International yoga day

The international yoga day is celebrated on June 21st it is an initiative taken by government of india and united nations for health and body fitness united nations under world health organizations announced as special day to celebrated yoga decided make international yoga day which celebrated all over the world on 21st June in every country as being the yoga is originated from india from 6th century from ancient scholars adi yogi shiva is founder of yoga from 5,ooo years currently many philosopher use of yoga by Jackie vasudevan,yogi Patanjali, swami vivekananda the importance of yoga is keep our body and mind clear and for good health and physical fit and mentally fit it together brings physical and mentally displines to achieve peaceful mind and body it helps to manage stress and anxiety it also helps in increasing flexibility and body muscular strength and body tone yoga can helps to change one’s life into better life Top ten benefits of practicing yoga are: 1) :yoga increases your flexibility 2)yoga helps to build body strength 3):yoga increases your posture 4):yoga helps to keep your joint healthy 5):yoga is powerful mindfulness practice 6):yoga reduces stress 7): yoga lowers blood pressure 8(: yoga helps to keep healthier life choice importance of yoga in modern life:while living a modern life your brains are constantly engaged in endless thoughts never rest in tranquility as a result lack focus skills and vitality the yoga claims the brain and enhances its vital functioning this makes it most effective and important practice to adopt in modern life Importance of yoga for students are:yoga can help with this by reducing stress and adding confidence to help your minds clear and produce a sense of clear and peace many students finds that yoga helps in controlling emotions and increasing the ability to deal with situations that are frustrating. THE SEVEN POWERFUL REASON TO PRACTICE YOGA .ARE:1)YOGA ALLEVATES STRESS 2]YOGA REDUCES ANXIETY 3]YOGA MAY DECREASE INFLAMMATION 4] YOGA LOWERS THE RISK OF HEART DISEASE 5]YOGA ENHANCES YOUR SLEEP QUALITY 6]YOGA UPGRADES YOUR FLEXIBILITY ,BALANCE AND STRENGTH DISADVANTAGES OF YOGA ARE: 1] YOGA MAY include your blood pressure 2]Physical danger of yoga 3]RISK OF stroke 4]Hot yoga is not for everyone 5] Lack of experience or knowledge is risky AIMS AND OBJECTIVES OF YOGA: To enable to have the students to have good health To practice mental hygiene To possess emotional stability .To integrate moral values To attain higher level of consciousness .38 benefits of practicing yoga are: improves flexibility, build muscle strength, perfects your posture ,prevents cartilage and joint breakdown protects you ,betters your bone health,increase your blood flow,drains your lymph and boost immunity, ups your health rate,drops your blood pressure, regulate your adrenal glans,makes you happier, founds a healthier lifestyle, lowers blood sugar,helps you focus, relaxes your system,improves your balance,maintains your nervous system, relaxes tension in your limbs,helps you sleep deeper, boost your immunity function and functionality,give your lungs room to breathe, prevents IBS and other digestive problems, gives