Teacher as environment to students

vision of the st Paul’s college nurturing students to become mature and responsible citizens of tomorrow, by ensuring a conductive environment to pursue academic excellence and holistic growth l was studing in st paul’s college which is in North bangalore the ecosystem of the college is beautiful and massive colorful that interior and exterior of the building is amazing with colorful design the four sides of college is covered with greenery in nature during winter the college while cold chilling weather and raining best climate to enjoy the college weather like plants,birds,trees,comprises huge trees with peacock during raining season the rain droplets fall plant is like a diamond to the college so beautiful that college had a massive studio for film and recording editing is done inside the studio is black and red interior design inside andpindrop silence voiceless chamber no sound can hear from outside and inside can hear the outside sound the college has a three main head and two department head by DR.FATHER THOMAS M.J principal of college so lovely kind hearted person. Father Arockia swami administrative finance minister of college. Xavier Susan coordinator of college, department of admissions taken care by Nagarj,Uma mam our receptionist is taken care by Nisha and uncle technical support is given by Shelly sir our college has three department and one spice department first BCOM Bachelor of commerce which is headed by DR.BABU,MCOM.,Ms.dalvy Jose MCom assistant professor, MR gowtham mcom assistant professor, MR pradesh Mcom assistant professor, Ms sumitha MCOM Assistant professor, MS nethravathi MBA, Both BCOM and BBA headed by these teachers Department of humanities and PG is headed by DR.THOMAS. m.j HOD,MA,DR.shalija MSc HOD in charge, MR jenin raj HOD of PG department and assistant professor of UG,MR Dan john Mathew,English assistant professor, MR linto antony MA political science, MS saranya Francis MA assistant professor literature, MS trapty sharma MA assistant professor hindi,MS.pallavi k.p MSc set Assistant professor, MS.Reema anna Roy MA Journalism Assistant professor, MR.Melwyn Amrithraj MCA computer Assistant professor, MS sanitarium MA assistant professor, Dr.sajith.c Assistant professor, DR peasants v MA assistant professor MR anoop antony studio incharge this also helps they are backboneand environmentnot this college whichout this not the college or the students cannot function smoothly without them nothing is possibleit, •● But our college has many clubs and associations, many study center in college we have business club,management club,cultural and arts club,sports club,Humanities club, Environment club,YCAP,National service scheme Nss,Displinary committee and anti ragging cell,library cell, these all need to function a college if a plant is there we need water is there we need soil if we have soil we need valley if we have valley we need waterfalls, if waterfall is there we need mountain if mountain is there we need stream,if we have stream we need garden if garden is there we need,weather if weather is there we need rain if need rain we need sun if sun there we need ocean and lakes if need these we need environment these all are compared to my Teachers inmy college without these no environment is suistanble without teachers no students are sustainable now this teacher as environment to students…………….