How to stay fit?

Staying fit is almost everybody’s concern. We can either hire a personal trainer or we can start doing it by ourselves. We could’ve often worried about ourselves for having a big tummy. And we love to eat food also. Staying fit is not an easy task. It requires lots of hard work. We can start doing exercises by installing apps on our phones. There are many apps that will provide you customized workout plan for you and you have to implement them in your daily life to become fit.

But, if we use these apps we should be genuine and have to follow their rules strictly to get fit. If we skip any steps in the middle then it is our loss. Because they are not gonna scold or punish you for not following the rules. They won’t spoonfeed us. We have to monitor ourselves. We have to follow their guidelines some of they are paid. And if you do not follow then your money will get wasted. So, be confident before investing your money in becoming fit.

While we plan to become more fit, the most important thing is to stay positive throughout the entire journey. We can’t expect the result in a day itself. We should not get frustrated just because we couledn’t achieve them in a week itself. We should slowly monitor our growth from day one and you will gradually find a change in your body by practising these techniques. 

Often keep this in mind before you start to work out don’t forget tp warm up yourself. Starting the exercise straight away without doing warm up exercises will make your body pain and you will lose the potential and energy to complete your workout. The most important thing doing this you have to follow some diet. You can’t expect to stay fit by doing the exercises itself. Taking a proper diet will also play an important role in your staying fit part.
Drink lots of water when you wake up. In fact, that should be the first thing you should do when you wake up. Drinking lots of water is good for our digestive system, Again don’t force yourself on the first day itself. Start by drinking one glass of water on day 1 and take it gradually to two or more glasses. 

When you do aerobic or zumba exercises it will make your heart rate goes up and will help you to burn the maximum amount of calories. People who love to walk can do walking. Walking is also a good exercise to reduce your weight and to stay fit. You can install a calorie burner and step count app in your phone. It is simply called as pedometer. You can even buy a fitness smart band. This will help you to monitor the amount of calories you burned. When you see the count you will get the most needed energy to do it every day.

Cycling is one of the best exercises. It gives work to all over your body. You can cycle at least 20 minutes a day when you are a beginner. If you are good in cycling then you can increase your time limit. No matter whatever you do, don’t push yourself in the first day. Because your knees will start tremble and you will find it difficult to climb stairs. Your day will become so hectic. The reason is all your energy got drained in doing exercises. Slow and Steady wins the race. Keep this in mind before start doing any workout.

What is the purpose of life?

Have you ever wondered what we are doing on this earth? What are our work, goals, and motives? many of you might often ask these questions to yourself. Did you get an answer to this? Sometimes we accept things as it is. We do things like how other people do. Studying, getting married, and get settled in our life with kids. Have you thought about is this the purpose of our life?

Did you get happiness in doing these usual things? Some people accept it because that is what their parents could have told them to do so. They just follow their parent’s path. They will never explore their real purpose on this earth. 

We all have our meaning in life. For some people cracking an entrance exam and joining a college is their only purpose in life. Most women think of this as their purpose in life. Serving their husband and children and devoting her entire life to them. why can’t she understand the purpose and can have her own life? But, it is not easy as how it sounds. There are many philosophers giving speeches on what is life and what is its purpose? Why human beings are born? 

Have you ever paid some attention and listened to them? We often won’t do that. We think that listening to it would be waste of time. So, we simply walk out of that place. This universe gave us an opportunity to create an identity for ourselves. Life is simply not getting born and dying when our time comes. There are lots of things that should be done by ourselves in between. That is where we will understand our real purpose and meaning of life.

There are lots of books on what is life and its purpose. Many people will pick that and try to read it. but, they get bored in the middle and will stop reading them and will carry on with their daily chores. Not all books will give you the exact purpose of life. Some extraordinary books are there. We just need to find the right ones.

“Think like a monk” by author Jay Shetty is a famous one. It has become a best-seller in the industry. If you have time then grab it and read it to get some meaning to our life. We should give value to things in our life. It can be small or big but everything has its own value and purpose. If it hasn’t got any value then it wouldn’t have been on this earth. So, do not ditch anything from our life just prioritize them in your life to get a better overview. 

Finding our purpose is real happiness. It will give you a kind of joy. It will enhance your responsibilities. Finding our passion will relate to it. When we find our passion we will start working towards it and eventually, we will find the real purpose and it will help others in their life. So, keep these things in mind and do not live your life simply like how others do. Find the real cause of it. And start working towards it. 

How to find your passion?

We often do work just to earn some income and be financially stable. But, have you ever asked this question to yourself? Are you really happy with what you are doing? Is this give you happiness? But, we don’t give time to ourselves to think about these things. We just keep on running in our lives. Without money, nobody will respect you. They won’t give a damn to you. So, we run behind money to make our ends meet.

Have you ever cared about your mental health? Because when we do something we don’t like or do things by pushing ourselves our mental health will get affected eventually. To keep our mental health stable we should find our passion. We should search for what we really love to do. It is not an easy thing to do. There will be a lot of hurdles in your path. don’t resign from your job just because you want to find your passion. That is the most stupid thing everybody does. You can find your passion by doing the job that you are no longer satisfied with.

But, eventually, you will get an idea of what you like. Some people may like to start their business. But, lack the money to start. For that, we can work and earn a good amount of money so that we can invest it in our future business. Taking a full loan for our business is not a good thing. Sometimes, there will be ups and downs. In order to tackle it, we should invest at least half of the money we earned. It is because when we invest our own money we will get the responsibility to handle our business well.

If you like writing but don’t know how to start it as a career. There are lots of options available on the internet. You can search them and will find what you really like doing. You can work as a freelance content writer if you don’t want to resign from your job. Because, if you are joining the freelance industry as a fresh content writer getting clients initially will not an easy thing. You need more experience. once you get enough experience you can do it as a full-time career. 

If you like what you are doing as your hobby then you can search for options if it as many career options. In that way, your hobby will turn out to be a passion. Many people will demotivate you in your path. Don’t give a damn to it. Don’t take their words to your heart and brain and keep on thinking about what they said. Remember this following your passion is very important to lead a happy and healthy lifestyle. 

Keeping these things in mind we can do our passion hunting and will eventually land in our dream job. It will be the best experience of your life doing what you like to do. Start thinking about finding your passion and implement it to find your one. 

Importance of Communication Skills

Have you ever wondered why communication skills are so important? Communication is the way of the medium by which two people speak to express their opinions. There are many ways of communicating but sometimes our words could’ve been misinterpreted by them. Many schools, colleges, and even offices give a training session to improve one’s own communication skills.

Communication skills are more important when it comes to business dealings. If you lack the skill to explain or convince the client, there are higher chances that they will leave the meeting or the dealing will be closed. There are two ways of communication

1. One-way communication

2. Two-way communication

We could’ve seen this one-way communication in lecture halls, motivational speeches, and many areas where the speaker will talk for everyone. In this, we will only get the insight and knowledge on what they are speaking and we can’t question them on what they are speaking. 

In two-way communication, we will communicate with another person and the other person will answer our queries. Or we will tell them something. It would be even more engaging. Teachers mostly prefer two-way communication because the class would become interesting only if you ask questions or if they ask questions. Simply listening will make you tired and you will start becoming sleepy. 

If you have poor communication skills it will lead to confusion and frustration. The other person will get frustrated and may walk away from that place. We can improve our communication skills by giving attention to details around us. If we watch a good show try to pay attention to their eye- contact, body language, conscience, respect, and audacity. You will get some ideas on how they are waiting for the other person to speak before giving their opinion. It will give you a clear understanding of how communication works. 

You should speak with respect. That is the most important thing in communication. If you don’t give respect to the other person then that communication will end in a quarrel or conflict. That will create a bad impression on you. 

You can start practicing your communication skills by reading books. There are many books written on communication skills. If you are a beginner and have not read any books, start by picking books for beginners instead of reading some complicated ones. It will take you more time to understand the concepts. 

Communication skills are not only important in business meetings or work-related things. It is also important in relationships. The main reason why many relationships fail is this communication gap. Your partner will get your ideas in some other way. In the end, they will reflect on their own thoughts. It will gradually create a rift in your relationship. 

If you are a good and extraordinary speaker the company will give you many chances to explore your skills. There is nothing wrong with being an introvert. But, not having communication skills will definitely land you in trouble. It is important that you start learning them and try to improve your communication skills.

Communication skills will play an important role in your interview selection. If you have impeccable communication skills and good talents it will increase your chances of getting hired. 

What to do when you feel like giving up?

There are often times where we will feel that everything has come to end and we will get ready to give up. But, have you ever thought that you have come across this far and there are very few steps needed to complete the work. We should often think about the reason why we started? It will give the answer to us. It will push us forward in achieving our goals.

