How to beat Procrastination?

First of all we should know what is procrastination?

When you google up about this the definition that will pop up on your phone is “The action of delaying or postponing something”. The main reason why everybody do procrastination is not prioritizing the correct amount of work or the tasks to be done on that day. When you prioritise your work always start by writing low-priority tasks.

The main reason why we should list the low-priority tasks are we will get the energy to start of our work. If you list high-priority tasks and the moment you see them you will definitely jump into skipping them. 

If you find a task that is very long and you are not interested in doing it don’t do that if it has a long time to complete. Because when you do something without any interest or upon force the work will not look good. And you will keep on cursing the work till the time you finish it. But, make sure you add them in your task or to-do-list after some days. So that you will get some motivation or you will get some energy to do that work.

Suppose if you are starting a high-priority task grab a cup of coffee in the middle of your work to get freshed or do something you like. But, don’t go through social media for a long time because in the end you will spend all your time on it and the day will easily get over. Instead you can take short naps. Taking short naps are really useful because your brain gets refreshed. And the ideas you need for the task will easily pop up.

Also you can do a self test, and you will be able to analyze that you are procrastinating. You can easily identify it if you are doing some work on the last minute and submitting it just before on time. These things are the perfect examples that you are procrastinating. Procrastinating is the only easy art that everyone can learn within a short span of time. This will become a major drawback in your career if you don’t give a damn about it for a long time.

You can adopt some strategies. Give yourself a reward if you complete some tasks on time. For example if you are asked to submit a project within two days and you are submitting 5 hours ahead of the time give yourself a chocolate or something that you like. This will boost up your mood. Only we can make our lives successful. People will not guide you all the time. They can’t come like your shadow. So, we have the capacity to beat the procrastiantion.

Have this imagination in your mind. How I can spend my time if I complete the task on time? You will be able to spend more time for yourself. You can easily watch Netflix, binge watch shows, have a walk in terrace, and read a book. These things will be amazing only if you have completed the task. If you do them without completing them then it will interrupt your happiness often. But, you can take some short breaks and do them but only as a short break not a long-term break.