed because everyday we get up we see many things like birds,animals and sparrow and pigeon everyday is not the same because every human being characteristics is getting changed everyday we learn new lessons and new things and new thoughts we came here with accomplishment with many things we learn to change our characters and living in this society others Characters to getting change by some fears which occurs to us by that many changes happen to us like wise understanding others doesn’t matter you have to understand others feelings and sorrow, pain,disturbance, hurting, try to solve others problems as my problem is the biggest understanding between your friendship when he is trouble doesn’t come with invitations it comes to anybody your trouble can be solved with speaking to others to share your thoughts with other does changes many things this is major problem faced by students facing online class street refers to students light refers to problem the refers to online basically its full form is online students problem is basically many youngsters are falling in the trap of love and marriage recently on tamilnadu many girls students facing trouble with online class tortured and physical and mentally andsexually problems are giving by their headmaster and students have completed the case to human child safety department taking care of investigate the case there are some guidelines which teachers have to follow while taking online classes which was given by education minister and given by education boards like UGC,PUC,all 1 to 10.classes guidelines is given by department of education and health all teachers should follow this guidelines all teachers are under the control of HOD,principal and Management is being controlled under and watched by cyber security police and education minister and education boards all are watching this 24/7 ×365 days day and night we all are being watched •••every due to online classes many students health gets affected to stop that central government have taken some regulation for online class for LKG and UKG minimum 1 hour is online class with their children they parents should stay with their children still the online class get over and 1 to 5th standards minimum 2 hours for online class parents should have a eye while online class is going on for 6 to puc class is for three hours they will be watched by teachers and Management control OF PUC board highest time for this online class is degree,diploma, and higher education is being watched by University and UGC board and by police officers and cyber security there will be 24/7 security for all the students in online classes the cyber security experts one things follow while attending online class is don’t click any unwanted website and don’t install unwanted files or anything relating to gift,money this all will be fake it is small link get the problem of hackers stay awake like this situation occurs call or complaint to cyber security relating your problem protect your privacy don’t give access to third person.. but always stay awake while attending online class you may get unwanted links to your mail,whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook, while online class stay awake don’t fall in to any trap or misusing the privacy STAY AWAKE WHILE ATTENDING ONLINE CLASS

Government allows oxygen production for industrial use with rider

Bengaluru city daily counts of covid .19 positive cases dropped below 2000 after two months of continuous lockdown from April to June it decreased to2,000 cases per day, 199 deaths in karnataka the government started planning to produce oxygen production and increased oxygen supply daily in the state so the state government planned a separate committee to talk with big industries has given a allowance permission so industries to produce oxygen production with big industry like HMT,BEL,TATA,WiPRO,chemical industries, and many industries have came forward to produce oxygen production in the stat e from past many days corona cases getting reduced daily due that some restrictions are made to people even after lockdown people should follow all the covid procedures like wearing mask, keeping six feet social distance in public following rules in the public places and busses should allow 50% occupancy •••in hotels, park and malls the cases in corona in india is 86,498 the government allows industries to manufacture oxygen to manufacture oxygen for industrial purpose provided they ensure 600mt of liquid oxygen for covid treatment coaxing trials on Bengaluru begins for mysuru coronavirus pandemic shakes the entire countries the countries like Africa, Brazil,India. Is recovering from corona cases many celebrities are being following as awareness among the people so due to that serial and tv shows has been stopped now covid case I’d less so all is started working with protocol and regulations and many celebrities are doing awareness among the people due to covid children are suffering a lot…..but many of them are doing online business at home business selling of dress hand made dress at home at Facebook, Instagram and they are selling their homemade business and handicraft industries are being widely used in current situations so that the industries is being came down in loss no income no salary to pay for employees and many of them came to street without employment so in this situation many of themstarted their own channel 99% of them are now running their own YouTube channel this a changed many students life together.. the challenge faced by many youngest with their lifenis changed during lockdown has been made a big difference in many life that the students and youngest life has been changed that which the critical thinking subjects will be provided instead of wasting time on the action not to used the same everyone has different characters some of them show care for their children but difference had a made in them this is a really bad between two people around world shocked this news that designers job have been changed their job become online business is the best busses industries have changed their productivity more by day this changes have become because of covid changed life of my people that this a current situations is a big changes in the world is the hig changed many organizations have Started focusing on to save environmental at the cost of planting trees across the country ..trees environment is biggest changes in the nature is the biggest change bangalore is the silicon Valley with many plants,and gardencity of indianis bangalore…….

