Day to day my life getting changed because everyday we get up we see many things like birds,animals and sparrow and pigeon everyday is not the same because every human being characteristics is getting changed everyday we learn new lessons and new things and new thoughts we came here with accomplishment with many things we learn to change our characters and living in this society others Characters to getting change by some fears which occurs to us by that many changes happen to us like wise understanding others doesn’t matter you have to understand others feelings and sorrow, pain,disturbance, hurting, try to solve others problems as my problem is the biggest understanding between your friendship when he is trouble doesn’t come with invitations it comes to anybody your trouble can be solved with speaking to others to share your thoughts with other does changes many things this is major problem faced by students facing online class street refers to students light refers to problem the refers to online basically its full form is online students problem is basically many youngsters are falling in the trap of love and marriage recently on tamilnadu many girls students facing trouble with online class tortured and physical and mentally andsexually problems are giving by their headmaster and students have completed the case to human child safety department taking care of investigate the case there are some guidelines which teachers have to follow while taking online classes which was given by education minister and given by education boards like UGC,PUC,all 1 to 10.classes guidelines is given by department of education and health all teachers should follow this guidelines all teachers are under the control of HOD,principal and Management is being controlled under and watched by cyber security police and education minister and education boards all are watching this 24/7 ×365 days day and night we all are being watched •••every due to online classes many students health gets affected to stop that central government have taken some regulation for online class for LKG and UKG minimum 1 hour is online class with their children they parents should stay with their children still the online class get over and 1 to 5th standards minimum 2 hours for online class parents should have a eye while online class is going on for 6 to puc class is for three hours they will be watched by teachers and Management control OF PUC board highest time for this online class is degree,diploma, and higher education is being watched by University and UGC board and by police officers and cyber security there will be 24/7 security for all the students in online classes the cyber security experts one things follow while attending online class is don’t click any unwanted website and don’t install unwanted files or anything relating to gift,money this all will be fake it is small link get the problem of hackers stay awake like this situation occurs call or complaint to cyber security relating your problem protect your privacy don’t give access to third person.. but always stay awake while attending online class you may get unwanted links to your mail,whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook, while online class stay awake don’t fall in to any trap or misusing the privacy STAY AWAKE WHILE ATTENDING ONLINE CLASS