We can start by reading motivational books. They will give you some idea of what needs to be done and some strategies to be followed by you. It will motivate you. You can find some of the top 10 best motivating books for beginners on google. It will provide you with lots of options. You can check on reviews and but the one that attracted you. 

Start by reading gradually. Don’t push yourself too fast. Remember these are motivational books, not any romantic novels which will keep you engaged right from the beginning till the end. It will take some time to understand the depth of the things mentioned in them. And making them enter your brain will take some time. So, start gradually and you will find some amazing change in yourself at the end. 

If you have read books or not interested in them you can listen to Ted Talks. Ted Talks are the best when it comes to motivation. There are many people who will give inspirational speeches on how they struggled and what are things they did to achieve this position. You can simply search on Youtube and start listening to them. And this too listen to one ted talk at a time. Don’t push yourself too hard. 

Ted talks are given by many speakers across the world. We can even learn how they are doing this public speaking. How they overcame their fear of public speaking or holding a mike in their hand? And most importantly, how they handled criticism? Because of this thing many people fail to follow. Criticism will help us to give the thirst and quench needed to achieve our target. It will never fail us. But, we should never take criticism to our heart and don’t take success to our brain. These two things will help you to achieve the most important things in life. We should often remember that we shouldn’t spend too much time celebrating success. It will become a headweight. 

Don’t be jealous of others’ achievements. Have you ever thought about the sacrifices they made to get into this position? They could’ve faced many struggles and hurdles to reach that position. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Never lose your friends just because your friend achieved the thing that you couldn’t achieve. Simply believe that something is waiting for you to come at the right time. You just need to believe yourself. If you are good at what you are doing then success is just a few steps away. 

With these things in mind, we should at least give it a try before quitting. We never know if we will get succeed or not without taking a chance. 

Advantages of learning a new skill

Have you ever thought that you are having lots of free time and don’t know how to use it productively without binge-watching a series? That too many could have had that thought in these covid times. How difficult it is to sit in one place and watching our entire day going without any improvement. We can invest our time in learning a new skill. You could have analyzed how competitions are increasing and how difficult it is to get placed in an interview. They are looking for skills not just your degree but some real-time experiences. 

It is a good time to start something new and learn some good skills. We can’t wait for somebody to push us and tell us the good things in learning something in particular. We just have the thirst to explore the skills. We can start by learning online courses. When we speak about online courses, it is not just paid courses that come with certificates. We can start by doing free online courses. There are lots fo platforms like Udemy, Coursera, and Great learning that are providing free online courses with certificates for students. These are some really good platforms to enhance your skills.

Many companies will consider you in their interviews if you have completed courses from these platforms. Because they are some of the renowned and genuine platforms to learn online courses. New skills will help you to explore your creativity and knowledge. You could be astonished by seeing your potential, capacity, and the end result. It will have the power to keep you engaged right from the beginning till the end. But, try to learn a skill which you are really interested in. Don’t enroll yourself in all the courses at a time. It will make your energy down and you will lose your enthusiasm for learning them. Enroll one course at a time. You can complete it faster and the energy will be doubled seeing the end results.

When you go for interviews the first thing the employer will look at will be your interview. If you explain to them that you just finished your college degree and don’t have any skills or completed any online courses. They will take some time to consider you. On the other hand, if your resume is good enough with many certificates from online platforms they will proceed to the second round of interviews immediately. That is the power of learning a new skill.

These skills need not be just learning. For example, drawing is also considered a new skill. You can only find out if you start doing them. Life will not throw surprises all the time. We have to do some little effort from our side. 

It is the right time to explore yourselves. Start by enrolling yourselves in any of these platforms and make yourselves skilled. We never know when another disaster will come to our life. To face it we have to be good enough to handle the situations. It will happen only if we start engaging ourselves with new activities. So kick start your day with enthusiasm. 

How to forget that one person from our life?

Life will often throw surprises and turbulence without giving an iota of hint. But, we are the ones who have the ability to control it. We are responsible for letting people enter our life. Have you ever thought that your life was so good before that person?

Of course, we could have at least a million times if we have suffered difficult times. We often think about our past and try to control our emotions. Thinking that he/ she was good it was my fault that they left me. But, why are you explaining yourself? Remember you don’t owe any explanations. You have the privilege to live your life. If he/ she left you then it is for your own good. Keep this one thing in your mind “Everything happens for a reason”. 

There are many reasons, but don’t hurt yourself by explaining them and waiting for them to come. You should keep in mind that you shouldn’t do this because it will break your piece. Don’t think about your past that you good you were as a couple and don’t complain to anyone about them.. Don’t wait for them to come and apologize and thinking that you can again start over your life with them.

Make your mind understand this bitter truth that they are gone and don’t give chance to enter them in your life again. It is not worth it. It will create more problems and destroy your life completely. There’s more to life than thinking about them. Have you ever thought about how you were happy without their presence in your life? Just try to think about that many times and you will definitely get a clear look at yourself. It will help you to start over your life without that person.

Initially, you will find it more difficult to start. But, believe me, time is the biggest medicine. Time heals everything and will give you the much-needed courage and will push you forward. Accepting will help you not only in forgetting a person but also in your future relationships. Because, after some days or months or years another person will enter your life and a fresh relationship will start. You could’ve definitely learnt from your previous relationships. The most important thing you should keep in mind is that you should not compare them with your previous relationships. That will help you a lot more.

Don’t vent your anger on someone. Instead, help someone who is broken like you. So, that you will know that you are not the only one fighting this battle. Any many people are out there. Don’t share everything with someone. There are high chances that you will be judged. Try to write them in an online journal. There are many online journals that come with password protection. It will help you a lot and your heart will become light. 

These things will help you in understanding and remember we can only learn from lessons. So, enjoy your life and move on with present people. 

Advantages of online shopping

Online shopping is so trending. In these covid times, going outside is really difficult. We don’t like to play with our health. Sitting in the comfort of our home we can easily shop from any site. All we to do is install the app we like or we can visit the website for shopping. Before shopping on that platform we should check for integrity and reviews. We can’t simply trust online retailers because lots of frauds can happen on online platforms.

The best thing about online shopping is you can easily buy them and try them at your home. If you do offline shopping then you have to try the dresses in their trial room. Sometimes, the trial room may be very small and you will find it difficult to get a clear look at that dress. If you are at your home your bedroom will become your trial room and you can easily check yourself in front of your mirror. It would’ve been awkward doing it in some unknown places.

You don’t have to worry about the sizes. Because in offline shopping if you buy big size dresses people will take a look at you and will judge you based on your figures. But, these things won’t happen here. It will come in a well-packed manner and the person who delivers it won’t be able to know the thing inside in that package. 

Trying jeans in a trial room is the worst experience ever in a girl’s life. If you take slim or skinny fit jeans to check it in a trial room you will struggle to put it. Trying jeans in your home is way more comfort you can sit on your bed and can easily try them. Buying jeans online is best you can easily exchange if you don’t like the fit that too without traveling. But in offline shopping you have to travel and if it is a holiday you have to stand in a queue to exchange your dress. Sometimes, even in an exchanged dress, it won’t give a proper look or it won’t fit you. In that case, you can’t return them and you have to either keep them or throw them.

Nowadays, you can even do Instagram shopping. Many people are opening stores on Instagram. All you have to do is take a screenshot of that dress and direct message them or you can send a message on their WhatsApp number. They will contact you and you can do your shopping for yourself. But, Instagram shopping comes with its own demerits. You should do thorough research before buying from that page.

Have safe online shopping in these tough times and enjoy with your family and friends through a virtual meeting. If you haven’t tried doing online shopping try it this time from the comfort of your home. Start by checking the reviews and then place your order. Not only dresses and accessories are considered as online shopping even books are also considered as online shopping. The best thing is you can get lots of discounts on books when you do online shopping. 

How to apply for internships?

Internships are important for everyone as they will help you to gain some experience and you will be able to learn new things from their side as well. There are some things you should keep in mind before applying for internships. Some sites will ask you to fill the resume manually. While some other sites may ask you to upload the files. Internshala is one such platform where it will ask you to fill out the application manually.

It will be really helpful if you fill out the application manually as it will help you in each and every step so that you won’t miss any important details. Try to fill out all the details if you have experience in them. Writing an eye-catching resume will only lead you to get in touch with employers. If you don’t have a good catchy resume they will reject your application right after they receive it. 

Try to do some online courses. There are lots of free courses available on the internet for students to learn and most of them will provide you certificates. Adding them under your training/ courses section will increase the chances. Keep this thing in mind, don’t give too much information in your resume. Give the precise details. Filling out too much irrelevant content will clutter your resume and the employer won’t take a look at it if it is full of unwanted things.