Mystery of kamalop resident indian school in cannada

The kamalop catholic church was operated during the period from 1890 to 1969 this was 50 years mystery case started to investigate on 28th May with radar sector with higher officials started to investigate their school building very old school but when they found radar detection on grounds which shocked entire Canadian government, and catholic church and business leaders and people around world shocked this news that in that school building under the ground when they started digging which shocked them they found 215 children deaf bodies in grounds which shocked entire countries and catholic church all over the world shocked hearing this news there more than 215 bodies the entire building was covered under the ground around 1000 dead bodies were discovered when Canadian people and government got shocked the investigation was still going on there government appointed a team start searching the school building when Justin Trudeau which shocked him a lot many people was crying for innocent so many children dead without no reason••some where • as a young of three years old said that chief Roseanne calling it a unthinkable loss that was never spoken but never was documented by administration horrific discovery and find any records of the deaths”my hearts break for the families and communities impacted by this tragic news crown indigenous relation minister carolyn bennett the kamalop catholic Indian residents school was the largest of 139 boarding schoo set up them in the late 19th century up with the 500 students registered and attending at any one time some 1,15,000 indian, insult and melts were forcefully enrolled in these schools where students were forcefully physically and sexually tortured and abused by their headmaster and teachers who stripped them of their language and culture today those experiences are blamed for a high incidence of poverty ,alcoholism, and domestic violence as well as high suicide rate in their communities A truth and reconciliation commission identified the names or information about atleast the 3,200 children who died from their abuse and neglect while attending a Residential school. The exact number remains unknown..but this is a brutal mistake done in 19th century so the case this the investigation is going on the government decided to investigate in 150 kamalop residential indian school the investigation the government started digging all the school of kamalop school these digging the searching the entire school so the government decided to find who committed such a mistakes in the name of religion the school headmaster physically and sexually tortured the children did the God asked you to kill these children no no why?innocent 3,200 children dead bodies found still many more known innocent children were tortured what did the children do to you? there should be a proper justice should be given…WE NEED JUSTICE ⚖ FOR THESE KAMALOP RESIDENTIAL INDIAN SCHOOL WE NEED JUSTICE?

The things are priceless which cannot compare anything in the world

The human extinction began many millions years ago which the first world was dinosaur extinction, and stone age extinction and human extinction before world didn’t the technology what is now that time is was a peace of cake which can cut into many slices but now everything is changed due to that period we had a good healthy food which makes us even strong and healthy that time there was a good value for farmers day by day everything is getting changed the reason us,first of all.during king period farmers were very rich due to that that farming was organic farming is still continued very farmers 45% use organic farming food products which gave us good and healthy with immunity food for our bodybuilding now in the world somethings very priceless which cannot be compared to anything how much money you gave means also you cannot get the happiness is the one time smile once gone again cannot see,how much you pay you don’t get to know the value of their products like for example:beauty of plant,beauty of tree,beauty of nature, beauty of smile,beauty of a girl,boys caring to girls, girls show their love to some of them,animals caring,mother’s love,fathers love like many more are there in world you cannot compare ••These are compared to many different types:-Beauty Of Plants: These plants which grow in field or park or house will be very beautiful you can be keep watching everyday but there it will come to that plant beauty is gonna change a priceless beauty which cannot compare anything in this raindrops falling on plant is beauty 2)Beauty of trees:when in rainy seasons winter season the plants shrink so fast flying of leaves by drop by drop it is nature beauty that is very beautiful to us which give us beautiful view on same time that beauty is something different that no body cannot buy it cost of money.Beauty Of Nature:beauty of nature includes •••Smile OF Girl:The girls smiling is very precious that when they smile nothing cannot theirsmile andtheir eyes and your mouth just stop talking see their eyes and face beauty nothing cannot match them like vijay,megha sri, sibbusuryan, Priyanka nalkari their smile cannot be compared to anything,Boys Caring For Girls:every person is not the same everyone has different characters some of them show care for their girls had their own sister like not feeling well and sick the love they show them will cure 50%of their illness supporting caring their health and medicine health which show them some love which cure them very fast that when not sleeping well, sleeping on lawn taking care of them as own sister the love and care is very precious in world only 50% do such a caring •••but this corona taught us a lesson to spend the time with family taught us what is lovecare, care,respect,humanity, responsibility, and kindness that is very precious that all have one life once it lost we cannot come back to life so that step your life slow and nice and steady life is not a machine game to be very fast life will slow always so keep steady when to put brake and when to acceralate, when to stop,when to turn right and left when to park,when to drive Life Is Precious Enjoy The PRICELESS MEMORY STILL YOU Are Alive….?

