Thalapathy vijay

Before thalapathy his name was Joseph vijay son of Joseph vijay chandrashekar an Indian film director and producer who directs film who works in tamil film and india cinema and other Indian languages cinema Joseph vijay was born on 22 June 1974 Joseph vijay completes his age of 48 on 2021 Tuesday 22 June but chandrashekar and shobha chandrashekar had two children one was vijay and second was divya her little sister died due some health issues after that vijay become very silent and upset because of her sister death Joseph vijay close friends are Sanjeev,simian, Srinath are vijay childhood friends from. school to college they studied together Three friends: Once there were three friends vijay, Sanjeev Srinath, was sitting on a bench and thought of their life is very difficult day by day life getting changed. Soon he heard weeping. He looked around and found another little friend. “Why are you crying? THE friend told:My name is Joseph vijay Sanjeev one friend told I want to become an actor,vijay has successfully completed his college in Loyala college, Chennai one friend was to become successful big film actor and succeed as one film director gave a chance to his friend vijay to act in an cinema in year 1984 his first film which many rumors and controversy about vijay many fails cried a lot worked hard now become successful actor and highest paid actor in cinema and many fan followers across the globe he is ICON OF MILLIONS FAN FOLLOWERS ACROSS GLOBE they call him has the title THALAPTHY VIJAY. Actually the real story starts now: 1] In 1984 his first film vetri became failure and never lost his hope 2] His career became successful in 1996 in poove unakkaga film called as a romantic hero 3] IN 1999 vijay got his first tamilnadu state film award for Best actor Thullada manamum thullu 1999 4] vijay become successful in films such as kushi and priyamanavala 5]IN following years vijay had successful films like friends, Shanahan which was box office success 6]IN 2002 there was successful film like Thamizh,Youth and Bhagavati released in 2002 7]His subsequent films were vaseegra and pudhiyageethai was released moderate success and received underperformed 8]2003 released of mandala film thirumala which reached 500 million rupees prised by tamilnadu state film award 9] Best actor nomination for Thailaiva 2013 and Jill in2014 10] 2014 a film based on farmers kathi directed by A.R murugadoss 2016 Theri film a police officer film directed by Atlee which crossed 1.5 billion across worldwide ๐ŸŒ in box office collection in india 200 crores I’m 20.days 11] 2017 a mersal film based on medical crime the film got National film award for Best movie and actor Best actor for mersal Given by IARA film award, Vikektan best actor, behindwoods best actor and samrat of South India film reached 250 million worldwide 12]sarkar,bigil and master released during pandemic in thetre 50% occupancy which gave a hope to all theater owner open the theater This main motivation is kill with your success bury them with your smile They call him has THALAPTHY VIJAY THE LEADER