The next thing is while applying for internships based on your interests you should’ve created a portfolio. For example, if you are applying for a content writing internship you should’ve created a word document of some articles and should upload it in google drive. So you can give that link under-sample work section. It will help the employer to take a quick look at your work. Based on that, they decide on further processes. 

The next step is answering why should we hire you? Here you can tell the talents you have or if you have done any specific courses which will be relevant for the internship don’t forget to mention that as it will increase your chance of getting hired. Give the genuine answers and also tell them what excites you to be a part of their program. Whether it’s the learning experience or whatever try to add them so that your application will catch their eyes. 
Giving them information about the start date is so important. If you are available to start the internship as soon as you get hired tell them that you are available to start the internship immediately. Because candidates who prefer to start their internship immediately will have a higher chance of getting hired. So, keep that in mind and fill out that part with precise information.

Keep these things in mind before applying for internships. These will help you to get in touch with the employers. They will give some sample assignments for you to test your skills. Take them seriously and submit them on time. If they like your work they will proceed to the next step of the selection process and will offer you the internship based on your telephonic interview.


Fashion is a way of expressing ourselves. It is very popular and in the style of clothing, footwear, makeup, hairstyle, and accessories. Having current fashion trends in our wardrobe will make us outstanding in a particular place. It doesn’t matter who we are and what we do but expressing ourselves in better clothing is important. Dressing normally will make your life boring trying the current fashion trends will help you to explore yourself and you will be amazed by the results.

Scope in Fashion

Many fashion influencers are emerging nowadays and starting a career in fashion will help you to be financially stable. There are many fashion institutes in India. National Institute of Fashion Technology ranks the first among them. It has many branches in India. 

The best female fashion designers of the 20th century are

1. Jeanne Lanvin (1867-1946)

2. Jeanne Paquin (1869–1936)

3. Coco Chanel (1883-1971)

4. Elsa Schiaparelli (1890-1973)

5. Claire McCardell (1905-1958)

6. Dame Barbara Mary Quant (1934)

7. Dame Vivienne Isabel Westwood (1941)

8. Rei Kawakubo (1942)

These people ruled the 20th century with their fashion trends and emerged as the top 10 fashion designers in the world. 

Need for Fashion

Dressing up will give you the kind of confidence, boldness, and audacity. Following the latest fashion trends on the internet has become most popular nowadays. Fashion trends are everywhere and you are supposed to decide the right ones for yourselves. There are different types of fashion culture and it ranges from country to country. Fashion is important because it helps us to follow history and if we look back at the trends used 10 years back you will get a better outlook on how it changed from 10 years back.

Clothing is an important aspect of human life. Many hot brands emerge nowadays. Even online shopping sites like Myntra and Flipkart have become fashion icons. It helps you to find the latest fashion trends when you browse. 

Fashion trends in the 1980s, 1990s, 2000, 2010, and 2020

In the 1980s

The clothes included in the 1980s for women were high-waisted jeans, leg warmers, ripped denim, spandex and lycra, acid-washed jeans, statement shoulder business suits, punk leather items, and leotards.

Talking about accessories it included scrunchies, leg warmers, fingerless gloves, plastic bangles, large funky earrings in neon shades, and pearl bracelets.

In the 1990s

Speaking about the 1990s trends it included glamour wear, miniskirts, knee socks associated with the schoolgirl look, tight pants, slip dresses, turtle neck sweaters, capri pants, high-waisted trousers, and cardigans.

Choker necklaces were the coolest during those times. Thick hair bands, Tic-Tac hair clips, and Retro sunshades were also used.

In the 2000s

These things were so trending in the 2000s. They are Tracksuits, Scarf headbands. Taylor Swift’s side bun became more famous during these times. Her hairdo on many red carpets was inspired in awe. 

Denim became so popular like denim jackets, embroidered denim, denim vest. Most people wore embroidered shorts. Denim dungarees became so famous. You could’ve even seen it in movies if you are a 2k kid.

Speaking about the accessories locket chains, and casual high-heeled shoes were trending at that time. 

In the 2010s 

These were the time’s leggings and skinny jeans became more famous. Skinny-fit jeans are even in trend nowadays. I still remember how cold shoulders came to market. I am a big fan of cold shoulders. Many different kinds of sleeves emerged like bell sleeves, ruffle sleeves, and ankle bell sleeves. I used to have at least one pair of dresses in these different sleeves. Collecting different sleeves is like a hobby to me. 

If you think of accessories loafers and novelty handbags were used by people and they are still in trend.

In the 2020s

Okay, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind when we speak about the 2020s trend. Of course, masks, right? Masks became so trending in 2020. Whenever we go out, we used to carry at least 2-4 masks with us. Some fashionable face masks are also introduced. Like masks with scarves. 

Many brands are providing masks along with their apparel to attract customers. due to lockdown, people faced severe losses. So, they are coping with their losses by introducing new marketing strategies in their business. 

Top 10 fashion designers in India

1. Manish Malhotra

2. Masaba Gupta

3. Tarun Tahiliani

4. Ritu Kumar

5. Sabyasachi Mukherji

6. Rohit Bal

7. Manish Arora

8. Neeta Lulla

9. Ritu Beri

10. Anita Dongre

Why Manish Malhotra is famous?

Manish Malhotra is the fashion icon of India. Manish Malhotra is famous for his works in costume designing and styling in Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, and Telugu cinemas. He has worked on more than 500 films. He is been in this industry for 14 years and has achieved many successes and awards for his impeccable and curated craftwork and styling.  

How to keep ourselves updated with the latest fashion trends?

If you are a fashion lover and love to explore trends then these are the things you should keep in mind. With many fashion trends changing day by day keeping an update on them is very important. 

1. Watch fashion shows and read fashion magazines

New York fashion week is perfect to start with. It involves many designers and celebrities and you can get a gist about the latest trends. Vogue is the number one fashion magazine and you can find many latest trends and ideas on how to implement them.

2. Celebrity style

you can keep an eye out for celebrity style. Many YouTube videos will showcase the latest celebrity trends in the industry. 

3. Browse on the internet

Internet is the best solution for everything. You can get the latest updates, style icons, latest designers, and costume updates. 

Fashion icon

It is an ever-changing industry with each day new fashion trends popping up. You can get updates on social media to know the latest fashion icons.

“In difficult times, fashion is outrageous”

– Elsa Schiaparelli

You’re never sexier than when you’re comfortable in your clothes”

– Vera Wang

“The joy of dressing is an art”

– John Galliano

How Many Hours Do Software Engineers Work?

On average Software Engineers work 40+hours per week. If people work for a start-up company, the company will require them to work more to meet the deadlines. Lazy start-ups will require you to work at least 40+hours but the work will drain your energy and it will remain like you are working forever. If people work for more than 50 hours their brain will get tired and their thinking capacity will become less. 

Some people say that software engineers work for 60 to 80 hours but that’s not true. All you need is the skills to do the work. If you enough capacity and the idea then you can finish the work within the stipulated amount of time. Most companies will give you a deadline to finish the work. It’s up to you to decide how many hours you needed to complete that piece of work. 

Nature of the place

It all depends on the kind of environment you work in. It includes government organizations, industries, small start-ups. If you are a young human being and have lots of time in your hands you may work for extra hours and can surprise your boss with your work. If you have a family to take care of you might stick to fixed timelines. Sometimes it all depends on an individual’s capacity.

Some people may work for more hours but the results won’t be much good. On the other hand, people with fewer skills and the ability to complete the tasks, and have the capacity to manage their work and personal life used to work only for a smaller number of hours. But they yield a great amount of profit for their company. Most people have this assumption that those who work for longer hours have the highest salary and those who work for fewer hours have the lowest salary. But that is not true. In the end, the amount of work you finished and the guidelines you met are the important aspects. 

Multinational Companies

Most software engineers work for Multinational companies. Comparing to software engineers in India and other countries, people who work in India used to work like bulls. But, in the other countries, they will strictly spend their weekends for themselves. They will work for the whole week right from Monday to Friday and will spend their weekends without any hurdles or calls. In India we work without considering the days, people been work on their weekends to meet their deadlines. 

Disadvantages of working in a Startup

Software engineers who work for startups always have some fear in their minds. Because if the company faces some loss, they will immediately terminate employees from their companies without giving any prior notice. They could’ve worked for incessant hours but their hard work could’ve dropped by some other people. They will operate with fewer employees and they were expected to work for incessant hours fearing their job might go at stake. We could’ve heard this kind of news many times in our life. 

