International day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking

The international day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking is a united nations international day against drug abuse and illegal drug trade it is observed annually on 26th june since 1989 the date 26th is to commemorate lin zexu,s dismantling of the opium trade in humen,ending on 25th June 1989 just before the first opium war in China the observance was instituted by General assembly resolution 42/112 of 7 December 1987 ON 26th june 1987 two important texts( comprehensive multidisciplinary outline of future activities in drug abuse control and declaration of the international conference on drug abuse and illicit trafficking) were adopted at the international conference on drug abuse and illicit trafficking which was held in Vietnam during 17 to 26 june 1987 the conference recommended that a annual day should be observed to mark the importance of the fight against drug abuse and illicit trafficking both the dates 17th june and 26th june were suggested and in the later meeting 26 june was chosen and written into the draft and final resolution o IT is often referred to by Anti drug campaigners as 6/26 a play on Marijuana smokers’ 4/20″ day to celebrate cannabis The United nations (U.N) 2007 world drug report puts the value of illegal trade of US$322 billion a year ….. 1) Campigns,rallies,poster designing and many other programs are conducted people of different countries celebrate the day together As drug use increase the day become more important HEALTH FOR JUSTICE, JUSTICE FOR HEALTH;the theme for INTERNATIONAL Day against Drug abuse and Illicit trafficking, 2019 highlights that “JUSTICE and HEALTH are two sides of the same coin when it comes to addressing drug problems TOP TEN DANGEROUS DRUGS ARE: 1] Penicillin:First on all lists .. 2] INSULIN:The first hormone therapy 3]Smallpox vaccine 4]Ether:The making of the modern surgery 5]Morphine:Banning the bane of pain 6] ASPIRIN:More than a headache pil 7] SALVARSAN :The cure for lust 8] Psycartist medications 9] Birth control pill …….. 10] Help for the heart Six treatments for drugs addiction: 1] Detoxification 2] Congitive behavior therapy 3] Rational Emotional behavior therapy 4] Contingency Management 5]12 _ step facilitation 6] Treatment with medication . …SIDE-EFFECTS OF DRUG ADDICTION: ADDICTION . ……. TOLERANCE STROKES Heart attacks HEALTH FOR JUSTICE