weird laws in the world

Every country is different, and every country’s laws are different. Sometimes these laws border on the seriously ridiculous, and other times they point to important cultural values that might be different than your own. Some of these are listed below :

  1. IT’S ILLEGAL TO CHEW GUM IN SINGAPORE – Sometimes we all suffer when fools break the rules. After vandals used chewing gum to mess with the Mass Rapid Transit system and the Housing and Development Board spent $150,000 a year to clean gum liter, Singapore banned all gum substance in 1992.
  2. IT’S ILLEGAL TO FEED PIGEONS IN VENICE – With thousands of pigeons descending upon Saint Mark’s Square and Venice, lured by the tourist readily handing out food in exchange for Instagram worthy photos, Venice lawmakers officially made it illegal to feed the pigeons in 2008. It is said the cleanup from birds cost each citizen 275 euros per year, so now, the tables are turned.
  3. IT’S ILLEGAL TO WEAR HIGH HEELS TO THE ACROPOLIS – The country banned high heels at the acropolis in 2009. Greeks put this ban in place to protect its ruins from damage caused by sharp shoes. The ruins are nearly 2,500 years old, so be respectful and wear some soft-soled shoes when you visit.
  4. DON’T WEAR YOUR WINNIE THE POOH T-SHIRT IN POLAND – The cuddly little bear all stuffed with fluff also does not wear pants. Because of this, Poland issued a ban on Winnie the Pooh around playgrounds and schools, finding the A.A.Milne character a bit too risque for the likes of impressionable children.
  5. IT’S ILLEGAL TO WEAR A MASK IN PUBLIC IN DENMARK – Not only masks, the Danish government wants to stop anyone from covering their faces in anyway in public places. The controversial ban went into effect in August 2018. Officials claim the ban helps to properly identify people during crowded events, should anything negative happen and someone need to be identified.
  6. CLOSE THE GATE OR YOU’LL BE FINED IN NEVADA – Gates in Nevada are used to keep in livestock, and anyone not closing and fastening a gate when outside city limits can receive a fine.
  7. IT’S ILLEGAL TO PAY WITH TOO MANY COINS IN CANADA – When making a payment that is more than $10, its is illegal to pay with more than a single coin under the Currency Act in Canada.
  8. IT’S ILLEGAL TO CLIMB A TREE IN TORONTO – This goes for Ottawa, Toronto and even in the middle of the forest too unless you have a permit. In 2013, one your tree climbing enthusiast earned himself a $365 ticket for climbing in Bellevue Square Park.
  9. YOU MUST WALK YOUR DOG DAILY IN ROME – Rome’s strict laws again animal cruelty include the walking of pet dogs. If the owner mot walk their dog once a day minimum they could be fined $625.
  10. IT’S ILLEGAL TO BUILD A SANDCASTLE IN SPAIN – Spain despises your attempt at making sand castles so much you can be fined if caught building one in Spain. And the fines vary by location at their discretion. On the island of Majorca, for example, you could pay 100 euros, but you could pay up to 1,500 euros in Galicia .