Levels Of Work

Mostly software developers do coding kind of jobs. There are three levels entry-level, medium-level, higher level. Entry-level coders work very hard as they are new to this field and are expected to meet strict deadlines. So, they work for many hours without caring about their health. Freshers are expected to work for more hours than Medium-level and higher-level coders as they are experienced and have some position in their company. Even if they quit their job and try to join some other company their years of experience will help them. 

According to the recent Stackoverflow survey, 75% of Software Engineers work for 45+hours a week. This is the harsh reality of Software Engineers. This is because some companies could’ve got some new projects and they will expect their employees to work for more hours to meet the deadlines and the complete the project successfully. 

Advantages of working in a government organization

There are some advantages if you work for a government organization. They will provide the correct timings and will tell you the number of hours you have to work in a week. It will help you in certain ways. You can manage your lifestyle, family life, and your mental health.

It is not true that software engineers do 9-5 jobs. Some people love to code in their leisure time, during the night, or whenever their mind is free. They are just going to finish the deadline. Working can be done at any time. Some developed companies even provide work-from-home jobs. This will give the right atmosphere for them as they are at their comfort place. There is no need to travel and their work hours will become less. If they are expected to complete the project within a week. And if they are given the privilege of work from home. They can easily complete it in fewer hours. 

Data provided by Engineering Company

Average Wake up time?7:50
Average work arrival time9:06
How many drinks coffee?65%
How many works at home?10%
How many works out?45%
How much personal time a day?4.5 Hours
When do they go to bed?10:52

Company culture

Sometimes, it depends on the company they work with. Companies like TCS, Bosch will provide you the correct time amount you are needed to work with. But with some companies like Infosys, Cisco you won’t find the right amount of time. They will ask you to work till midnight also. But if working till midnight provides you a good salary then it’s worth it. 

On the other hand, if you are good at what you are doing, then the less amount of time itself will do good. 

Monthly work hours

The official working hours provided by most of the companies are 220 hours per month that is 45 hours per week. If you work as a team your working hours might change. In the best-case scenarios, you might have to work fewer hours or in the worst-case scenarios, you are expected to work for more hours. It all depends on the place you work. 

How to prioritize your day?

When we wake up we have 86,400 seconds in our hand to create magic in our life. But, to do that we should prioritize the task scheduled for that day. So, that our day will be productive and at the end of the day, we will get happy seeing the end result. 

Prioritize our day is an important task. You can do it by installing an app on your phone so that it will remind you whenever the task is to be done, its deadline, and all. You can install the famous Microsoft to-do-list app which is an app founded by Microsoft. Install it and schedule your tasks. It has some amazing features and you can explore it only when you install it. 

Start by finding the urgent tasks to be done that day so that you won’t miss it out. While writing makes sure that the time and date are precise so that it won’t get missed. You can also set goals and when you set goals visualize your outcome in your mind it will give the much-needed boost to kick start your day. 

You can write it like this

1. Urgent and important

These are the tasks that needed to be done on that day itself as it is urgent and also needed to be submitted that day. So, that you won’t get scolding at the end of the day by your boss if you are a working professional.

2. Important, but not urgent

If the task is important and not urgent make sure you fix the deadline properly. So, it will remind you of the desired time for that task.

3. Neither important nor urgent

These tasks will clutter your important tasks and remove them as soon as possible. As it would be of no use keeping them will be an utter waste.

4. Urgent, but not important

If you are the manager of your office you can assign this task to some person in your office. So that the work will be completed by the person. since it is not important you don’t have to cross-check it much. Just remove that task from your phone and relax for the day. 

While prioritizing don’t make it too complicated by writing too many messages. It will demotivate you. All you need is some motivation to do the task so use catchy one-liners. It will boost your energy. After organizing check it once again and make sure they are correct and get started with your first task.

Don’t be too harsh and try to complete within that day. Your mental health is also important. Don’t assign yourself so much work and it will be hectic and the moment you go home and hit the pillow sleep will take place. Sometimes, sleep won’t come easily as you worked hard and the body got used to it so that the melatonin hormone will drop. It will lead you to a lack of sleep. And the next morning you will wake up with a headache and your body will become mundane.  

Things to do when you feel low

There will be times when we feel low. It can be a bad day, a day where you got the worst marks, a day where your dear ones scolded, or in worst-case scenarios, they left you. That time we feel like that is the end of our life. Our mind will constantly tell us this we are not capable of doing anything why are you living in this world. It will reflect many thoughts like this. But, we as human beings can control our minds. It is not an easy task to do but at least trying without doing nothings will always be better. 

The first main reason for this is being so hard on ourselves. We curse ourselves when we couldn’t achieve something. We feel bad about ourselves. Remember, self-love is more important. Don’t curse yourself just because you failed in one thing. There may be many things that you are capable of doing. You just have to figure the right ones. It will come and knock one day on your door.

You have to try to move on. Many people will ask you to move on like it’s an easy task or something. But it is very hard to do so. You can do it step by step by indulging yourselves in some activities that you like. But if it remains you of your past please don’t do that. As it will worsen your situation. 

Think about people you love and your family. They are the biggest support and strength. There are people in our life who will claim to be our best friends or some other things but remember it will be temporary. You know what some people in our life will come and teach us this important thing that is “don’t be so affectionate towards a person”. In the end, all you will get is hurt. They came to your life to prove that life is temporary and you can’t believe people all the time. Try maintaining good relationships with people who genuinely like you and love spending time with you. 

This is the time you should healthy. Your body will be so weak you have to intake a good amount of food to keep your mind calm so that it will get the most needed energy to fight things. Read some inspiring quotes or an autobiography of famous persons. It will motivate you. When somebody shares the struggles they face in their life and you can relate to them then it will give a new perspective to your life. All you need is someone to tell you that you are not the only one who faces this situation, others also did.

Do what you like at that time. Eat ice cream if you like without worrying about the calories. Spend time with your pet. Take a walk in your garden or terrace. Spens some alone time for yourself and not let anyone to disturb you. Put your phone on silent mode and switch off your mobile media so that you will be away from social media and unwanted things. 

Remember that you are blessed with good health and organs. Be grateful for that. Also, help someone who is broken at that time. It will give relief to your mind and heart. 

How to start a new hobby?

Starting a new hobby will help you to identify the things that you are good at. Starting a new hobby will be easy but sticking to it is important. Don’t force yourself too hard. Try to take it as slow as possible. Write down the things you are good at. When you write a new idea will pop up in your mind and will indicate you to give it a try. Giving a try is not difficult. We will know the outcome only when we try it. 

While giving it a try make sure how the end result is. If you are satisfied then continue with it. You can count it as your new hobby. If you find it boring and are not happy with it then don’t push yourself to it. You just tried a new thing and it didn’t work out. So, don’t get disheartened if it didn’t come in your favor. 

On the other hand, don’t wait for the result to be too perfect. If you like what you are doing then keep doing it. Some people will discourage you from your newly found habit. They are not experts to give advice or judge you. Criticism will make you more strong and prove to them what you are doing is worth it. 

There are many hobbies which you start from your home and they will take only a few minutes to start. 

1. Learning Calligraphy

Start learning calligraphy from youtube and if you find it interesting then you can join some online calligraphy classes to become an expert.

2. Exercise

Making it a hobby will be good for your health. Start by doing simple exercises and you will find a change in yourself. 

3. Drawing

You can start this by doing simple works. There are many youtube channels that will help you to learn it step by step. 

4. Learn a new musical instrument

This will create wonders in your life and you can count it as a talent also. 

5. How to apply makeup

This will become your favorite one if you find it interesting. Dressing up is important but what is more important is our looks. Try it out. 

This is personally my favorite one and I will share the story of how it started

Book reading is the most common hobby. But, it will not be an easy task. when a friend suggests you read a book you don’t give a damn. But, at least try to understand why he is so desperate and asking you to read a book. After all, you trust your friend. So, try to put some inputs and ask him questions that pop up in your mind.

The first thing that will come to your mind will be why should I read a book? Ask him what excites him and ask him to give a gist or about the story plotline. It will make you curious to know the exact story. So you will pick the book and read it. Try to read it slowly don’t read it in a go. Give yourself some breaks so that your eyes won’t strain much. Once you finish a book note the name of the book somewhere. Each time you do this it will give you the much-needed energy to read other books.

Women Empowerment

What is Women’s Empowerment?

It is the process of empowering women and understanding their points of view. It is simply accepting that women are capable of anything and they have the potential to decide and debate on an issue. Women’s literacy rates are nowadays started increasing. Earlier women were not sent to studies and got married at a young age. Nowadays the view is changing. They are getting the right education and many organization, government schemes are there for women. Even banks are supporting women and giving loans for their further education in studies. 