Due to covid middleman family are suffering a lot

Due to covid 19 in india and entire world is suffering past 18 months it,s been one and half year in this covid taught us many lessons and many responsibilities with our family and children and colleges students got an new lessons many of them developed their channels, starting writing poems,novels, and drawings and started to compose their own music to showcase their talents during covid which social media with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, hike,messenger, LinkedIn, snapshot,sharecat,moj,max taxa tax,yourube,blog,mesho,helo showing their talents in social media which many students life have changed a better good learned many new things which they learned many knowledge, many students learned many online coding for many apps,music,games they learned many of them learned many online courses,which changed a better life for them it has become a turning point for them as virtual meeting. ● But main problems are middle men are suffering a lot like drivers,welders, mechanical, auto drivers, carpenters, construction welders, labours,shop owners fruit.and vegetables sellers,provision store, cosmetic shops and dress shop,shopping mall,cab drivers, restaurants they are suffered a lot during lockdown many months and months shops are closed they all bussiness were loss I’m this situation many of them brought loans from bank but there are not able pay back the loan due lockdown no revenue and no income for family business are loss so they are not able to payback the loan many families parents stopped their students education because no income for family in this situation many schools are collecting high admission for students so this situation parents were forced to stop their students education with tears how we can pay so much money crying in front of media so the high court gave a order that all schools and colleges to collect 35% of their fees but many organizations started to help the poor people who are suffering needed three times Food by many organizations, NGO and private organizations like tata,wipro,Sony,Samsung Philips, Britannia,parley a Honda,Mahindra audio,many councils and many celebrities like,vijay, Surya,rajini,Kamal hassan ,ajith,vivek,shivarajkumar, karthik,hansika keerty Darshan, puneeth,yash,radhika,sonu sood,Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devan, Amitabh Buchanan,sharukhan, Priyanka nalkari, and many more helped the government during covid the government was in critical stage and no income for country in this situation many of helped the government without the people no government can function government need the people support so in this situation government PRIME MINISTER NARENDRA MODI introduced a plan to give 2000 to all family in their account money will be transferred and little covid case started reducing in the country so that Supreme Court ordered to cancel all the loans people taken from bank RBI RESERVE BANK OF INDIA has ordered a guidelines to all banks in country to cancel all the loans people taken from bank slow by slow everything is getting to normal stage so stay safe Be safe,keep smiling and healthy wear mask while going outside STAY SAFE…..

Teacher as environment to students

vision of the st Paul’s college nurturing students to become mature and responsible citizens of tomorrow, by ensuring a conductive environment to pursue academic excellence and holistic growth l was studing in st paul’s college which is in North bangalore the ecosystem of the college is beautiful and massive colorful that interior and exterior of the building is amazing with colorful design the four sides of college is covered with greenery in nature during winter the college while cold chilling weather and raining best climate to enjoy the college weather like plants,birds,trees,comprises huge trees with peacock during raining season the rain droplets fall plant is like a diamond to the college so beautiful that college had a massive studio for film and recording editing is done inside the studio is black and red interior design inside andpindrop silence voiceless chamber no sound can hear from outside and inside can hear the outside sound the college has a three main head and two department head by DR.FATHER THOMAS M.J principal of college so lovely kind hearted person. Father Arockia swami administrative finance minister of college. Xavier Susan coordinator of college, department of admissions taken care by Nagarj,Uma mam our receptionist is taken care by Nisha and uncle technical support is given by Shelly sir our college has three department and one spice department first BCOM Bachelor of commerce which is headed by DR.BABU,MCOM.,Ms.dalvy Jose MCom assistant professor, MR gowtham mcom assistant professor, MR pradesh Mcom assistant professor, Ms sumitha MCOM Assistant professor, MS nethravathi MBA, Both BCOM and BBA headed by these teachers Department of humanities and PG is headed by DR.THOMAS. m.j HOD,MA,DR.shalija MSc HOD in charge, MR jenin raj HOD of PG department and assistant professor of UG,MR Dan john Mathew,English assistant professor, MR linto antony MA political science, MS saranya Francis MA assistant professor literature, MS trapty sharma MA assistant professor hindi,MS.pallavi k.p MSc set Assistant professor, MS.Reema anna Roy MA Journalism Assistant professor, MR.Melwyn Amrithraj MCA computer Assistant professor, MS sanitarium MA assistant professor, Dr.sajith.c Assistant professor, DR peasants v MA assistant professor MR anoop antony studio incharge this also helps they are backboneand environmentnot this college whichout this not the college or the students cannot function smoothly without them nothing is possibleit, •● But our college has many clubs and associations, many study center in college we have business club,management club,cultural and arts club,sports club,Humanities club, Environment club,YCAP,National service scheme Nss,Displinary committee and anti ragging cell,library cell, these all need to function a college if a plant is there we need water is there we need soil if we have soil we need valley if we have valley we need waterfalls, if waterfall is there we need mountain if mountain is there we need stream,if we have stream we need garden if garden is there we need,weather if weather is there we need rain if need rain we need sun if sun there we need ocean and lakes if need these we need environment these all are compared to my Teachers inmy college without these no environment is suistanble without teachers no students are sustainable now this teacher as environment to students…………….


