Due to covid middleman family are suffering a lot

Due to covid 19 in india and entire world is suffering past 18 months it,s been one and half year in this covid taught us many lessons and many responsibilities with our family and children and colleges students got an new lessons many of them developed their channels, starting writing poems,novels, and drawings and started to compose their own music to showcase their talents during covid which social media with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, hike,messenger, LinkedIn, snapshot,sharecat,moj,max taxa tax,yourube,blog,mesho,helo showing their talents in social media which many students life have changed a better good learned many new things which they learned many knowledge, many students learned many online coding for many apps,music,games they learned many of them learned many online courses,which changed a better life for them it has become a turning point for them as virtual meeting. ● But main problems are middle men are suffering a lot like drivers,welders, mechanical, auto drivers, carpenters, construction welders, labours,shop owners fruit.and vegetables sellers,provision store, cosmetic shops and dress shop,shopping mall,cab drivers, restaurants they are suffered a lot during lockdown many months and months shops are closed they all bussiness were loss I’m this situation many of them brought loans from bank but there are not able pay back the loan due lockdown no revenue and no income for family business are loss so they are not able to payback the loan many families parents stopped their students education because no income for family in this situation many schools are collecting high admission for students so this situation parents were forced to stop their students education with tears how we can pay so much money crying in front of media so the high court gave a order that all schools and colleges to collect 35% of their fees but many organizations started to help the poor people who are suffering needed three times Food by many organizations, NGO and private organizations like tata,wipro,Sony,Samsung Philips, Britannia,parley a Honda,Mahindra audio,many councils and many celebrities like,vijay, Surya,rajini,Kamal hassan ,ajith,vivek,shivarajkumar, karthik,hansika keerty Darshan, puneeth,yash,radhika,sonu sood,Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devan, Amitabh Buchanan,sharukhan, Priyanka nalkari, and many more helped the government during covid the government was in critical stage and no income for country in this situation many of helped the government without the people no government can function government need the people support so in this situation government PRIME MINISTER NARENDRA MODI introduced a plan to give 2000 to all family in their account money will be transferred and little covid case started reducing in the country so that Supreme Court ordered to cancel all the loans people taken from bank RBI RESERVE BANK OF INDIA has ordered a guidelines to all banks in country to cancel all the loans people taken from bank slow by slow everything is getting to normal stage so stay safe Be safe,keep smiling and healthy wear mask while going outside STAY SAFE…..