Amazon provides a big help to achieve women and they are doing their online business through this platform. I would like to share a story which I read a few years back. One woman got married at a young age but she had dreams to study further but due to her family condition she accepted her fate and got married. But her luck came in the form of her husband. He let her pursue her dreams and helped her in joining college. She completed her studies and later started her online business on handbags. Her handbags grew very fast and now she is earning several lakhs in a month. Education, boldness, audacity are important for women. Our society should change its view on educating a girl child and let them study further without getting married.

Not only this apps like Meesho are helping many women to start an online business without any investment. There are lots of success stories on their website. Many women are earning more than 25,000 per month at the comfort of their homes by taking care of their families. We should change this view. Women should only support and not work. This thing should be changed. Men and their families should also help women in succeeding in their life and give them equal rights. 

We can do some things from our side as well. We can sponsor a girl child’s education. This small step will further turn into a giant leap. We should create awareness and campaigns on why women’s empowerment is important. Women’s decisions will never fail. They have a higher capacity than men and can succeed well in their life.

Nowadays many women are leaving their high-paying jobs and joining the army. We should definitely salute these people. They are the real heroes of our life. They should be given equal rights. We should encourage girls who are willing to join the army instead of not letting them pursue their dreams. 

We should not simply celebrate women’s day by sharing women’s day quotes on WhatsApp group. But also take some steps in making them come true. We should give 50% allotment to women on every job that is provided for men. 

Nowadays many women are delivering food, driving auto. They are so brave and taking up this job by knowing its risks. Women are also driving metro trains and many have become successful pilots.

Take a look at Forbes magazine to know the top 10 women entrepreneurs and their success stories. It will give you the much-needed motivation. Nobody could’ve started their business with a good amount of money. They too could’ve suffered in their initial days and that made them achieve their goals. 

Advantages of online classes

Nowadays online classes have become a new norm for students due to covid-19. It has some advantages. We can monitor our children’s activity easily from our home. We can train them, help them, talk to them, and understand things that we couldn’t have made if online classes were not there. They can learn things at a fast pace. 

For your higher education if you take up online education it will cost you less compared to remote education. Because in online they are just going to take classes from home. Whereas in remote classes they have to travel and they will be tired at the end of the day. And time will be wasted due to traveling. 

Another amazing thing about online classes is your attendance. Yiu can easily get them at the comfort of your home. All you have to do is just switch on your camera and mark your presence in front of the faculty. You don’t have to travel, dress up perfectly, can take your food on time, and can take a rest when you find the lecture not useful.

You can easily ask your doubts to your mentors. If you are in college or school you will find it difficult to ask doubts. But, here you can easily post your doubts on the chatbox and they will pick your questions and answer you. This couldn’t have been possible in remote classes. Where you can’t even share your opinions in front of everybody you will be nervous to open your mouth. Here you will remain anonymous and people won’t give so much attention to your doubts. 

You can easily track your assignment deadlines and work on them to submit them on time. You can easily do the research on the topics they provided. You have to maintain self-discipline because if you miss the deadline they will scold you. So, be careful and submit them on time. Sometimes, they will conduct an open book test. You can easily find answers and score good marks. 

Home is our comfort place. If we are learning from our home, it will be easier to concentrate more and easily grasp the ideas. We can sit and relax for some time even we can chat with our family members during the break which we can’t expect in offline classes. We may be surrounded by our friends but sometimes we may want to feel the comfort of our home. So, at that time online classes are so useful. 

You can easily learn the technical problems and issues. If you are a computer science you might need your laptop and internet connection to know the problems all the time. Sitting at your home you can easily google them and can get answers in seconds. 

All I am saying is online classes have lots of advantages. But, nothing will come without disadvantages. The above-mentioned things could be liked by someone or could be disliked. It depends on them. But in these difficult situations, online classes are the only solution and they are protecting and helping us to gain skills even though we are in our home.  

Types of Interviews

Before knowing the types of interviews we should know the definition of interview. The interview is a conversation between two people where one person will ask questions and the other person will answer. 

There are 6 types of interview

1. Telephonic interview

In a telephonic interview, the person will call you by informing you prior about the timings, and the interview can last for about 10-15 minutes. He/ she will ask some basic questions and will explain the purpose of the job if they find you interesting. A telephonic interview is easy as it is like an open book test. During the telephonic interviews be aware of the basic questions and if you want you can write them on a piece of paper beforehand.

2. Informational interview

This interview is about learning more about a particular job or employer. This will help you to network and can add it to your contacts. If you gain more about this information you are ready for the interview to perform well.

3. Individual interview

This is the most common interview as it is held in the office. In this interview, the person will ask questions straight to your face and you are expected to answer them in a bold, calm, and crisp manner. Make sure you give genuine answers. And your body language will play an important role in this interview. This interview can range from 20-30 minutes. If the interview goes short try to deliver precise answers. On the other hand, if it goes fast you can answer many questions. 

4. Group or Committee interview

This interview involves a group of panel members and they will ask questions one by one. This type of interview generally happens in college. This means each person will have a perspective and will find you to answer in different ways. Make sure you make strong eye contact and face them with a bold attitude. These interviews seem difficult but practicing it will help you to succeed. 

5. Second interview

Some interview committee members will sometimes conduct a second round of interviews to select candidates. Once you complete your first round of interviews successfully you will get shortlisted for this second round of interviews. Your second round of interviews may be longer as it is the last process of selecting you and make sure you answer them in a polite manner.  

6. Behavioural interview

This kind of interview will happen for the investigation department. Make sure you have prior experience and a strong resume so that your application will outstand and you will get selected for the interview. Be bold and answer the questions they ask as it will reflect your previous work experiences and how well you are prepared.

Trying to ace an interview and getting selected is not an easy task. You should have a good resume, past working experiences, and good communication skills. Practicing will make you successful. Don’t overestimate or underestimate your talent and skills. You are born with success. Love yourself and participate well and pass out with flying colors. 

Importance of Mental Health

Mental health refers to your emotional and psychological well-being. Having good mental means you are leading a good lifestyle. It helps us to realize the individual’s strengths and weaknesses. Mental health should be taken care of us in almost every part of our life. If you think your mental health is affected then visit a psychologist. Visiting a psychologist doesn’t mean you are insane. Just checking things in your early stage will help you more and you can lead a peaceful life.

The main cause of mental health is Depression. There are many reasons for depression. In India, people think that sharing their depression problem with others will lead to a big risk. They fear getting judged by people. So, they never open up to others. It will gradually take a toll on your mental health and will become a big disorder in your life. 

Some people get panic attacks when they read some terrific news or students may get panic attacks before their exams. This can be cured at early stages. But, consulting a psychologist is more important. If you are a working professional and your office provides a separate psychiatrist to treat your problems. Feel free to knock on their cabin. They will treat you like “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. They will listen to your problems patiently and will never jump to conclusions. 

If you are a student and your school/ college has a counseling room. Approach them if you are getting depressed. They will share some life stories with you. It will motivate you to overcome the struggles or problems being faced by you. 

Especially in these covid times, everybody’s mental health is getting affected because of lockdown and quarantine themselves in their homes. In those cases not listening to unwanted news itself will reduce all your stress and depression. Doing breathing exercises are good for mental health and to have a calm peace of mind. Doing breathing exercises once in the morning and evening will reduce your stress level and you will get a good amount of energy to kickstart your day. 

We should raise awareness about mental health and let people know about its impacts. So that we can save many lives. Always trust your instincts. You can take advice from others but having a piece of good advice from your heart will be a good cure for your mental health.

Don’t be ashamed or disheartened to share your depression or anxiety problems with others. Share your problems with the person only if you trust them. It is good to share your problems with strangers too. If you get a chance and the stranger is willing to hear from you give a chance and open up.  

This mental health and depression if not treated for a long time can cause heart problems. If you feel sudden palpitations without even walking or running. Then kindly consult a doctor. There may be many reasons. But the common reasons are anxiety and depression. So treat them soon with a good specialist. 

How to beat Procrastination?

First of all we should know what is procrastination?

When you google up about this the definition that will pop up on your phone is “The action of delaying or postponing something”. The main reason why everybody do procrastination is not prioritizing the correct amount of work or the tasks to be done on that day. When you prioritise your work always start by writing low-priority tasks.

The main reason why we should list the low-priority tasks are we will get the energy to start of our work. If you list high-priority tasks and the moment you see them you will definitely jump into skipping them. 

If you find a task that is very long and you are not interested in doing it don’t do that if it has a long time to complete. Because when you do something without any interest or upon force the work will not look good. And you will keep on cursing the work till the time you finish it. But, make sure you add them in your task or to-do-list after some days. So that you will get some motivation or you will get some energy to do that work.