Nature is change of human revolution

IT is better to understand them or to hurt them like that everyday, every second, everyminute,every hour, everywhere,everyweek.this every refers to every single human being in this country this refers to 130 million crore not only this entire world is responsible for this cause number goes to according to reports 7.9billon people live in that in that 5 billion people support it remaining reject it what the cause.Now l speak actual cause taking the world because environment issues is the biggest issues in the world unfortunately in this world 10 trillion of tree cut down for manufacturing paper then where will the animals, birds stay how the environment will be balanced to the environment both nature and ecosystem should work together to maintain friendly ecosystem there is no fresh air to breathe, burning of toxic three burning vehicles brings toxic environment which mix in air causing lots of diseases like asthma, breathing problems and many more to reduce this burning things should be reduced the world government should make a powerful law to ensure and follow the rules and regulations climate change if all the people started cutting down the trees where will the animals live,Australia forest fire,amazon forest fire.last year environment is a biggest issues to overcome all the world nations came up with the idea to develop United nations environment committee united nations came with ecosystem restoration by 2030 that it claims all people have the responsibility to protect this nature by many people are protecting against many countries against environment issues many people are fighting like NGO, Red cross,Blue cross,animals protecting team,wildlife protecting team and many more if these environment want to be beautiful changes is in your hands save nature we have only only one planet,environment problem in China, Japan, Dubai,Bangladesh, Sweden, Australia forest, amazon forest zero population for healthier people and planet war all over the world caused environmental destruction and environment unstable to stable this our honorable prime Minister Narendra modi introduced many environments programs and brought many good things to nature our PM started planting trees across the country took many initiative in our country like swachbharat,green india,go green india, green initiative, make in india, many people cut trees for environments many do for environments on this note tomorrow June 5th world environment day celebrated all over the world to celebrate the environments with glory join your hands to protect ecosystem restoration protect the environment with united nations environment programs (UNEP) as a volunteer support environment. As that I have taken the initiative to support the environments with my efforts and my contributions is to protect the environment will bring us the water and it is the only cause that we are living no person can not live in this world without a fresh air is required to all fresh air is good for our health .be a responsible person to change a bright full nature no world without good environment no country cannot live without good nature choosing decisions is on your hands be supported youth to help to create beautiful environment

Teachers and environment are two important factors

Years back having completed my degree I was toying with many ideas that flitted across my mind what would be the future hold for me?what was my goal?as l pondered over these thoughts. My father put forth before me a suggestion _become a teacher _I was stunned for l considered myself to be very timid and an introvert!But believe me l have never ever regretted my decisions of taking up teaching as my profession As I began my career l suddenly realized that a whole class of valuable children hung on to the words l spoke.IT dawned onto me that children were soft,supple,delicate, young minds that could be molded. Their transformation into strong, healthy minded individuals was reward enough for the years of toil spent in the classroom. Swami vivekananda said The true teacher is one who can come down to the level of her student,,A true teacher is a nation builder. It is said that we are the makers of our own destiny. Do feel that teachers have a great role to play as they build,rebuild, shape and reshape the future of a country .these best teachers are those that show you where to look but don’t tell you what to see”,said Alexander. K.Trenfor.An ideal teacher uses all her skills to develop and nature the interest and personality of her students. A good teacher has a dynamic part to play in the lives of students. She imparts knowledge, kindness,their ambition, helps them, goals them to shed their inhibitions, imbibe good values and overall develop into responsible citizens of our country .Rabindranath Tagore has beautifully said, A lamp cannot light another until it continues to burn.so also a teacher must Constantly update her skills to feed the hungry minds with a treasure trove of knowledge. New methods, new techniques must all be in their Forte.Aristotle has said,progress of a nation is decided….not elsewhere but in the schools where the minds of future citizens are being molded.Teachers have a crucial role to play in society as thousands of children, who have been entrusted to them a tender age pass through their hands as young adolescents. Teachers have to plY the role of a facilitator who gently guide the enthusiastic young minds to become full fledged individuals. An education that reaches the heart of student can be the most rewarding gift for a teacher. The love and affection showered on teachers by student can be the most rewarding gift for a teacher.by student cannot be compared to any other asset that a teacher can possess. As years roll by and hundreds of students walk all over the world having found a niche for themselves in this wonderful world.,somewhere the heart of a teacher swells with pride that/he/she been instrumental in playing a part in their success .plants cannot leave without nature is so meaningful and beautiful so nature had the ability to balance the environment and ecosystem valley and water so this natural and no beauty in the world cannot compare the beauty of nature planting trees will bring more oxygen but these two has a meaning one cannot leave without another nature need plants,plants need environment like wise student needs teacher ,buy teacher cannot leave without student is success of student without these nature and students these teacher and plants cannot survive in this world this is important in our life.Thank you dedicated to all my teachers and all environment supporters

