Real and present danger Sydney imposes New covid curbs

Restrictions over 5 million people after delta varient linked cases has neighboring new Zealand raises high alert people in Sydney, Australia biggest city have been ordered not to leave the metropolitan area as authorities scramble to contain a number of coronavirus cases of delta varient a development that has prompted neighboring new Zealand and to raise it alert level following possible exposure from a tourist from Australia new south Wales state premiere announced the strict crubs affecting about 5 million people who live and work in the city clearly this is a evolving situation “,Berejiklin said at the news conference the new rule took effect at 4pm Sydney Time and will remain in force for a week given what was occurred the Nsw government will be taking action today to limit the spread of what is a contagious varient of Covid Nsw health minister Brad Hazzard described the situation as a very Real and present situation for a city as a cluster first identified in the beach of suburbs of bondi grew to 21 cases with eight confirmed on Wednesday morning most of the newly confirmed cases were traced to a single event where the mass gathering was held on Tuesday this is new and more dangerous version of the virus Hazzard said during the news conference the new restrictions include a limit of household visitors to five people including children said ,”,Berejiklin mask wearing which already been reinstated on Friday will be extended to people required to wear mask on all indoor setting, outside the home and at organized outdoor events. The measure also includes capacity limits on public transport and in gym classe while singing at indoor venues including places of worship will not be allowed Authorities are also urging people to come for testing . New Zealand on alert: As of Wednesday Australia had recorded more than 30,300 cases and 910 deaths the country has been the world,s most successful in containing the pandemic allowing it to reopen its border to new Zealand but the new cases are testing the travel bubble between the neighbour’s on Wednesday new Zealand raised its pandemic alert level in welling to level two which is one level short of a lockdown, earlier as Australia tourist who visited the capital city over the weekend tested positive for covid when they returned to Sydney “,These are precautionary measures will be remain in the places while we contact trace and test to all those we needed to new Zealand covid response minister Chris Hopkins said under the elevated area alert level, office,school and business are still allowed to open but people are allowed to follow the social distancing gathering more than 100 people are banned in public places like wedding and other parties new Zealand has a population of 5 million people and has recorded deaths of 2720 cases and 26 deaths the country has posted a 98.2 % percent recovery rate in Australia itself queensisland and Victoria Island have closed their borders to people from many parts of Sydney ad a result of new cases the government has given the people to take vaccinations on the time that all people should take their vaccine on time as the spread of new delta virus form of Covid 19 virus as they are 5 million people are saying in Australia Sydney the new strict restrictions are been followed in Australia 80%of people have lost their job due to covid many business and marketing have been shut down for manufacturing and marketing of new education policy that class to children between students and teachers but now everything is changed due to covid many times the children are facing a huge loss.