Suppose if you are starting a high-priority task grab a cup of coffee in the middle of your work to get freshed or do something you like. But, don’t go through social media for a long time because in the end you will spend all your time on it and the day will easily get over. Instead you can take short naps. Taking short naps are really useful because your brain gets refreshed. And the ideas you need for the task will easily pop up.

Also you can do a self test, and you will be able to analyze that you are procrastinating. You can easily identify it if you are doing some work on the last minute and submitting it just before on time. These things are the perfect examples that you are procrastinating. Procrastinating is the only easy art that everyone can learn within a short span of time. This will become a major drawback in your career if you don’t give a damn about it for a long time.

You can adopt some strategies. Give yourself a reward if you complete some tasks on time. For example if you are asked to submit a project within two days and you are submitting 5 hours ahead of the time give yourself a chocolate or something that you like. This will boost up your mood. Only we can make our lives successful. People will not guide you all the time. They can’t come like your shadow. So, we have the capacity to beat the procrastiantion.

Have this imagination in your mind. How I can spend my time if I complete the task on time? You will be able to spend more time for yourself. You can easily watch Netflix, binge watch shows, have a walk in terrace, and read a book. These things will be amazing only if you have completed the task. If you do them without completing them then it will interrupt your happiness often. But, you can take some short breaks and do them but only as a short break not a long-term break. 

Signs that you are addicted to your phone

If you can’t go to sleep without checking your phone then you are addicted to it. If you constantly keep on checking your phone it will become a habit. Bad habits won’t take time to grow. It will develop very fast. You can’t sleep without checking and everytime a message you immediately grab your phone. It will affect your brain cells. And you will follow it day by day before going to bed.

First thing you do when you wake up is checking your phone. When you wake up your mine will be calm without any hustles from this world. The moment you check your phone and some terrific message pops up your brain cells will be petrified. and you will think that message for all day long. Sometimes, it will lead to panic attacks. Even if you want to check time you can do it by seeing the wall clock or use a watch. But, don’t use your phone to check timings.

If you are always anxious and can’t think in a calm manner then you should definitely stop using your phone frequently. These can be treated at early stages but if you keep on practising this then it will become like an addiction. Addiction is like a slow poison. It will kill that person gradually. 

Some people frequently use their phone for checking social media messages. You can check them but for getting good updates. In these covid times all we are getting are bad messages and the moment we read them we become terrified. This happened because of us. We are the prime reason for making ourselves and putting in such a vulnerable state. 

For example, if you are attending a family get together and you are gelled with your phone and not speaking with others then it is a major sign of your constant using of phone. Everybody will think you as a phone maniac. And it will create a bad impression. We know we have to live for ourselves and not for others and should not care about the society. But that doesn’t mean that we should never care and keep on doing things we do. Sometimes, it will create a big impact.

You are always distracted. This means whenever a person speak you can’t pay attention and are always sticking to your phone.This is not a good thing. This means you are missing out of your friends group.

This is not a serious issue. Because, nowadays all our works are related to phone. We can easily find how much time we are spending each day on our phone and also the number of minutes or hours spent on each app by installing any of the available apps from playstore. This will help you to find the amount you spent and sometimes it can send you a pop up message. There are also apps available which will kick you out automatically when you exceed the time limit set by you. Sometimes, taking strict actions only will control us. 

So start saving your time by installing any app on your phone to monitor your time and use your time wisely rather than spending hours on social media. 

How to be a good listener?

Listening is a skill and everybody should have good knowledge of that. If you are attending a conference or a meeting, your listening skills will only make you outstanding in your team. Only when you listen you can interpret their ideas or you can revert back to that person. This is like an art and it can’t be mastered in a day. Lots of practice will make you a good listener. 

Some people think listening can be easy and they can easily do it but when they attend a lecture or something they will get to know how bad they are at listening. We have to make a mindset that listening to them will increase our knowledge. Then only our brain will train itself to listen to the speech. When you simply think this lecture will be boring and it is of no use to you then the brain will automatically register this and you will find the lecture to be even more boring.

Ask more questions to the speaker if you really don’t know the topic they are speaking about. Only when you ask questions your doubt will be solved and you can register the content they are speaking. Don’t simply jump to a conclusion to the speaker’s words. Analyse and identify the key concepts and ideas of their speech. In this way, you are making mental notes in your mind. 

You can also do introspection. Recording something of yours and listen to it and find whether you are able to get a clear image and grasp of it or not. In this way, you can find the fault. Because after you listen you might have to give your opinion. So, your speaking skills also will play a major role. Don’ ask questions desperately. Wait for the speaker to complete his/ her speech and get back to them. If you desperately ask without letting them finish their speech a bad impression will fall on you. 

A good tip is to make an eye-contact with the speaker. This is the most important steps in listening. When you make an eye-contact they will get to know that you are actively participating there. In most countries, this step is considered a better one in listening. 

You can relax for some time. But at the same time be attentive and listen to the person in front of you. Relaxing doesn’t mean that you can skip the part that the speaker is speaking. Instead don’t sit too erect. If you do this your muscles will become tight. So relax and listen to them.

Asking questions and interrupting is different. Don’t interrupt the speaker and give or impose your ideas on the speech they are giving. It is considered a bad habit in listening. If you find something really interesting and want to talk about it wait for them and let them finish the speech.   

After listening you can give feedback to the speaker. Here you can tell the things you felt in their speech and the sentences or statements you liked. Give a genuine reply. Don’t just speak for the sake of giving feedbacks. 

Why people love to work from home?

Work from home has become so popular in these covid times. Everybody is preferring to work from home as it is so comfortable and you can take care of your family as well. You can work at your flexible time. There is no office stress and travel expenses. You can better work-life balance. If you are a parent you can monitor your kids easily from the comfort of your home.

When you are supposed to travel for work to so many places it will cause stress due to pollution and the people you face. Now your job is like a freelancer. But your job is assured and you don’t have to do hunting and searching for clients. See the amount you saved by working from home. Many people travel to their workplaces either by using public transport or their own vehicles. 

If you are travelling using public transport the cost will be less. But compared to that amount spent for the entire month the cost is high. And you will be not sure when the public transport will come and their timings. And you can’t adjust to it all the time. 

If you are travelling by your own vehicle then you have to spend the money on fuel and nowadays fuel prices have become so high. and also pollution has become a major problem. And lots of vehicles have emerged nowadays which resulted in traffic. This leads to stress and due to traffic you will get late for your work. Getting late to the office will put your job at stake. And you have to face the angry wrath of your boss or manager. 

But when you work from home you can join the meetings on time without any delay. The meeting time will be scheduled beforehand and all you have to do is make yourself prepared for the meeting on time. In this way your job is safe and the meeting will go smoothly without any interruptions. But, make sure you have a proper internet connection during the meeting. Because you can’t make any excuses for this. Having poor internet won’t look good during your meeting.

You love your home. Working in an environment that you love will give you a positive vibration and will give you the much-needed energy to finish your work. Some people hate office gossips so work from home is pure bliss for them. They can enjoy their work from a home facility more than going to the office and speaking with people without any interest. Not only introverts are like this. But, some extroverts may also hate this. 

This will lead you to a happier and healthier lifestyle and you can spend your leisure time from the comfort of your home. Travelling to the office during climate changes will create havoc on your health. But if you work from home your health will be taken care of and at the same time, you can be at more peace.

This will help you to do physical exercises. Earlier when you go to the office on a daily basis you would have missed your exercise routine due to travel and other things. But, work from home will help you to schedule your lifestyle and you can execute it in a better-optimized way. 

Relationship advice for women

When we are in a relationship, we should keep our happiness in our minds. Are we really happy in this relationship? If this doubt arises in your mind, then there are chances that you are in a wrong relationship. Make sure the relationship is healthy both mentally and physically. Some people are afraid of relationships and those who have gone into a terrible experience are afraid of committing themselves to another relationship. In that case, they should introspect so that they will get to know about themselves. Try to speak up with your dear ones and ask for advice from them. Try to speak with elders and get to know the things they did in their relationships. 

Try to have some time for yourself. Don’t do things just for the sake of your partner. It will affect your mental health. If you are sacrificing something for him for example the foods you love, crafts you do, and abandoning your friends. Then that is not the place for you. Try to move on from that life. The earlier you do the good it will be for both of you.

There are also some women who want to meet their partner 24 hours a day and want to know his activities throughout the day. Stop doing this. Some might do this because of a lack of work. Try to indulge yourself in some activities. Give him some space to breathe. Always make some time for yourself and in that time focus on things you love and forget about the world.

You should be connected with him physically, mentally, and emotionally. If you fail to do one of the things then there are chances that the relationship won’t last long. Connecting with that person doesn’t mean that only when they are in front of you. Even though they are away from you you should connect with him.

