The things are priceless which cannot compare anything in the world

The human extinction began many millions years ago which the first world was dinosaur extinction, and stone age extinction and human extinction before world didn’t the technology what is now that time is was a peace of cake which can cut into many slices but now everything is changed due to that period we had a good healthy food which makes us even strong and healthy that time there was a good value for farmers day by day everything is getting changed the reason us,first of all.during king period farmers were very rich due to that that farming was organic farming is still continued very farmers 45% use organic farming food products which gave us good and healthy with immunity food for our bodybuilding now in the world somethings very priceless which cannot be compared to anything how much money you gave means also you cannot get the happiness is the one time smile once gone again cannot see,how much you pay you don’t get to know the value of their products like for example:beauty of plant,beauty of tree,beauty of nature, beauty of smile,beauty of a girl,boys caring to girls, girls show their love to some of them,animals caring,mother’s love,fathers love like many more are there in world you cannot compare ••These are compared to many different types:-Beauty Of Plants: These plants which grow in field or park or house will be very beautiful you can be keep watching everyday but there it will come to that plant beauty is gonna change a priceless beauty which cannot compare anything in this raindrops falling on plant is beauty 2)Beauty of trees:when in rainy seasons winter season the plants shrink so fast flying of leaves by drop by drop it is nature beauty that is very beautiful to us which give us beautiful view on same time that beauty is something different that no body cannot buy it cost of money.Beauty Of Nature:beauty of nature includes •••Smile OF Girl:The girls smiling is very precious that when they smile nothing cannot theirsmile andtheir eyes and your mouth just stop talking see their eyes and face beauty nothing cannot match them like vijay,megha sri, sibbusuryan, Priyanka nalkari their smile cannot be compared to anything,Boys Caring For Girls:every person is not the same everyone has different characters some of them show care for their girls had their own sister like not feeling well and sick the love they show them will cure 50%of their illness supporting caring their health and medicine health which show them some love which cure them very fast that when not sleeping well, sleeping on lawn taking care of them as own sister the love and care is very precious in world only 50% do such a caring •••but this corona taught us a lesson to spend the time with family taught us what is lovecare, care,respect,humanity, responsibility, and kindness that is very precious that all have one life once it lost we cannot come back to life so that step your life slow and nice and steady life is not a machine game to be very fast life will slow always so keep steady when to put brake and when to acceralate, when to stop,when to turn right and left when to park,when to drive Life Is Precious Enjoy The PRICELESS MEMORY STILL YOU Are Alive….?