A memoir of school days

Life was simple and easy, when I was of 3 years and walked into school everyday. It was a time of fun and pain. The new environment away from my mother and father which made me uncomfortable but eventually made me feel happy. Soon time flew and I started growing mentally and physically. Few years later I was allowed to wrap my own books and pack my food, it gave me a sense of supremacy and pride to go to school. Sitting and having everyone’s lunch except mine and buying the delicious chocolates from the canteen will always hold a close place to me. As I grew, the pressure of exams also did. School was soon more of a headache than fun now. Every 2 months I would have to get up in the morning just to open the same book I had been reading for the past 20 days. Time flew and I saw myself in the class of a 12th grader. What? It’s my last year? I looked back at all the times I spent at the same campus having the same food, playing in the same ground. I could not bare the thought of leaving and graduating. Soon, I had my graduation day and it was going to be my last day as a part of the institution. It made me really nostalgic looking around at the group of people I had grown up with and now I will never mostly even see them again in my life.

I was glad to have experienced everything as right after the pandemic had struck and life had suddenly become so monotonous. Sitting at home doing nothing, I realized that school was the one which kept my hands busy and now I feel restless due to the absence of my friends and the environment. The place will always hold a very dear place in my heart and to all the people who were not able to go there for their final years due to the pandemic, Just cherish everything you had before, Trust me, It’s all worth it!