When you are in a relationship don’t forget to take care of yourselves. Eat properly and make sure you are drinking a good amount of water. Often women in relationships forget to take care of themselves. The person we should love first is us. So taking care of your health should be your topmost priority.

If you think he is not giving good respect to you then speak with him and make him understand the issues faced by you. Solve the issue mutually without taking it to a third partner. Make some time for your partner by planning something on weekends by throwing parties or surprising him by cooking or booking a candlelight dinner in a restaurant.

If you are feeling you are not happy in that relationship talk to him and make him understand. Don’t be afraid to express your views and also don’t get depressed about being alone. Being alone helps you to figure out your problems. If you are not sure about leaving the relationship right away give some time. Time is the biggest medicine and it can heal all problems. Think about your life how it was before he came into your life and what are all the good things you did in your life.

And in the end, accept him for what he is. don’t try to force your thoughts on him. don’t be so stubborn to get things done. Always try to see things from his perspective. 

Have a healthy relationship 🙂

Fashion tips for teens

We all love to dress up. But, dressing up also includes fashion. Teenagers like to follow the latest fashion trends available in the market and they like to try them. 

First of all what is fashion? Fashion is the form of expressing ourselves in front of people. These fashion trends change from time to time. It includes clothing, footwear and accessories. Teenagers love to be in trend. It is our freedom to dress up and explore the latest current trends that suit our taste.

Even though we love to keep the fashion trend in our mind we should be comfortable in dressing up. If we are not comfortable in the outfit that we choose try tp find some other alternatives instead of sticking to it without having a comfort. Don’t worry about the weight if you like what you wear don’t wait for others to give thier opinion. Criticism in fashion and what you are dressing up is not important. Don’t give a damn to these people.

There are lots of jeans available in the market nowadays. Like high-waisted jeans, ripped jeans, mid-waisted jeans, low-waisted jeans and boyfriend jeans. Many girls prefer boyfriend jeans as it is super cool and has lots of hidden pockets to keep your things. Wear colors that suits to your skin. You can choose your outfit based on your shape. There are lots of options available in the internet to find the right outfit for your shape and size. 

Having a good hairstyle with your outfit is a plus. Choose hairstyles that matches your outfit. Try something new and you will be astonished by the results. But as a teens we have budget issues. But doesn’t let us stay away from fashion. There are lots of trends available in the market from Low budget to High budget. 

Once you are dressed up take photos and make a lookbook in your phone to see the changes. It will help you to identify which trend suits you well. If you love fashion designing there are courses available for you to take up and the advantage is you can choose your own fashion trend. 

Nowadays crop tops are trending everywhere. You can pair the crop top with high-waisted jeans if you don’t want to expose your navle. Also, crop tops can also be paired with straight pants. If you are working women and want to change your dressing sense try to pair collared shirt with full sleeve and straight cut cigarette pants. It is one of the killing office looks. Mostly collared outfits will look good for your workplace.

During winter season you can opt for Sweatshirts. They are really cool and will keep you warm and match it with your favorite pair of jeans. Style it according to your taste and don’t forget your hairstyle to match with. 

If you like floral dresses you can match it with denim jackets. Denim jackets are the best to go with floral dresses. It will enhance your look. Especially during winter season denim jackets will keep you warm. Some people don’t like to wear sleeveless dresses but they like floral prints. In that case denim jackets are your saviour.

A pair of cool sunglasses also enriches your looks. When you are traveling have at least 2 pairs of sunglasses in your travel list. Not only it protects you from sun rays but adds a cool look to your outfit.

What is Content Writing?

Content Writing is writing engaging contents for a company, article publishing house, and newspaper editorials. Content Writing is a most in-deman jobs nowadays. Whether it is a startup or a small scale company they need content writers for thier blogs or website. Writing engaging contents will attract the viewers in their company and their profit will increase. 

Content Writing can also include writing scripts for Web Series, Podcasts and Dramas. Writing a high quality content is important to attract readers. Words have big emotions than actions. Delivering a good content is as important as delivering feelings and emotions.

One can do content writing as their freelance work. If you are really passionate about writing and want to make some money out of that you can take content writing as a part time job to explore more. Clients will pay you based on the number of words you delivered. 

There are different types of content writing such as writing Articles, Delivering newsletters, Email writing and Ebooks. Sometimes the company might ask you to write SEO based content to generate traffic on their website. If you are planning to take content writing as a job then you can learn SEO to increase your chances of getting hired. 

Writing a powerful content is important for Email Marketing. When a person read a mail he/she should be convinced about the products or things you are suggesting. To do that delivering good contents are more important. For example if you are reading an email and the content is not good and captivating enough you will right away skip that and move on. So writing a good content for everything should be important not only for email marketing.

When you work as a content writer for niches that you are not familiar with do a thorough research before writing the content for that company. Before planning to work as a freelance content writer make sure to have your portfolio ready. Because the first thing the client will look for is your portfolio. And if you have worked as a content writer don’t forget to add that to your resume. Also do some content writing internships to get some experience. In this way you will learn more about the writing strategies. Whether is paid or unpaid take that internship to get some experience. Only experience and a good portfolio will increase your chance of getting hired. 

Don’t get disheartened if you couldn’t find your first client in Content Writing. It will take lots of time and hard work. So start by applying for internships in that way you can get your clients in a short manner. Don’t be too desperate and reach clients in a fast manner and make them terrified. For example if you want to reach a client in social media handles first try to read their work genuinely. Don’t reach out to them without reading their work and give false statements about their work. It will create a bad impression. 

Try to appreciate their work if it was really good and gradually let them know that you want to gain some experience from them. Because they have lots of experience they might consider you and help you in your content writing career.

Things we learned from Covid-19

We came to know real friends and relatives. In this lockdown, only a few people cared about us. Before that, in our life, we trusted everyone and helped them with good intentions. But when a problem was raised for us they left us in midway. Thanks to the virus which helped us to identify real ones and fake ones. If they betrayed us it doesn’t mean that we should not help them in the future.

Many relationships broke in this lockdown due to long-distance and lack of motivation to call the other person and the main reason is laziness. Due to this, the other person could have thought that you are no longer interested in them and the second thoughts will arise in their minds which will create a rift in your relationship. They will keep on pestering you to know the actual reason and you will say to them that there is nothing to worry about. Here you will come to know how much space your partner is giving you to breathe. If they keep on dominating you please leave that relationship immediately for your goodness and also for your partner. 

You came to know the troubles faced by healthcare professionals. They are the real gods in these tough times. They too have families to take care of but they served the patients with utmost care and good health care facilities. We should thank them for their good services in these tough times. There is a series in Dice Media channel called Operation MBBS. It has 2 seasons. The first season will talk about the normal medical college-related things. But in the second season, they captured all the issues and difficulties faced by people, healthcare professionals, and doctors. Everybody should watch that series to get a clear view of the difficulties in our life.

Many people lost their jobs. Even people working in IT companies also lost their jobs. Because there is no work left for people to do. Due to this, they got kicked out of their jobs. That is the time when we came to know the real value of jobs and skills required for us to land in good jobs. 

Nowadays skills are more important and we have to be skilled enough to land in a good company. So many students started to learn online courses to improve their knowledge and kill their time. Also, many online platforms provided free courses for students to learn. All we have to do is explore them and start learning them to keep ourselves updated.

Due to the lack of money people started to do freelancing. So heavy competition started to creep up in freelancing fields. Only people with good portfolios got selected. And another thing that arose in this lockdown is so many people started their youtube channels. They started posting so many videos and competition began to creep up. People are tired of watching them and only good productive videos got more views than random videos. 

We came to know about the importance of families and our family dinner. This lockdown gave us lots of time to connect with our family members and we spent our quality time with them by chit-chatting, playing, cooking, and laughing. These things could have happened once in a year but this lockdown made it lasted for more than 2 months. It is our family which will support us and will come with us throughout our lifetime. Others in our life are temporary and we should prioritize our time according to our needs.

10 symptoms that you are going through stress

1. Mood Swings

2. Frequent or easily crying

3. Lack of focus and concentration

4. Emotionally sensitive

5. Anxious about worst-case scenarios

6. Quick lose of temper or irritability

7. Having issues in decision making

8. Irregular sleep or digestive issues

9. Memory/ recall problems

10. No motivation to do anything

These are the symptoms and you have to take care of them by giving attention to them. The first thing is by reading self-help books. Self-books are the best start to cure your stress. It will be hard to start at first but if you go through them for 21 days then it will become a habit for you and as well as your daily routine. Especially in this lockdown, everyone is facing stress because of confided in our homes. We can also install some apps from playstore to destress our stress.