Be the challenge to face the future

Due to this current problem arises in our country this is not a problem of single citizen, but this problem can arise to anybody this basic problem street dogs and birds, are not getting food only we humans give them food to those animals then only they can survive in this society without human help no street animals can survive the basic problem for street dogs is if they want to survive food we eat,instead of wasting those foods we can feed this food to dogs ,cats, birds, pigeon, crows,and squirrel, so their will be less wastage of food, even the animals, dogs will get food and their and there will be no food wastage and even the animals will be happy after eating food this problem arises near my locality,so l started giving foods all they are suffering for food and water. So I took a step to feed those animals food and water as my daily practice Thrice a day I feed them food with love and care I am taking this as a duty,as a human being I,am feeding food for animals as humanity lam feeding the food with care there is no partial to me,all are equal to me as a small animal’s what l felt after seeing these animals l started feeding and gave them food as regular basis this as a service l feed them food and water as a social service l do it everyday, as a human being, l did a humanity service for my society and for my respect l gave food for animals this is story of my locality •Sometimes it even second of life and tragedy human life is unfaithful sometimes it can change good to bad between the human extinction today that life is suffering day to day to breathe,eat but our life is in our hands but human beings are not friendly but now everything is changed due to covid many of them spending their time spending time in online is reduced but now spending time with family and their children and their pets many of them learned importance of spending time with family but many cricketers, sport person,celebrity, music, director helping cleaning house,cooking gardening playing, but government has implemented lockdown many of them are happy but students and working people are not happy students having online class and work from home is implemented • but many environments pollution is reduced to 60% percent and air pollution reduced to 75% and vehicles noise reduced to 80% and greenery is increased to 95% Ozone layer is cleaned every pollution is reduced and forest and greenery is increased water pollution in reduced by industrial chemical factory, and more plants are planting every day road is so neat and full empty and can enjoy the beauty of nature at night sparkling stars life will be beautiful enjoy your time with family is the best medicine spend time with family is good environment •••

The successful journey of sree ayyappa education

sree ayyappa education centre was started in 1988 with the vision from darkness unto light,this had been upheld and followed with high esteem by visionaries who believes that knowledge along is the guiding light today our institution has under its wing a full fledged pu college with PCMB and PCMC in science, HEBA and EBAC in commerce our results have been excellent. Kumari. R.KEERTHANA OF 2ND put science passed out with flying colors securing the 139th rank in CET(medical)who is pursuing her MBBS course at bangalore medical College Master naveen.kumar.s of 10th brought laurels to our institution by bagging the 9th rank in the karnataka state level SSLC EXAMINATION ayyappa education has both state and CBSE it is prestigious institution in bangalore was visited by FORMER PRESIDENT OF INDIA people, s president and missile man of india ,scientists in missile and rockets BHARAT RATNA Award given To DR.A.P.J Abdul kalam visited ayyappa institution on 26 .06..2015 for silver jubilee celebration but even ayyappa institution giving scholarships to students the teaching experience of ayyappa education centre was different compared to other institutions they teach by education smart class in virtual mode to students it is easy for the students learn and easy ayyappa institution completed successfully journey of 34 years l studied my 5 to 2nd puc in ayyappa education I completed my education 8 years in ayyappa education centre that ayyappa education gives respect to all students we create a safe, social, and physical environment that helps students learn and succeed it is my convenience that each student will carry rich knowledge and better communication skills trading here to greater extent our institution has played pivotal role in shaping the career and personality of innumerable students who have made us proud by their success in different walks of life education is not only the basic source but also primary weapon to change the future of india the future depends upon the youth of nations students only can can change the faith of the country .our institution has played by their success in different walks of life education is not only acquiring of knowledge and skills but empowered students with a winning combination of confidence, character and all round development the institution is open to all students irrespective of cast or creed the aim is to nature young saplings into healthy fragrnt blossoms to enable the toddler who join the special to better future of india depends upon youth