If you can draw well please draw at least one picture a day to defeat your stress demon. after seeing the outcome of our result our heart will feel light. In these covid times, try to step out of your room and go to your terrace to get some good air. Because staying in our rooms increases the chances of negative vibration.

The next thing many people noticed is staying in a toxic relationship. If you are staying in a toxic relationship try to leave that immediately. It is the biggest stress of your life. This toxic relationship might also turn into verbal and physical abuse in later days. The faster you leave the better your future will be.

Try to stay motivated. I know this is the toughest thing to do. But nothing is impossible if we do some regular practices. Try to do at least one good thing in your day. It can be teaching some underprivileged children by joining some NGO. There are lots of NGOs that want people to volunteer to help those young minds. It will be a good deed for your life.

One of the best things to ease our stress is by doing some breathing exercises. Doing breathing exercises will help you to maintain a healthy heart. Sometimes you might feel it is not good to share your problems with others because they will judge you after hearing your story then try to write them in an online journal. This is the best practice followed by many people and it has helped them a lot. Even I wrote my feelings in an online journal. There are lots of apps available in playstore. Install the one which contains password protection. 

Watch some funny series. If you have a Prime subscription then use it to watch series and you can also read books for free if you have a Prime subscription. Kindle provides a Prime Reading feature for Prime subscribers and you can read famous books for free without spending a single penny. When things come for free we should make the best use of them.

We should not underestimate ourselves. We can write things that we are grateful for. Or the achievements we made till now in our life. Try to write a bucket list and set goals for yourself to achieve them. This will help you to prioritize things in your life. 

Importance of educating a girl child

In today’s competitive world educating a girl child should be our topmost priority. Girls can handle the tasks well in a calm manner and can come up with well-defined solutions. Educating a girl child will have a huge impact on society and the environment. There are lots of NGOs supporting in educating the girl child. It will help her in the future because women cannot depend on her man all the time. It will be bad for her self-respect. Having a job helps her to speak and make her own decisions in front of her family members.

In India, many girl children are getting married at a young age and working as slaves for their husband and his family. She is overworking, producing children without her consent, and working as a slave to her in-laws.  All these things happened because she is not educated enough to stand on her own and to give her points and decisions for herself. 

There are lots of advantages of educating a girl child. Educated girls come up with better solutions. If they get educated they can lead a healthy lifestyle. They are now looked at with dignity, honor, and self-respect in our society.  Now many governments and non-government organizations are providing funds for educating the girl child. Educated women are so bold and they won’t afraid to speak their views in front of others. 

Nowadays, there are separate internships for women. When women are applying for an internship in Internshala they can apply filters for Internships for women. It is an added advantage for women to find the right position and job. Girls play multiple roles in our life. Educating them increases the chances of helping our society. 

The main view of Indian parents is once a girl child is born they should be raised and once they reach their minimum age they should be married and sent off to another house where they have to take care of that family. This view should be changed because girls should also be considered as legal heirs of the family. Nowadays many boys are disowning their parents and sending them to old-age homes. But girls are taking care of their parents even after getting married. There are many girls in our society who left their marriages to take care of their parents. If parents think girl child will be of no use in future then they are the perfect cowards to our society. 

There is a famous quote that is Once a woman went for a date with men and the men rejected her because she is not gorgeous enough to date with. Later after some time, the girl rejected him for not studied well enough. See education has made her take the right decision and helped her to teach a good lesson to him. 

Many people think women are just produced to cook, take care of household activities. But they too have feelings and have the right to achieve their dreams. Everybody has dreams and we should support them to achieve them, not disown them. We as young generations should change the views of society. Make women achieve their dreams and come up with flying colors. 

If she is educated she can help her husband financially in the future if any need arises. If her husband dies, then she has to take care of that family. She can do this only if she is educated well enough. Otherwise all she is left with is to do some odd jobs. 

Things to do in a lockdown

One should not waste their time in this lockdown. We have to learn new things to keep ourselves updated. Because when we sit for a long period of time without learning any new things our brain will automatically forget things and will become even lazier. 

1. Learn a new skill. There are lots of online platforms to learn new skills. Some are available for free and some are paid. If you don’t like to spend your money and at the same time want to learn something creative you can choose YouTube to learn new skills. If you want to learn a new course for free you can learn it from Udemy, Coursera, and Great Learning. But, for Coursera only some guided projects are free. If you want to learn other courses for free you can apply for the financial aid program. 

2. Read lots of books. Trust me the best way to kill lockdown is by reading books. There are lots of books for beginners to read. If you are a beginner and want to read books you can check on the internet to find the books for beginners and lots of search results will pop out. Pick out the one you like by reading the reviews. You don’t need to buy books from the bookshop. You can read it from your phone using the Amazon Kindle app. The best thing about the Kindle app is lots of options to explore. And the price is so less compared to the paperback. Hardcovers are so cheap and you can but with one click by making the payment.

3. Learn new crafts and decorate your house. How many of you know that we can make some amazing crafts using Pista shells? Yes, Pista shells are used to make a wide variety of crafts. You can easily choose from Youtube. Start by making simple projects and decorate your house with your creativity. 

4. Help your parents if you are a teenager. Because teenagers often spend their time on social media rather than learning something useful. If you help your parents you can interact with them and you will be able to spend more time with them. It is a great stress buster from this busy life.

5. If you are a student and want to do something creative and want to gain experience and knowledge you can do internships. Internships are so important for college students. Because nowadays companies are expecting freshers to have some experience. There are various sites to apply for internships. One of the good platforms to apply for an internship is Internshal. It is a completely free website where thousands of os companies post internships each day and you can find internships according to your niche and interest. 

6. Play games as a family. Family games are so cool and it is a good thing to interact with your family members and you can learn good things from elders. They will share their life experiences. If you have any difficulties you can share them with them and they will give you a good solution based on their experience. 

7. Have a family dinner daily. Having a family dinner is pure bliss. It is a complete pack of joy. Ask your children to help you in setting up the table and after eating ask them to wash the dishes. Make them engaged in some kind of work so that they will learn the values of eating dinner with you and it is the best place for them to open up things in front of you.

8. Do some exercises. It can be walking on your terrace or doing some yoga. Because staying indoors will lead to an increase in weight. Also, doing exercises is good for our mental health. 

Indulging ourselves in these kinds of activities will help us to maintain a healthy relationship without getting bored.

Importance of Training and Internship

An Internship is one that enables you to gain some hands-on experience and you will be paid for your work. Sometimes it can be an unpaid internship. But the goodness in unpaid internships is you can get work experience and sometimes the company might provide you a Letter of  Recommendation based on your work. It would be really helpful for your future interviews. Nowadays, companies are expecting freshers to have some job experience. Doing an internship is a plus to your career. 

The internship is an opportunity to learn more about yourself, It is a good place to explore your skills, strengths, and weaknesses. You will be able to learn from the workplace. Their ways of problem-solving, generating leads, and approaching people are the top skills and you will get a good overview from them. We have to work as a shadow of our team leader so that we can get all the inputs from that person which we can use in our future work. Only when we work on an internship we will be able to figure out what we like, what we don’t like, the places and areas we need to improve all these things can be learned.

On-the-job training is also an important part of your career. It is the main area to explore the facts and our duties towards the work. One main part of securing an internship in a good company is to have a good experience which should be added to your Resume. Our Resume should be captivating enough so that we can be shortlisted in the company and the company can call for our second round. There are also companies that ask for our Portfolio. For example, if we apply for a Content Writing internship the first thing the company will look for you is some experience or your work samples. We can make a portfolio of our projects or can create a new blog and posting engaging content in various niches. It will increase your chances of getting selected. 

Be it paid or unpaid, doing an internship is an important thing in everyone’s life. After the successful completion of our internship, the employer will give feedback about your work and the places that are needed to be improved. Getting feedback from an experienced person is an added advantage and it is the best thing to improve your insight and skills. 

We can use online platforms to apply for internships. The best platform to happy for an internship is Internshala where one can find a wide variety of internships on their interests. If you are not applying for work from home and instead of applying for an in-office internship you will be able to learn more about the travel experience. The hilarious thing about in-office internships is Office Politics. Office politics include gossips, the behavior of the people, and their attitude. One good thing about internships is you can make some new friends and can learn many things from them. Internships also help you to find your new interests. Interests need not be your usual ones. When you do internships you can explore your interests in other niches as well.

One of the things you need to keep in your mind while applying for internships is a good resume. The exact reason behind why you are applying for an internship at their company. Online courses done by you should also be added as it will catch their mind but please mention if you really did those courses. If they find out during the interview it will create a bad impression on you and will decrease your chances of getting selected. And your time of availability. These things will increase your chances of getting hired at their company.